10 Powerful Prayers for Someone Who Has Hurt You

Most people’s gut reaction when someone hurts them is to seek revenge, but evil should not be repaid with evil. Here are 10 powerful prayers for someone who has hurt you.

Prayer for Overcoming Evil
Loving Lord, I have no idea why You have allowed this painful situation to come into my life. Someone has badly mistreated me, and I do not know why. I have many scars from wounds I created by stupid choices. However, this situation is entirely different because the attack was unexpected and seemingly unwarranted. Gracious Lord, I pray for You to please heal my mind, so the thoughts of what happened are not playing over and over again. I pray You will heal my wounds so that they do not leave a permanent emotional scar. Guard me so that their hateful actions will not overcome me, but I will be an overcomer through Your strength. Help me to focus on who I am in You and forget what they have said and done. Amen.

Prayer to be Like Christ When Someone Continually Hurts You
God of all mercy, I have come again before You on behalf of my trial. There is a person who continually hurts me, Lord, and I need Your help. Many times You tell Your children not to return evil for evil, but this is where my heart keeps taking my mind. I know that You want me to bless this person, even if they continue to hurt me. I am not You Lord, and I don’t have what I need inside me to do this. You promise that with You, nothing is impossible. My Savior, please create in me the measure of faith needed to believe that through You, I can walk away from this damaging relationship with my testimony intact. Help me to forgive, even if they do not ask for forgiveness. Lastly, please heal me so that I will not harbor resentfulness. I trust that all things are possible with you, Jesus! Amen.

Prayer to Rise Above Despiteful Actions
Lord my Refuge, I am before You now shocked and hurt beyond belief. Someone has deeply hurt me, and if that was not enough, their actions were unbelievably hateful. I find it hard to believe that I could bring out that much spitefulness in another human. I must assume that the enemy is using this person for some horrible plan he is playing out in my life. You have allowed this; therefore, I must stand strong in You. I am Your beloved, and I do not want to avenge the wrong done me. Please heal my heart and help me not to be taken down by this evil. Renew my mind and enable me to love and move beyond this traumatic event. Amen.

Prayer for God’s Love to Forgive a Family Member
Lord of unfailing love, I am grieving the loss of my relationship with my family member. They have turned on me, and I can truthfully say that I do not know why. Your Word gives clear direction on how to love Your enemies. I never imagined a member of my family would become this, but they have. I know You want me to forgive them, and I am willing but need Your help to make it to that point. I pray that You will pour out Your love on me. Let it overflow so that I can feel it coursing through my veins and healing every wound they inflicted. I need Your love to be my strength as I respond to such an unloving action. Strangers we can walk away from, but family, Lord? Grant me healing and empower me to love my enemy according to Your will. Amen.

Prayer for Guidance to Healing and Forgiving Heart
Living God, look upon Your child and be merciful to me in my trial. My life has been devastated by the wrong done to me. I want to forgive the person who hurt me, but the wounds are deep, and I cannot find healing. I pray that You redeem me from this oppression and direct my steps through Your Word. Please don’t let iniquity have dominion over me. Make Your face shine upon me and guide me to healing and a forgiving heart. I pray You direct my steps and be the light upon my path amid this horrible situation. Guide me to the safe haven of Your loving arms. Amen.

Prayer for Leading to Jesus’ Place of Peace
Jesus, my Savior, You are my precious Light in the darkness. Bring me out of this time of darkness and hurt. Heal my wounds with the balm of Your love. As I deal with this hurt done against me, my life is in turmoil. Jesus, You came to guide my feet in the way of peace. You saved me and reconciled me to God and brought peace. I pray You please move amid this hurtful conflict and direct my feet again into the way of peace. My heart is Yours; please cleanse it of all hurt, resentfulness, and bitterness. Lead me to Your place of peace. Amen.

Prayer for God’s Strength and Covering
O God my Strength, when others hurt us, it is easy to react out of our flesh. However, not responding to those who hurt You is a sign of strength. Jesus, You were oppressed and afflicted, yet You did not open Your mouth. I pray that You bless me with Your strength and peace. Help me honor You by forgiving and not reacting out of my pain. I pray that Your hand would be upon me as You walk with me through this traumatic situation. I pray You be my strength, covering, and healing. Amen.

Prayer for Faith to Trust God’s Loving Purpose
Faithful Lord, I am struggling with this overwhelming situation that has come upon me like a tsunami. The aftermath is painful to look at, and I feel it will take time to restore. To start my restoration, I am asking You to pull me out of my sea of hurt and up onto the high ground of faith. I know I can find the strength to heal if I can first find the faith to trust You. I need faith in Your loving purpose for allowing this hurtful person to inflict damage in my life. May Your will be done in me, and in the life of the person who hurt me. Amen.

Prayer to Respond With Compassion
Compassionate Father, I glorify Your name because You are full of compassion. Please have mercy on me during this painful time. Turn Your face to me and strengthen me for the healing process. While You infuse my life with Your kindness, I pray that You also strengthen me. Help me to demonstrate compassion to the one who hurt me. I need to forgive this person, not because they deserve it, or have asked for forgiveness. I need to forgive because You have forgiven me. Your compassion towards me has taught me to seek forgiveness for my sins from You. May You strengthen me to demonstrate this same compassion toward my enemy. Amen.

Prayer for God’s Grace to Reign
Gracious Father, I come to You boldly as Your Word tells me to come. I am Your child bought through the shed blood of Christ. Father, I am seeking mercy to bring healing to my wounded spirit. Someone has inflicted a fatal wound to my spirit that only Your loving touch can heal. My heart cries, crucify them, but my spirit cries, forgive them! Lord, bring my heart into submission to Your will. I choose to trust in the voice of my conscience and seek Your face for the needed divine assistance. May Your grace be given to me in abundance to bring Your desired outcome from the painful trial. Amen.

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