11 Special Prayers For Friends

When a friend is in need, the best thing you can do is get on your knees and pray to the Lord for their relief or healing. Here are 11 special prayers for friends.

A Prayer for a Friend to Know Jesus
Living God, my heart is heavy as I consider how my friend does not yet know You. I trust that You know the workings of my friend’s heart, and You know where he stands in relation to You. I ask that You work in his life to draw him to Yourself. May he seek You while You may be found; may he call on You while You are near. Open the eyes of his heart so that he might see You with spiritual eyes. Lord, You know my desire is that he knows You as I do. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

A Prayer for a Friend’s Spiritual Health
Redeemer God, I thank You for the friendships that I have and the relationships which You have blessed me with. You know my friend’s heart and their struggles. Help them to take refuge in Your mercy and take joy in Your love. Give them a new passion for Your Word and a love for Your truth. Let them become like Your servant David who boasted in Your laws and hid away Your precepts in his heart. Give me also the words to say so that I may point my friend to You through my speech. Amen.

A Prayer for a Friend’s Marriage
Creator God, I lift to You my friends and their marriage. You are the author of marriage, and as such, I pray that You bless them to be able to honor You through their marriage. Reinforce their commitment to their vows. With wisdom and patience, understanding and love, might they obey Your command to look to the other’s interest above their own. Let their love for each other be fueled by the sacrificial love by which You sent Your Son to die for us. Give me and others around them the wisdom to support and encourage them in the appropriate ways. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

A Prayer for a Friend Who Has Lost Someone
Loving Father, my heart breaks for the pain my friend is going through. Be with them, Lord. You are the God who is with us in our suffering. You sent Jesus to be submitted to humiliation on our behalf. I ask that they know You are a God who is with them in their grief. May You comfort them by Your Spirit. May You infuse them with hope. May You remind them that one day You will wipe every tear from their eyes. Show me how to be Your instrument of comfort and support to them. Amen.

A Prayer for a Friend’s Safety
Mighty God, all things subsist by Your hands. I ask for travel mercies and protection over my friend as they go on this journey. Keep them from danger. Keep them secure throughout their journey. I entrust to You the security of their logistics and protection against any who would do them harm. Please guard my friend beneath Your wings. You are a shield and a refuge to all those who call on Your name. Thank You. Amen.

A Prayer in Celebration
Lord God, I praise You, for You have poured out Your blessings on my friend. You are good and worthy to be praised. I will pour out thanksgiving and praise to You. Every good and perfect thing comes from You – indeed, You have delighted in giving good gifts to Your children. Make us humble as we realize that we have found favor with You. I ask that we continue to look to You for our daily needs. Thank You for who You are. Amen.

A Prayer When Saying Goodbye
Eternal Father, Thank You for how You have brought my friend into my life and the incredible blessing they have been to me. They have been a tremendous encouragement, and I recall the memorable times we have shared. Thank You for the bond that we have in You – we both are members of Your family. I remember that, in Jesus, we have a unity that endures distance and time. Please help us not to be sad, but to look forward to the time we will meet again and the ultimate reunion in Your kingdom one day. May we each strive to grow in love and knowledge of You day by day. Amen.

A Prayer for the Family of a Friend Who Is in Strife
Faithful Father, I want to petition You on behalf of my friend’s family. You know everything that is going on and understand completely all the ins and outs of what the family is going through. Give them insight into that situation and equip me with wisdom to support my friend. Renew the love and bond between them that they might be united as a family. And, for myself, I ask that I may have ears that will listen and words of counsel to share. All these things I ask in the name of Jesus. Amen.

A Prayer for a Friend Who Is Facing a Difficult Decision
Father God, thank You that You are our compassionate Father who cares for us. You are our source of wisdom. You say in Your Word that You will give wisdom to anyone who asks. So now I ask for wisdom for my friend as they face this difficult decision in their lives – may they cast their cares on You. Through Your Spirit, guide them in every choice they make. Show me ways I can offer counsel and support to my friend at this time. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.

A Prayer for Help in Forgiving a Friend
Father in Heaven, You are mighty and powerful. And yet You have forgiven me my sins against You through the sacrifice of Your Son. I need Your help to forgive my friend for the sin that they committed against me. Heal me of my feelings of hurt and betrayal and allow me to see them as You see them. Remind me of how You have forgiven me and Your command to forgive others. Secure me in the promise You made to right all wrongs on that final day. With the Spirit’s help, I pray. Amen.

A Prayer for a Friend to Reconcile with Others
My Father God, Your Word states that we are to aim for restoration with others and You have given us Your Spirit to empower us. Amid the pain and hurt my friend has felt, strengthen them to honor You in how they restore their relationship and promote peace. Along with strength from You, bring to mind the way You demonstrated Your own heart of reconciliation. In Jesus’ name, and by the Spirit’s help, I pray. Amen.

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