12 Good Bedtime Prayers for Teenagers

The teenage years of any child are difficult to face. From temptation and anger, broken hearts and new experiences, here is a look at 12 good bedtime prayers for teenagers to help encourage spiritual healing and recovery.

Teach Me Wisdom Prayer
Holy Father, thank You that reverence of You is the beginning of true knowledge. Teach me wisdom and discipline in all aspects of my life. Make me successful in my studies, in my relationships with others, and in my future. Help me to do what is just, right and fair. Give me insight and discernment. Help me to listen and to learn from the correction and instruction of my parents, my spiritual leaders, and my teachers. Amen.

Prayer against Peer Pressure
Heavenly Father, please help me not to just blindly follow the crowd. When they entice me to do something I know isn’t right, help me to turn my back on them. When they say, “Come join us, just for fun,” help me remember that hurting others or causing harm to myself is wrong. Help me be bold and courageous to walk on Your path of justice – not their path of destruction. Amen.

Make Me a Person of Integrity Prayer
Lord, help me to be a person of integrity. May I carefully follow Your instructions. Give me joy as I follow You with all my heart. Give me strength not to compromise with evil. May my actions consistently reflect You. If I slip and fail, please don’t give up on me! Please don’t let me wander away. Help me hide Your Word in my heart so I won’t sin against You, and so I honor You. Amen.

Prayer Against Sexual Temptation
Father God, I am struggling with sexual temptation right now. Give me the strength to do what is right according to Your Word, and not dishonor another person or myself by engaging in sexual sin. Give me the strong discipline to avoid media that that objectifies people. Give me the wisdom to avoid situations where my urges may overcome common sense. Help me to stay pure. Amen.

Prayer for Making Good Choices
Heavenly Father, every day I have to make decisions. Help me make good choices through Your Holy Spirit wisdom. Help me to keep the big picture in mind, and not get distracted by the small stuff. Help me remember that values matter. Help me to learn from my mistakes in the past. Help me not to procrastinate. Help me to seek the wisdom of others – and especially You – when I don’t know what to do. Amen.

Prayer for Friendships
Dear God, thank You for being my closest friend – always with me and supporting me. But now I ask for earthly friends that share my values and interests, so we can be mutually supportive of each other. Bring people into my life to stretch, motivate and encourage me. And help me to be a good friend – to be real, to be honest, to be a good listener, to maintain confidences, and to be encouraging and loyal. Amen.

Prayer Regarding Hurtful Words
Dear God, I hate the sarcastic hurtful words on social media and even in person: words that make people feel excluded or insecure, words that cause harm. Sometimes those words are directed at me, and they hurt. I confess that sometimes I am the initiator of hurtful words. Forgive me Lord; help me to only speak words that encourage. Help me not to respond to others in anger or hurt, but to bless instead. Help me to discourage others from hate speech. Amen.

Prayer About Love
Dear Jesus, Your greatest command is to love the Lord My God with all my heart, soul and mind. Holy Spirit, help me keep that command. Help me to not get distracted by things that take my attention away from You, or that go against Your Word. Remind me to spend time daily with You in prayer and Bible study. Help me to love others as I love myself and show me how to put that love into action. Amen.

Prayer for Discernment
Heavenly Father, please help me grow in my knowledge of You through my time in the Word and at church and youth group. Help me not to fall for what everyone around me believes is good or evil. Give me spiritual eyes to see what belief systems, what ethical systems and what teachings are right and wrong, so that I won’t be deceived. Help me use Your Word as a measuring stick to discern true morality and goodness. Amen.

Prayer for Hope
Almighty God, when I descend into negativity and depression, help me to take every thought captive for Jesus Christ. Fill me with Your hope, and protect my mind and heart from the lies of the adversary. In times of discouragement, help me to cling to You, Jesus, and soak up Your strength. Help me raise a hallelujah, even when I’m down because praise is a great weapon! Amen.

Prayer about Identity
Heavenly Father, I thank You that I am Your child – I can come to You, crying out “Abba!” “Daddy!” I thank you that You created me in Your image. Help me to comprehend my identity as Your son/daughter, and that I am completely accepted in Your unconditional love. May I serve You with the motivation of deep thankfulness for Your unceasing love and acceptance. Amen.

Prayer for Holy Spirit Power
Dear Holy Spirit, I thank You that when You are operating in me, I am no longer ordinary. You bless me with unexpected courage, knowledge, and power. May I mirror You and walk in obedience to You, and may I receive Your power so that You accomplish in and through me infinitely more than I could ever ask or imagine. May my life be one of service to You, utilizing the spiritual gifts You have given me to draw others to You and build up Your kingdom. Amen.

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