10 Powerful Prayers for Loneliness

Being alone for extended periods of time is hard for humans, as it is in our nature to seek comfort and companionship from others around us. Here are 10 powerful prayers for loneliness along with printable images to use or share.

Prayer for Our Lonely Brothers and Sisters
Almighty and Everlasting Father, so many of Your children around the world are in bondage to loneliness right now, including me. As I pray for myself, I want to also pray for all the others who are suffering. I pray for Your Holy Spirit to break through and deliver us into a place of healing and refreshment. Grant us the courage to trust in You for everything we need in their lives. Jehovah Nissi, raise Your banner of love over our lives, Your lonely and depressed children, and fill our lives with Your healing presence. Amen.


Prayer for His Healing Presence
Lord my Refuge, my heart is overcome by loneliness, so I am seeking shelter beneath Your wings. As I kneel before You, I should speak words to express the anguish in my heart, but my anguish spills out freely through my tears. May my tears speak loudly where my words fail me. Draw me into the warmth of Your presence and whisper healing words to my spirit. Be my refuge and heal the pain of my loneliness with Your everlasting love. Amen.


Prayer for His Healing Peace
Jehovah Rapha, the world is full of self-help information on how to heal yourself. I know this is a lie straight from the pit of hell. Anything this world has to offer is only momentary. Lord, I need healing and not something to make me feel better for a while. I am asking for You to ransom me from slavery to loneliness. Your prophet said, “heal me, O Lord, and I will be healed.” Your work is not a momentary change, but it is a life-transforming work. Break through my wall of loneliness and bring me out to a place of healing peace. Amen.


Prayer for Fullness of Joy
Lord, my Refuge, sadness hangs over my life like death’s dark shadow. I feel like it will consume me if You do not help me. Your Word says not to grieve, but I am full of grief. Your joy is supposed to be my strength, but I am weak. No wonder I feel so powerless against my sadness, I have no joy left in me at all. Lord, help me! I am taking shelter in You because I know that in Your presence there is fullness of joy. I am praying that You will fill me with Your joy and conquer my sadness. Amen.


Prayer for Joy in His Presence
Lord Almighty, answer me quickly so my heart can believe that You are with me. My sadness is stealing my joy and willingness to go on. I feel alone, and my spirit is close to fainting. Please do not hide Your face from me, because I need to feel Your presence. I pray You would break through the cloud of sadness that is hanging over me and bring Your light and joy back into my life. You, Lord, are my only source of joy, and I trust that Your mercies are new every morning. Please show me mercy and fill my heart to overflowing with Your joy. Amen.


Prayer for His Victorious Intervention
God of Victory, I have been besieged with loneliness for far too long. I know You promise that You will not allow our circumstances to crush us, but the pressure has become more than I can bear. I pray for Your intervention and ask that You would be my strength and my song. You are my God, and I pray that You would bring victory over loneliness in my life. Fight for me, Lord, and thankfulness will erupt in praise and the exaltation of Your great name. Amen.


Prayer for Deliverance from the Pit
Lord of Joy, I come to You huddled in a deep pit of depression. My loneliness has consumed my joy and taken over my life. The hole I have dug is a dark and lonely one, and I see no way out apart from Your help. Your Word promises that You are all I need, so I am asking for You to be my way out of this pit of depression. Lord, lead me to the Rock that is higher than me and help me to feel the warmth of Your love. May Your presence satisfy my deepest longings, and Your holiness light my way out. Amen.


Prayer for Depression’s Chains to be Broken
Lord, my Chain-breaker, I know that I am in a dark place of depression right now, but I don’t know what to do. I am passing through one of the hardest times in my life. I have withdrawn from all social activities and sit alone in a dark house. The way I am living is not the life that You want for Your child, how Your heart must hurt to see me like this. Blow Your refreshing breeze upon my weary soul. Reignite in me the desire to live! Break the chains of my depression and free me to run wide open with You. Amen.


Prayer to Believe His Promises
O God, my Promise-Keeper, I am drowning in a sea of loneliness and don’t know what to do. Turn to me and be gracious to me, for I am desperate for Your help. I need Your loving presence because the loneliness is pressing in on me, and I can hardly breathe. Your Word promises that You are with me and will never leave me. Help me to believe this, Lord. You also vowed to strengthen, help, and uphold me. Help me to feel this, Lord. Lastly, You promised to heal the brokenhearted. Help me receive this, Lord. I give my lonely spirit into Your loving hands. Help me, gracious Lord. Amen.


Prayer for an End to the Drought of Loneliness
Lord of Refuge, I am weary from fighting my battle with loneliness. The darkness and solitude are overwhelming. I attempt to talk myself out of my loneliness, but nothing helps. Lord, I come to You today to seek Your help. You promised that You would satisfy my soul in times of drought. Strange, but that is exactly how my soul feels right now. I feel like a drought-stricken land that is dry, cracked, uninhabitable, and unable to produce anything useful. I pray for the rain to come and water my dry soul. Make me as a well-watered garden whose waters never fail. Come, Lord Jesus, satisfy me with Your presence and restore life unto my lonely soul. Amen.


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