10 Strong Prayers for Animals

Whether we have our own animals or enjoy watching the ones that wander around us, we form special bonds with God’s creatures. Here are 10 strong prayers for animals.

Prayer for My Sick Pet
God of Mercy and Love, I intercede for my pet who is sick. Reach forth Your hand in compassionate and touch him, for he is uncomfortable and ill. Help the veterinarian to correctly diagnose the problem, so that my pet can get the treatment he needs to get well again. Help me care for him with love and tenderness, and I ask that You restore him back to full health quickly. I thank You for shining Your healing light over my pet. Amen.

Prayer for a Lost Cat
Compassionate God, I pray for my cat that got outside and is now lost. Keep him safe from harm from cruel people, from vehicles or from other animals. Help him not be afraid and keep him safe and warm. Lead me to where he is, or help him to find his way back to our home. Lord, You know how much I love this cat and cherish his companionship. Please reunite us soon. Thank You for Your mercy. Amen.

Prayer for a Rescue Dog
Righteous Savior, I pray for this dog that I have adopted from a shelter. It saddens me that he endured abuse and neglect from his previous owner. I pray that he will recover physically and emotionally from what he has suffered, and not be nervous or aggressive around other animals or people. Bless him with a calm demeanor and gentleness to all. Let him feel secure and loved. Amen.

Prayer of Thanksgiving for My Animals
O God who created everything, I come to You with joy and thanksgiving for the animals around me – both my pets that live in my home with me, and for the wild animals that live in my yard and in the forest. I can see Your wise hand at work in these beautiful and engaging creatures, for each animal You created has a specific purpose and maintains the balance of nature. Bless them I pray, and help me live with them peacefully and kindly. Amen.

Prayer to Be a Good Pet Owner
Loving Creator, Your Word teaches me that a righteous person regards the life of his animal. Many times in Scripture You show Your compassion for animals, for truly Your mercy extends to all the creatures You made. Help me to be a wise and responsible pet owner – to be nurturing, compassionate, affectionate, playful, and responsible for all their needs for food, grooming, entertainment, exercise, and medical attention. Amen.

Prayer for Good Health for My Cat
Lord of blessing, You created all animals and You love and care for them. I pray that You will stretch out Your hand in blessing over my cat. Keep her healthy in her body and mind, and grant her a long life without pain or disease or injury. Help me remember to care for her well, provide her with ways to entertain herself, and engage with her in play and cuddling. I thank You for providing me with this fun companion. Amen.

Prayer for the Wild Animals in My Yard
God of joy, I take such delight in the beautiful birds at my feeder, and the squirrels and other small creatures that frolic in my yard. They are a source of endless and captivating pleasure. I love watching their interactions with each other and learning more about Your exquisite creation. Please allow me to partner with You in caring for their needs for food and water. Keep them healthy, I pray. Amen.

Prayer for Dog Training
God of Light, I ask for patience and wisdom as I train this new puppy. Help me to be diligent and consistent in using positive reinforcement to teach her good habits, and to correctly discipline her when unwanted behaviors occur. Help me to build a wonderful relationship with her and enhance her loyalty and companionship, so that I can have a well-behaved and happy dog that can interact well with other dogs and with family and friends. Amen.

Prayer for Farm Animals
God of Enduring Faithfulness, I pray Your blessing over my farm animals. I pray that they will be comfortable in their living spaces, that they will be free from disease or injury, that they will have uncomplicated birthing, and that the new foals, calves, chicks, lambs and other baby animals will be healthy and strong. At the time of creation, You gave humans the task of stewardship over nature, so I pray that You make me a good and faithful and kind steward of my animals. Amen.

Prayer for Working Animals
Heavenly Father, I pray Your blessing over my working animals – for the bees that produce honey, the cows that produce milk, the sheep that produce wool, the dog that protects our family, and all the other working animals which I own. I remember that Your Word commands kind treatment of these creatures, and I covenant to care for them responsibly and lovingly. I ask that You increase the productivity of my working animals and keep them healthy and happy. Amen.

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