10 Powerful Prayers for Kindness

As the saying goes, a little kindness really does go a long way. Here are 10 powerful prayers for kindness.

Prayer to Be God’s Instrument of Kindness
Lord of unfailing love, my life is a living testimony to Your kindness and forgiveness. You redeemed me from an eternity separated from You when I did not deserve it. How then can I reflect unkindness toward anyone? Lord, do not let it be so in my life. Kindness is the instrument of my Holy God, and I want to become a skilled user. Grant me knowledge, discernment, and precision to use kindness to cut out hatred, racism, indifference, inequality, and all the other afflictions that run rampant in the human race. Use me, Lord, to lead out in Your kindness and to be Your catalyst for change. Amen.

Prayer for a Compassionate and Kind Heart
Father of compassion, You have given guidance in the Bible to Your children on how we should behave. I desire to be a child that is pleasing to You Holy Spirit and to exhibit kindness and forgiveness at all times. I want to live a life always marked with kindness and compassion, not just when it is easy. Please examine my heart and show me areas marred with pride and hatefulness. Because I am flesh still on this side of Heaven, I know I have areas that need to be cleansed by Your holy touch. I pray for that cleansing presence in my life, one that will change me into a kind and compassionate child. Amen.

Prayer to Be Christ’s Image-bearer
Precious Holy Spirit, I have come to seek Your help with being more Christ-like in my life. There are many beautiful things promised through the indwelling of my life. I feel I need to improve in my kindness and goodness towards others. You, Lord, exercise kindness on this earth and I want to be Your ambassador of kindness. I pray that You increase the kindness and goodness in my life and make me into the image-bearer I am called to be. Amen.

Prayer to Be Kind to Mean People
Jesus, You have been kind to me by providing a way for me to go to Heaven and giving me a family who loves me. Will You please help me be kind to people around me? Help me be kind even to those who are mean to me and pick on me. I want to show other people the kindness You showed me. I want them to see You through me. Amen.

Prayer to Be a Kind Husband
O Lord, my Great Shepherd, I pray for mercy today. As a husband, You call me to love my wife as You loved the church. I am failing at this command. I pray that You forgive me for my weakness and strengthen me to be the husband You desire for my wife. Love is supposed to be kind, so I pray that You help me demonstrate lovingkindness to my wife at all times. I pray that my kindness toward her always points back to You, my Savior. Amen.

Prayer to Show Kindness to Others
Father of mercies, I am thinking about the story of the good Samaritan and wonder how I would have reacted to such an opportunity. Would I have taken care of someone different than me? I am not sure, and this is why I am before You. I pray that I will have the heart of a good Samaritan. You have promised that You will provide good works for me to do as I live out my life. Please give me the eyes to see opportunities for random acts of kindness. I also pray for courage to administer Your kindness no matter how awkward or inconvenient the situation may be. I pray You make me Your good Samaritan in this dark world. Amen.

Prayer to Be Gentle and Kind
God of all mercy, thank you for how You miraculously intervened and brought salvation to my life. The price paid for my salvation was huge, the death of Christ on the cross. Paying such a high cost is not just for me, but also for the people who will cross my path as I walk through this life. As Your child, I am holy and loved; therefore, I should clothe myself in kindness and gentleness at all times. I know I fail at this, God, so I am praying that You instill in me the kindness and gentleness I need. Move my conscience when I am reacting in a manner unworthy of a child of the King. Lord, be glorified through my life. Amen.

Pray for a Kind and Loving Heart
Compassionate and gracious God, in the Bible, I read the words “make every effort.” They come directly before a long list of attributes that Your children should possess. I confess, it is an overwhelming list, and it is a task that I fail at regularly. I want to have the qualities outlined because the promise is that I will be effective and productive in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. I am starting today with two of my failings as I ask for Your blessing in the area of my kindness and love that I show toward others. Please guide me to scriptures to pray and then reveal the people in my life who need love and kindness. Change my heart Lord, make it more like Yours. Amen.

Prayer for a Quiet and Kind Spirit
Living God, it is hard to remain silent at times, and it truly is an act of Your great strength to keep my mouth shut. I believe, though, that the Scripture is correct that there are times to speak and times to be silent. Truthfully, many times, silence is an act of kindness. You have promised that good comes to those who wait on You, and in that waiting, we can be strengthened and find courage. I need to be still and wait for You to act. Please grant me a kind heart that knows when to speak and when to keep quiet. Amen.

Prayer to Live a Life of Gratitude and Kindness
God of enduring faithfulness, Your kindness to all peoples on this earth is evident through the sun’s daily rising and setting. Without the sun, we would all die. I am praying to You because I often forget of Your kindness and live a life of ingratitude. Ingratitude will cause me to react to others with unkindness, ingratitude, and thanklessness. Forgive me, Lord. I pray that You please keep Your acts of loving-kindness before my eyes every day so that I live a life of gratitude and thankfulness. If I have a heart given over to these, then I will exhibit them in actions toward others. May Your kindness be ever before me as I seek to be Your instrument of blessing in the lives of others. Amen.

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