10 Strong Prayers for Mother and Daughter Relationship

Mothers and daughters can have an incredible bond, though frequently have relationship difficulties. Here are 10 strong prayers to pray for your relationship with you mother or with your daughter.

Mother’s Prayer for Healing for the Relationship
Gracious Father, I pray for healing in my relationship with my daughter. I confess my words and behaviors that have led to this rift, including being judgmental, overly critical, and demanding. Forgive me, dear Lord, and help me apologize to my daughter and receive her forgiveness. May she likewise recognize her part in our problems. Help me accept and love her for the beautiful person she is. May we enjoy a sweet spirit of companionship together. Amen.

Daughter’s Prayer for Healing of Relationship with Mother
Lord of love, I ask that You heal and restore my relationship with my mother. Forgive me for being selfish, inconsiderate, and for my other behaviors that have caused a breakdown in our relationship. Help me to be sweet and loving to my mother and to endeavor to understand her point of view and respect it. Bond us together in loving support for each other. Help us to enjoy a fun and healthy relationship. Amen.

Mother’s Prayer for a Strained Relationship
Father of peace, I pray that You would help me and my daughter to abandon behaviors that are straining our relationship. I pray that You would give me peace of mind regarding my daughter. Help me not to constantly worry about her and always be attempting to micro-manage her life. Help me to give her a reasonable amount of freedom, so she can develop the independence she needs as she matures into a young woman. Amen.

Daughter’s Prayer for a Strained Relationship
God of wisdom, please give me insight into the issues that are straining my relationship with my mother. Reveal to me my behaviors that are contributing to the problem and help me overcome them. Help me gently explain to my mother the things she is doing that are distressing me and make her receptive. May we both forgive and forge a happier and peaceful path together. Amen.

Mother’s Prayer for My Difficult Adolescent Daughter
Lord of infinite wisdom, please guide me in this stormy situation with my daughter, who is going through a season of rebellious and rude behaviors. I pray that You will bring her to repentance that leads to restoration. May she submit to our family guidelines and be pleasant toward family members. Help me to communicate in a loving, reasonable, yet firm way with her. May Your peace that surpasses all understanding infuse the atmosphere of our home. Amen.

Mother’s Prayer for My Difficult Adult Daughter
God of grace, I intercede for my adult daughter. I pray that You will intervene in her life and help her realize how self-destructive her behaviors are. May she take responsibility for her unwise choices of the past and strive for wise choices going forward. May she sweetly assume responsibility for her finances, living situation, and childcare needs rather than expecting me to constantly bail her out. Help me interact appropriately with her. Amen.

Daughter’s Prayer for My Difficult Mother
Living God, please help me in this situation with my mother. Even when she is difficult, as she often is, help me to consistently be sweet and gracious in my communication with her. Help me to forgive her when she is unreasonable and not allow her to steal my peace and well-being. I pray that You can do a work in her mind and her heart, so that the issues leading to inappropriate behaviors will resolve. Amen.

Mother’s Prayer for Continued Blessed Relationship with Daughter
God of provision, I thank You from the bottom of my heart for blessing me with my beautiful, kind, and gracious daughter. I thank you for the mutual love, admiration, and support we enjoy. As we each pass through the various stages of our lives, and our relationship dynamics change, may we adapt smoothly and gracefully. May we both always be there to honor and encourage one another. Amen.

Daughter’s Prayer for Role-reversal with Mother
Lord of compassion, I thank You for giving me such a wonderful, wise, and giving mother. She has surely been a wonderful guide and inspiration to me through my childhood and into my adult years. And now, as her health is declining, it is time for our roles to reverse, and for me to become my mother’s caregiver. May I be as patient, loving, and gracious in this season as she has been to me all my life. Amen.

Mother’s Prayer for Daughter in Trouble
God of mercy, enable me to help my daughter through this trouble she has brought upon herself. Guide me in lovingly give her advice and tangible aid as appropriate, without enabling further unwise behaviors. May she recognize and repent of her sin and errors in judgment that led to this situation. May she learn from her mistakes and seek Your guidance in dealing with her present predicament, and may she follow Your path faithfully. Amen.

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