10 Uplifting Prayers for Back to School

The beginning of a new school year brings a feeling of excitement, but it can also be a time that brings on feelings of anxiety and worry about what lies ahead. Here are 10 uplifting prayers for back to school. Along with the prayers are printable images for you to use or share.

A Prayer for a New School Year
Lord God, You have brought us again to the beginning of a new school year. In Your abundance, You have given my child many friends and times of joy in past years. I pray that You would let this year also be filled with the joy of new experiences, challenges, and friendships for him/her. Send Your angel of protection to be with him/her this year as they embark on this new endeavor. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.


A Prayer for Mental Stamina
Most Merciful Lord, as we approach another school year, I pray that You would give my child the mental strength to perform to the best of his/her ability. I know how stressful school can get, and so I want him/her to be able to stay on top of things. Help him/her to balance himself/herself this year, and not make an idol out of class or grade. Instead, let him/her turn all things over to You, for You alone are worthy. Amen.


Priorities Prayer
Jesus, my Savior, this school year I want to make it a point to keep my child’s priorities in line with Your word. Although I want him/her to excel in school, I don’t want him/her to do so at the expense of their devotion to You. Lord, You have promised that all things will be given to us when we put You first. Help him/her to put this realization into practice this school year, that he/she might draw nearer to You. Amen.


A Prayer for Spiritual Protection
Eternal God, I come to You as a lowly servant to beg my king for protection. My child is returning this year to school, and they will need protection for their hearts. They will hear many new ideas and will be confronted with many difficult choices and pressures. I ask that You protect them, Father, from false and destructive ideas. Give them spiritual discernment to sift through the lies and misinformation, landing squarely on the truth of Your word. Amen.


A Prayer for Physical Protection
Precious Holy Spirit, our schools should be a place of learning. Yet for many of Your children, they are a place of dread. Hazing and bullying are rampant in their halls, many times going unnoticed by those in authority. Lord, I pray that You protect my child from wicked bullies. Give him protection with words. Raise strong school leaders who will keep such bullies from starting in the first place. Lord, in Your mercy, hear my prayer. Amen.


A Prayer for Field Trip Safety
Almighty God, today my child is embarking on a class field trip. This will require that they travel a decent distance and be under the supervision of chaperones. Lord, send Your holy angels to watch over him/her this day. As I cannot be there, bring them under the care and surveillance of responsible adults. Thwart the ill intentions of anyone who would do him/her harm. Give the class traveling mercies, that they may reach their destination unharmed and on time. Amen.


A Prayer for Good Teachers
Heavenly Father, we are at the dawn of a new school year, and thus will be entrusting our child to the care of teachers. Lord, bless those who teach in our schools. Give them patience, wisdom, and the love that is required to meet the needs of my child and all other students. Give them mental strength and fortitude for the long year ahead. In Your grace, hear my prayer. Amen.


A Prayer for School Safety
All-Powerful Father, our schools should be so safe. And yet, they have recently become centers for violence. So many have died in recent years due to violence. I pray that You mercifully shield the school that my child is attending. Send Your angels of protection to watch over him/her as they go about their day. Send me Your peace that I may have peace of mind this school year, knowing that he/she is in Your hands. Amen.


A Prayer for Strong Tutoring
Righteous Savior, I pray that You would provide sound and capable tutors for my child in the even they should need help. Help them to be loving and approachable mentors for him/her. Give them the mental clarity and patience that is necessary to tutor a child in their given subjects. Help them to teach in a way that he/she can understand and feel comfortable asking questions. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


A Prayer for Godly Schools
Lord Jesus, I thank You that You have graciously brought us to the beginning of a new school year. As my child enters a new grade, I pray that You bless his/her school. Provide Godly educators and administrators who will lead our children well. Give them the courage needed to stand up for Your word in the school system. Help our children grow in their faith at school, not be removed from it. Amen.


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