11 Best Prayers for Breakups

Getting yourself in the right mindset is an important part of having a healthy and positive recovery after a breakup. These best prayers for breakups will bring restoration to your heart and mind.

Prayer to Feel Whole Again
Oh Lord, honestly this breakup has been really tough. The heartache has been intense. I know You have the power to remove the hurt, the anger, the brokenness, the confusion and the loneliness that I feel. In the book of Revelation, it states that You will wipe away every tear, death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain. Lord, You have the ability to remove these things, therefore, I put my faith and hope in You. I trust that you will crush these bad feelings and make me feel whole again. Amen.

Prayer to Move On
God of Love, I believe that I can do all things through You who strengthens me. I plead that You be my strength so that I can overcome this breakup and heartache that I have been left with. I do not want to feel this way anymore, but I know that I can only overcome this trial with You, with Your strength and with Your Word. Please surround me in this difficult time, and heal me from my brokenness. Ready my spirit and heart to move on from this past relationship, and find new love. Amen.

Prayer for Strength
God Almighty, my flesh and my heart fail right now because of the pain of my heartbreak, but according to Your Word, You are the strength of my heart, and my portion forever. In You, I can stand again, even though it feels as though life is over for me. The pain that I feel is unbearable. Let my heart know that through Your love, I will be healed because You are the strength that my heart needs. Amen.

Prayer to Calm My Anger
Holy Comforter, please be with me in this difficult time. This breakup has been draining mentally, physically and emotionally. I am honestly angry at my ex-partner, but Your word states that I should never avenge myself but leave it to the wrath of You, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.” Give me the strength to not satisfy my flesh and seek revenge, for I do not have the right to do so. Calm my anger, and help me be at peace knowing that You are the final judge. Amen.

Prayer for Healing
Precious Father, You heal the broken-hearted and bind up their wounds. Oh Lord, please heal my heartache, please remove the pain that I feel. I declare that my wounds shall be bound up, the void that I feel shall be filled by You. I pray that I do not seek comfort elsewhere because You are the only one who can satisfy me because You know exactly what I am feeling. You also know all my thoughts. See my pain and heal me of this breakup, Father. Amen.

Prayer to Rebuild My Spirit
God of Healing, I cast all my anxiety on You because You care for me! I know that You care for my heartbreak and I know that You are just as heartbroken as I am. You do not want to see me crushed in spirit, You want me to be filled with joy and peace and happiness. I know that these things shall be added to me one day, but right now, Father, take up the anxiety that I feel. I cast all my pain on You. Amen.

Prayer to Mend a Sad Heart
Awesome God, Your Son told His followers that they will have trouble in this world. He told them this so that they would have peace. God, I have experienced my own trouble in the form of a breakup. But Your word commands me to take heart and be of good cheer. I know You have overcome the world, but it is so hard for me to be cheerful. My sorrow is so great. I know victory is already written and promised in You. Thank You, Jehovah Nissi. Amen.

Prayer for Peace
Prince of Peace, according to Your Word: peace You will leave with me; peace You give me. I thank You because although life is bleak right now because of my breakup, You have promised me peace. I need that peace, oh Lord. I know You do not give to me as the world gives. I know the peace that You provide is eternal, it isn’t fleeting. I pray that I do not let my heart be troubled and that I am not afraid of being alone during this time. Amen.

Prayer for an Easy Yoke
Righteous God, I come to You because I have labored and I am heavy laden, and I know that You will give me rest. Lord, I have experienced a tough breakup that has caused there to be a weight of pain and sadness upon me. But today I choose to take Your yoke upon me, and learn from You, for You are gentle and lowly in heart, and I will find rest for my soul. Thank You, Lord, because Your yoke is easy and Your burden is light. Amen.

Prayer to Focus on the Future
Beautiful One, give me wisdom and vision to see things like You do. I pray that in this period of my breakup I do not focus on what has passed, instead I pray that my eyes look directly forward, and my gaze be straight before me. I pray that I focus on my future instead of dwelling on the pain of my past. Jesus, please be with me during this painful time, please give me vision so that I can move onto something ever better that is waiting for me. Amen

Prayer for Guidance
Precious God, I know that for those who love You, all things work together for good, for those who are called according to Your purpose. Honestly, I do not know how this breakup will work for my good because all I feel is pain right now, but Lord, please guide me. Please guide my path in this season of transition. Please direct me on my journey of healing and restoration. Father, I need You now more than ever. Amen.

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