10 Powerful Prayers for First Day of School

A new school year brings excitement, but it can also make parents and students anxious about what lies ahead. Here are 10 powerful prayers for the first day of school.

Prayer for First Day of Kindergarten
God of Mercy and Compassion, I’m a nervous wreck thinking about my little girl heading off to school for the first time. Help her to not be scared about going to school, to not miss me too much, to not get lost in the building, or miss her bus stop on the way home. Help her remember to eat her lunch. Most of all, may her first day be a great day, and may she love school throughout her childhood. Amen.

Prayer for Social Skills
Lord of love, as my son heads off to the first day of school, I’m a bit concerned about his shyness and how it might harm joining in with the other students. I pray that he will quickly make friends who he’ll enjoy spending time with and who will be a good influence. Help him to develop the social skills he needs to communicate properly, to play nice, to share, and to be helpful to others. Amen.

Prayer against Bullies
Lord our Shield, as my daughter begins a new year at school, I pray that You will place a shield of protection around her and protect her from bullies. If she does encounter a bully at school, I pray that she will know how to handle it and won’t be too bothered by another student’s unkindness. Help her understand she doesn’t have to accept rude or mean behavior and that she should just walk away or tell her teacher. Amen.

Prayer for Safety
God my Fortress, as my daughter leaves for her first day of school, please keep her safe throughout the school year. Protect her from falls or injuries in the gym or on the playground during recess and P.E. May the bus driver transport her to school and home again with no incidents on the bus and no accidents. Keep the building safe from storms and from anyone who would want to harm the children. Please fill the hearts of the children so that they feel safe and can focus on learning. Amen.

Prayer for Excellence in All Things
My Lord and King, as this new school year begins, I pray that my son will exemplify excellence in everything he does. May he listen attentively in class, produce high-quality work, turn in well-prepared assignments on time, not get caught up in misbehaviors, and model excellent self-control. May he be a superb friend to those in his group, and make an effort each day to reach out to at least one child who need a friend. May he be kind and helpful to all his classmates and his teacher. May he model spiritual virtues throughout the year. Amen.

Prayer to Learn Fast Enough
God my Rock, on this his first day of school, I pray that my son will learn fast enough to keep up with the pace of the other students. Show me what I can do to keep him focused on the skills he is supposed to be learning. Help me make time to practice them with him at home. Help me partner with his teacher in the learning process, so that we work together to overcome obstacles. Amen.

Prayer to Listen and Follow Instructions
Lord and Teacher, as my son begins a new school year, I pray that he will listen well. Help him pay attention to the teacher and ask questions if he needs clarification. May the material being taught be clear and understandable to him. May he carefully follow the instructions the teacher gives for projects and other work. May he focus, produce whatever his teacher has asked for, and receive excellent grades. Amen.

Prayer to Comprehend and Retain New Information
Heavenly Counselor, may Your grace pour out on my daughter on her first day of school and throughout the school year. I pray that she will comprehend the new lessons, especially as she acquires more complicated skills, and help her remember them, not only when it’s time for a test, but when she needs to know the information in real life. Lord, help her to not only acquire knowledge during this school year but also the wisdom and knowledge. Amen.

Prayer for Diligence in Homework
Steadfast Lord, as my son begins the first day of this new school year, I pray especially that he will be diligent and successful in completing his homework. Help him learn to keep track of what he’s supposed to be doing in each subject and stay on top of everything. Help him remember to keep up with his reading assignments and help him absorb the material he is reading. Help him not to lose points because he forgot to do an assignment or turned it in late. Amen.

Prayer to Maintain Values
Heavenly Father, as my daughter begins a new school year, I know that many of her classmates and perhaps even her teacher hold values that conflict with what is taught in Your Word and what is cherished in our home. As she encounters different beliefs and ethics, help her show grace. May she not be judgmental, but sweetly model Biblical values through her words and actions. May she not be deceived by ungodly values, but may she live out Your love before others. Amen.

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