10 Inspirational Prayers for an Advent Wreath

The excitement that comes with lighting a candle in the Advent Wreath each week of the Advent season is a wonderful way to anticipate and prepare for the birth of Jesus. Here are 10 inspirational prayers for an Advent Wreath.

Prayer for Advent Wreath
Lord Jesus, we gather here in Your name today in preparation to celebrate the wonder of Your birth. Winter has now come with its cold and dark, and we want to be with You, our Light, more than ever. We ask You to give us the happiness which we desire. As we light this candle and think about how much we love You and each other, come into our midst and make holy our little gathering. Amen.

Advent Prayer for Gentleness
Lord Jesus, it is now the season of Advent, and two thousand years ago, Your Mother, Mary, and Your foster father, Joseph, left for Bethlehem to be counted at the command of the Emperor. Soon, we will celebrate Christmas, the blessed day of Your birth. Please, give us the gentleness, care, and loving affection that You gave to Mary and Joseph, so that we too may do everything that You would like us to. Amen.

Advent Prayer for Humility
My God, the day for the birth of Your most holy Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, is fast approaching. Let me think now about the way He came into this world. The humility of Jesus was so great that He chose to be born to a poor family from a small town. Then, when the time came for His birth, He was so ready to accept what He was given that even a stable was acceptable for His birthplace. Lord, You know that we are not always as You would like us to be. Give us the strength and humility You had on that blessed day, so that we may merit to see You in Heaven. Amen.

Advent Prayer for Trust
Jesus, I trust in You, and everything that You taught us by Your words and actions. I trust in You because You promised that those that do will not be disappointed. You will guard us from dangers and from shame, and You will gather all of those that loved You around You at the end of time. You, Jesus, are the greatest promise of them all. Let me be humble, loving, and never stop trusting You, so that I may be worthy of everything that You promised. Amen.

Advent Prayer for Light
My God, as we get deeper and deeper into winter, and the days are short, I often mind myself a little sad. Nature is asleep, and all Your creation feels a little cold. But I know that You reward those that wait for You and never stop hoping! This is not the time to sleep, but to wait for You in excitement. Let this little candle give me enough light to stay awake and wait for You because I know You are not far away. Strengthen the light of this little flame, so that in it, we can already see the brightness and warmth of Your salvation. Amen.

Advent Prayer for Faith
Jesus, give me an ability to understand what I need to do for You in this world. In Advent, the Church remembers the time before You were born, and the world understood little about God and salvation. Now that You are with Your Father again, waiting to come again in glory, in power, and light, let us all have stronger faith in You and everything that You have revealed. Amen.

Advent Prayer for Hope
O my God, You have made us with a desire for You that cannot be fulfilled by anything else. The birds of the sky, the farm animals in the manger, cats, dogs, and all other creatures are at home here, and they are happy. But You created us in Your image, and so we always want to come to You. I have many hopes, but the greatest hope is that when I meet You, I will be welcomed with open arms, and receive everything that I have desired in Heaven. Strengthen in us this hope, especially during Advent, the season that shows us that good things come to those that hope and wait. Amen.

Advent Prayer for Love
Teach us, Lord, this Advent, how to truly love. We know that love is the most important virtue, we know that the world should see us Christians as loving and that You, God, Yourself are love. Love often means that we give up things for the sake of others, like Mary and Joseph, that left ordinary life behind to raise You and to love You. They accepted a life that was sometimes hard, just to please You, and out of love! Lord, teach us this Advent how to love You and those around us always, with gratefulness, and affection. Let love reign in our hearts, in this house, in our Church, and in our country, because if we stay true to Your love, then we will know that kept Your commandments. Amen.

Advent Prayer for Our Family
Jesus, come into the hearts of the faithful waiting for You and show this family Your great love. In this sacred time of the year, as we come together to pray and to reflect on the great mystery of You coming down from Heaven. Lord, call us together in an ever-closer union so that Christmas will find us spiritually prepared, and with a place in our hearts ready for Your coming. Amen.

Prayer in Expectation of Christmas
Lord, You loved us even before we were born, and, because we know that the only way to respond to love is with more love, we ask You to help us participate in Your Christmas mysteries. It is time for us now to tidy our rooms and to pick out nice clothes we will wear to celebrate the great day. All the streets are decorated already and everywhere we see twinkling lights that announce Your coming. But are our hearts ready? Jesus, the whole world will soon shout with joy and smile and sing because of Your birth. Make our hearts full of love and anticipation, purify our souls, and make sure we have everything prepared so that our meeting will be joyous and worthy. Amen.

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