10 Prayers for Sisters in Christ and in Life

Everyone is in need of some help. These prayers for sisters in Christ and in life will encourage you to pray for the needs of others in hopes that they look to the Lord and live by his providence for us.

Prayer #1

Lord, what the enemy means for evil against our church body, we believe You can use for good. Remind our hearts of this. When we are being attacked and crushed from all sides, remind us of Your faithfulness to use everything for Your good and Your glory. May we not fear but trust in Your provision for our church family. May we not only be readers of Your Word but believers and doers. Increase our faith, Lord.

Prayer #2

Gracious and Provident God, bless us with Your grace as we pray into our future together. As Sisters and Brothers of one another and of our Savior, we acknowledge our vulnerability even as we renew our trust in You.

We are confident that You will give us the courage to move forward with hope and trust in You. We ask this in the name of Jesus, our brother, knowing we are held always in the unity of your Creative Spirit
who is with us now and forever. Amen.

Prayer #3

Heavenly Father, how we worship and praise You for Your loving kindness and goodness to each one of us – we could not draw another breath unless You gave us the power. You are indeed an awesome God and we stand in awe of You.

Lord, thank You that I am a part of the body of Christ and thank You for the many godly sisters in Christ that I have had the privilege to meet and get to know in my life. Lord so many have come and gone and yet so many have left an indelible mark upon my life – and I just want to say thank You for all the dear sisters in Christ that have crossed my path – those that encouraged and those that prayed for me, when I was lost in sin. Thank You for those that supported me and those that taught and trained me in the scripture to know more about You.. for those that corrected me and for those that have blessed me in so many ways.

Lord I know that although I have a lost touch with many of these dear sisters in Christ, that have had such a wonderful influence in my life.. and although some have been taken to heaven already, I ask Your blessing on each and every one that is living today, wherever they may be – and pray that You would bring into each of their lives other godly women who would encourage and support them.. and who would pray for them and encourage them. Thank You that one-day we will all stand before Your throne of grace and heavenly sing songs of great rejoicing together.

Thank You Lord for the many wonderful sisters in Christ that You have graciously placed in my life and I pray that You would give me the opportunity to similarly play the part of a ‘sister in Christ’ to others that You see fit to bring into my life – and I will give You all the praise and all the glory, in Jesus name I pray,


Prayer #4

Heavenly Lord, I come to You today to lift up my dear sister, whose health is failing badly and who needs Your touch of healing on her life. Lord we know that You are the Giver of life You know exactly what is the problem from which my sister is suffering – and we pray that in a wonderful way You would touch her and heal her as only You can.

Father we know that You still have power to heal and sometimes to choose to heal a person and at other times Your will is to be an ever-present Help in the midst of our distresses and we ask Lord that whatever Your reason for my sister’s deteriorating health that You would give her the sufficient grace that You have promised to all Your children – so that you demonstrate not only to them but to those that have to do with them an amazing grace that only You can provide.

Nevertheless Father I pray that You will see fit to heal my sister and to raise her to full health and strength – but may Your perfect will be done in her life.. and we will give you all the praise and all the glory, for You alone are worthy to recover our worship and praise, in Jesus name I pray,


Prayer #5

God, help our church body to walk in a manner worthy of the calling You have given us. Help us in all our interactions with one another to have humble and gentle hearts. Grant us patience for one another, bearing with one another in love. Grant the Body of Christ unity. May we walk humbly with You, God, allowing You to show us our wrongs.

Prayer #6

Lord, You have told us in Your Word that You hear our prayers. We are crying out to You, we are humbling ourselves before You and seeking Your face. We come together as a church body to seek You. We repent and turn from our wicked ways, thank You for hearing us. Thank you for Your forgiveness and healing.

Prayer #7

Thank You Lord for my sister and for the wonderful times that we have shared together – thank You that You placed us in families and for the privilege of having a sister like mine. Thank You for all that my sister has taught me and the encouragement she has been to me when I have been in time of hardship and distress

Lord I pray that You would be very close to her and direct and protect her in all she does. Lead and guide her into all truth and draw her ever closer to Yourself in Jesus name I pray.

Lord I pray that day by day she would draw closer to You and surrender herself to the leading of Your Spirit. May she grow in grace and in a knowledge of Jesus until we all come to spiritual maturity.

Give her the desire and grace to study Your word and to draw ever closer to You in daily prayer. Bind her thoughts to Your thoughts and her will to Your will so that she may grow in the wisdom and truth that comes only from You. May she excel in the fruit of the Spirit and grow in humility and gentleness and use her in a mighty way to demonstrate the love and grace of the Lord Jesus in all she says and does, in Jesus name I pray,


Prayer #8

Lord, You have given us what seems like an impossible task with this passage. You have asked us to deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow You. Even when our spirits are willing, the flesh is weak. You know our hearts, Father. Help us, with Your Holy Spirit, to examine our hearts and hear from You. The longer we walk with You, the more we look like You. We desire to become more and more like You, less selfish and more selfless, willing to deny ourselves in any and all situations. You have told us that when we lose our life for Your sake, we will save it. Save us from ourselves, God.

As we lift up these words for our churches, let us come before God with humility and a willingness to obey. Let us put others first and serve our brothers and sisters in Christ. May we seek God first, putting aside our own desires. May we become intercessors for our brothers and sisters in Christ. May we pray more and criticize less. May we be encouragers and uplifters.

Prayer #9

Father God, You desire peace and unity and encouragement for our body of believers. Help us, Lord, to pursue what makes for peace and for building one another up. To pursue the things You will lead to peace and unity. Give us discerning hearts to know Your will and give us the courage to be obedient. Lord, we know that without You and Your Holy Spirit indwelling each of us, we cannot do any of these things. But, with You and for Your glory, grant our body peace and unity.

Prayer #10

Heavenly Father, I thank You for my sister, whom I love so dearly and yet Lord she does not know You and does not show any interest in knowing You and Lord it grieves my heart that my beautiful sister is so indifferent to the good news of the gospel of Christ – Lord I pray that You would seek her out and convict her of her need of Jesus and draw her into Your arms of love I pray.

Lord I know that she herself has to make the choice to trust in the Lord Jesus as her Saviour and that You respect the choices that we make and never force Your love on anyone who does not want it – but Lord I feel that she has been blinded to the truth and I ask that in a wonderful way You would open her eyes to her need of Jesus so that she might be saved.

Father I know that it is not Your will that anyone should perish but that all should come to faith in the Lord Jesus as Saviour and I pray that whatever it takes You will get her attention onto Jesus and bring her to her knees before Your throne of grace – Lord I want my sister in heaven with the rest of the family and pray that in Your grace and love You would work in her life and bring her into Your family – in Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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