10 Powerful Prayers for My Sick Cat

Your cat is like a child to you, so the thought of losing your best friend brings you great grief. Here are 10 powerful prayers for your sick cat.

Prayer for Sick Cat
Jesus, the Great Physician, You are the provider and sustainer of all good gifts. You provide for our friends in the human realm, and also our friends in the animal realm. You have given me my beloved cat who has improved my life greatly. He/she has fallen ill, and I ask for Your healing hand to nurse him/her back to health. Give him/her the strength and the endurance to make a full recovery. Amen.

Prayer for My Cat to Pull Through
Jehovah Rapha, my Healer, I am at such a critical place in the health and well-being of my pet cat. It has been touch-and-go for so long. I have had to take it day by day as we learn new things about his/her condition and prognosis. O Jesus, please be near to me right now. Come and dwell within us, that in Your presence, my cat will pull through this. Heal my dear companion, Jesus. Amen.

Prayer for Euthanized Cat
Lord Jesus, You give and You take away. All good things in this life must one day come to an end. As a reflection of Your mercy, I have decided to put down my cat who has been my friend for many years. I ask that You let my cat pass without fear or pain. Help us all to cope with our loss at this moment, comforted by the knowledge that he/she is no longer in agony. Amen.

Prayer for Dying Cat
God of mercy, my cat and I have shared many years. He/She has been there for me through the most difficult times. When I needed comfort, You provided him/her to comfort me. Now, he/she is approaching his/her final day. Send Your Spirit to comfort us all as he/she slips away from this life peacefully and without pain. Amen.

Prayer of Gratitude for My Cat
God of infinite mercy, I thank You through Your dear Son, Jesus, that You have provided me my wonderful pet cat. In my gratitude, I beg You to help my cat back to health, as he/she is not currently feeling well. Because You are a God of infinite compassion, I do not doubt that You will provide healing. Come quickly with Your healing Spirit, Lord, and restore my dear companion. Amen.

Prayer for My Cat’s Strength
O Lord, my Healer, my cat is normally swift and agile. He/she has no problems getting around. But as of late, I have noticed that he/she is in pain. He/She appears to be weak and sickly, and I fear for his/her health. I pray that You strengthen my cat. Replenish his/her body, so that he/she is fully equipped to fight off any sickness that enters his/her system. Rejuvenate my companion, Father. Amen.

Prayer to Ease My Cat’s Pain
Oh, Jesus, my Great Healer, You do not overlook even the beast of the field or the birds of the sky. You care for all creatures through Your all-seeing providence. Though I cannot understand what it is like for my cat in pain, You know what he/she is experiencing. Please consider the pain of my beloved pet and take it swiftly away from him/her. Amen.

Prayer for Wisdom as a Cat Owner
Lord Jesus, to know You is to know wisdom in all things. In life, we often have to make difficult decisions concerning the pets to whose care You have entrusted us. We may need to make decisions that are contrary to what we want but are best for our pet. My pet cat has fallen very ill. I may have to put my cat down, as humanely and as lovingly as possible. In this time, I ask that You impart to me Your wisdom so that I can make sound decisions for my cat according to the principles of love and mercy. Amen.

Prayer to Trust God’s Plan Regarding My Cat
Most merciful God, to trust Your plan is easy to talk about. But it becomes much harder when life gives us no other choice but to lay it all at Your feet. My cat is my best friend, and I do not know how to let go of control of this situation as he/she becomes more ill. Help me to let go of my grasp and need for control. Help me to place my trust in You and not in myself. Help me to trust that whatever happens is in Your plan and accept Your will. Amen.

Prayer for Faith in God’s Plan for My Sick Cat
Lord God of the highest heavens, understanding how Your plan will work out in our lives is very difficult. We cannot see what lies ahead, only the vague outlines of Your promises – as through a glass darkly lit. As my cat struggles to recover from his/her illness, I ask that You assure me of the goodness of Your plans, no matter the outcome. Help me to press forward boldly, trusting in Your goodness and mercy. Amen.

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