10 Powerful Prayers for Volunteers

Volunteers give their time graciously expecting nothing in return. Here are 10 powerful prayers for volunteers, including images you can print to use and share.

Prayer for Direction to My Good Works
Creator God, Your Word tells me that I am Your workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works, which You prepared beforehand so that I would walk in them. You have called me to serve You, and I stand ready and willing to volunteer wherever You desire. Please direct my heart to the areas of service where You can best utilize me as Your instrument of blessing to others. Prepare my heart to be tender to the prompting of the Holy Spirit so I can be used to speak to those in need. Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to labor in Your vineyard. Amen.


Prayer of Gratitude for Divinely Prepared Volunteers
Jehovah Jireh, my great provider, thank you for the volunteers You provide for the work entrusted to me. You call precisely the right people to the right area of service. I have seen You bring together groups of people who only had Your love in common. Yet, each one had an integral part to contribute to the work to which You called them. Thank you for calling out and gifting volunteers to serve. I stand amazed at Your great choreography called life, which brings Your children together to perform beautiful acts of service. Help us not to lose sight of Your grand redemptive masterplan. Amen.


Pray for Volunteers to Receive Strength
God, my Rock, times of service can be intense and physically draining for volunteers because they don’t do the work every day. I pray for Your blessing on each of the volunteers You have brought to serve with me. I ask that You would set a guard over them and keep them strong in You. You promised that You would be our strength, so I ask You to give each volunteer the measure of the strength that they will need to accomplish what You have called them to do. I also pray that You would grant them discernment to know and honor their physical limitations. Lastly, I ask that they have the mind of Christ so that they will be emotionally ready to pour themselves out for the task before them. Amen.


Prayer for God’s Covering Over Volunteers
O Mighty God, as the volunteers prepare to take part in their area of service You have called them for, I pray for their physical protection. As they step out to serve You, they all have bullseyes on their backs, and the enemy is making ready his fiery arrows. I pray Lord that Your shield of power and love would be over their every moment leading up and during their volunteer service. I pray that You let no weapon formed against to prevail. Go before them in all areas of their lives and keep them safely set apart for the service You have prepared for them. Amen.


Prayer for His Protection Over Me
O God, my Fortress, many times when I volunteer, a spiritual attack precedes my service. The attacks have come at me from various directions, and the intent was to stop me from my service. You Lord have been and will continue to be faithful because it is Your nature. I pray You would be faithful to Your promise to strengthen and protect me from the evil one. May Your mighty strength hold back all of the enemy’s attack on my physical wellbeing. Please direct my heart to Your love and Christ’s perseverance. I pray You will keep me in the safety of Your power. Amen.


Prayer for My Protection from Illness
My God, as I deal with the necessary preparations for volunteering, I realized that my service often involves working in unclean places and contact with a significant number of people. In the past, I have had experiences of getting ill, and I have seen some fellow volunteers develop sudden illnesses. Sickness hinders or sometimes even stops our volunteering. Lord, as I set out to volunteer, I pray You will remove any danger to my health, which lies before me. I pray You would give me discernment to prepare for, recognize, and deal with anything that might hinder my service. Amen.


Prayer for Volunteer’s Good Health
Loving Creator, thank you for the volunteers who are willing to come and serve in places that are not always easy. These are the places where Your love and there love is needed most. I pray that the volunteers will be lights on a hill, leading all who see them towards You. To do this, Lord, they need good health. I pray for a bubble of protection to surround each one of the volunteers. I ask that no plan hatched against their health will prevail in keeping them from their service. Give them the wisdom to make choices that will keep their health at its best so they can serve You to their fullest. Amen.


Prayer for Faithfulness of Volunteers
Lord, these days our lives are full of many distractions that pull us away from time spent with You. I pray for the volunteers working with me in the various areas of the ministry I hold dear to my heart. Holy Spirit, I pray that You will pursue them so fervently that they will long to spend time with the Lord. I ask for You to show them reminders of His love daily so that they will remain faithful to Him. Invade each of their lives with Your beautiful presence and keep them on the path You have chosen for them. Amen.


Prayer for Me to Abide in Him
Lord, many times I get caught up in volunteering, and I forget to get caught up with the One who called me to the service. Jesus, help me to remember that I am just a branch, and without You, my Vine, I can bear no fruit in my life. Teach me to walk in Your presence, so when I serve and pray for others, the Father will receive His glory. I long to abide in You always and have the spiritual eyes to see Your answers to my prayers. For this reason, I pray that if I stray from Your chosen path for my life, call me back, Lord Jesus. Amen.


Prayer for Volunteers to See God’s Hand in Their Service
Lord, when volunteers first sign up for their area of service, they are thrilled and ready to go. Once the service starts and the reality of the situation hits home, they can often feel overwhelmed. Serving others is rarely easy and requires the giving of oneself in a greater capacity. I want to pray for those volunteers who are feeling overwhelmed right now, and I ask God that You would give them the ability to see the spiritual picture of their service. Many times if they can see Your plan or the results of Your work through them, they will become strengthened to serve with greater enthusiasm. Grant them Your peace to carry on with all You have called them to do. Amen.


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