11 Powerful Prayers for Adulterous Husband

Knowing that your husband has been unfaithful in your marriage is heartwrenching, but God is the great Restorer. Here are 11 powerful prayers for an adulterous husband.

Spiritual Warfare Prayer for My Husband
God most high, come alongside me and fight this battle for me. Defeat these enemies of lust, infidelity, selfishness, and betrayal which have been controlling my husband. May my husband seek Your holiness and gain victory over these strong powers of temptation. I pray against the cosmic powers of this present darkness that have been waging war against my marriage. In the mighty name of Jesus, I come against these strongholds and claim deliverance. Amen.

Prayer for Husband to End Infidelity
Father of Compassion, my husband’s affair is breaking my heart. I pray he would come to his senses and realize how wrong this is. May all his excuses for his behavior come crumbling down. May he realize how he is hurting me and our children. May he realize his temporary pleasure is fleeting and not worthy of destroying our family. Please, dear Father, may he end this infidelity and be a faithful husband. Amen.

Prayer for My Husband to Leave the Other Woman
God of my life, I pray my husband’s affair will come to an end. May he realize that this woman’s beauty is only skin deep. Help him know that she will never be able to give him the support, the care, and the genuine love that I give him. Help him to see me with renewed eyes, and to perceive my inner qualities, and to want to be with me again. Amen.

Prayer for Wisdom in Whether to Continue Relationship
Lord of consolation, thank You for walking with me through each painful step of this journey. I need Your wisdom now. Should I continue in this marriage with my husband, who is a serial cheater? He has hurt me time after time. I know that because of his infidelity, I am free to divorce him, but I need to know if there is any hope of restoration. Please give me Your wisdom on whether to stay or leave. Amen.

Prayer for Guidance Regarding Suspected Unfaithfulness
God of peace, I desperately need Your guidance in what to do. I suspect my husband is cheating on me. Help me know how to talk to him about this. Please help me not to be overly emotional or accusing, but simply point out my observations. If I’m right, may he not lie to me but be honest and open. May he not get angry or defensive, and may both of us talk this through calmly. Guide me through this conversation and in what to do with the truth. Amen.

Prayer for a Hedge of Thorns
Living God, take action against my husband, who is straying from the marriage bed. Fence him in with a hedge of thorns and keep him home. Block his path with a wall, so that he loses his way when seeking out other women. When he runs after any woman other than me, may he not be able to catch them. Lord, cause him to give up this sinful lifestyle and return to me. Amen.

Fasting Prayer for Unfaithful Husband
Lord of hope, I come to You as I fast and mourn the breakdown of my marriage. Please forgive me of my sins that hurt and alienated my husband. Help me to be a loving wife and appealing in my appearance and demeanor. I pray my husband will turn away from sinning with this other woman. May he turn back to me, the wife of his youth and mother of his children. Amen.

Prayer for My Husband to Repent
God of all grace, I pray Your Holy Spirit will work in my husband’s heart, convicting him of his sin of adultery. I pray he will repent of this sin against me and our family and against his own body. May he confess his wrongdoing before You and me and seek forgiveness. May he turn away from this woman and turn toward following You and being a true husband and father to our family. Amen.

Prayer to Heal My Heart
Father of all comfort, please take my shattered heart and put the pieces back together. Bless me with Your divine healing of my emotions and wounded spirit. Heal me, Lord, and heal my marriage. Help me to forgive my husband for breaking our marriage covenant. May my husband be true in his repentance and determination to be faithful. Help us to rebuild from the ashes. May our renewed relationship be stronger and more loving than before. Amen.

Prayer to Remove Other Woman from Husband’s Life
Lord my Rock, please intervene in my marriage and remove this other woman. I pray You would move circumstances and cast her out of my husband’s life. May he desire me over her, and may she not continue to pursue him. May he no longer be involved with her or with any other woman. May he be true to me and true to You from this moment on, and may our marriage be restored. Amen.

Prayer for Husband to Confess so Restoration Can Begin
Lord of mercy, I pray my husband would confess his unfaithfulness to me and to You. I know he is sinning against me, but he hasn’t admitted it or come to repentance. Please work in his heart. Make him truly sorrowful for the hurt he has caused. Help us begin the restoration of our marriage. Lead us to good counseling, so we can receive wise advice for rebuilding our broken relationship. Amen.

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