13 Transcendent Prayers for Answers

Life is full of questions, and we constantly search for answers to find inner peace and to figure out the direction we should be going. Here are the 13 most transcendent prayers for answers.

Prayer He Hears Me
All-Powerful God, I have many questions in my life right now. I need Your help to find answers. Do not hide Your holy face from me, Lord, for I am in great distress with not knowing what to do. Please, Lord Jesus, bend down to hear my prayer. Hear me call out to You for guidance. Show me the way. Lord, as I pray over my life, hear me and provide the answers I am searching for. Amen.

Prayer for Direction
Gracious Lord, You are faithful and righteous beyond measure. I know I can continually come before You with my concerns and because of Your love, You will never grow tired of answering me. Lord, there are many areas of my life in which I need direction. I have so many that I don’t even know where to begin. I give these all up to You, Lord. I place my concerns into Your capable hands and await Your answers. My ears are open to hear Your Holy Spirit. Amen.

Prayer for Answers
Faithful Lord, You promised that You are with me and will answer me when I call out to You. Gracious Lord, I ask that You to open my mind and ears to Your whispers, so that I may hear the answers that only You can provide. I am reaching out to You in faith, trusting You hear my prayers and will answer me. I know that by means of my prayer, I will receive all good things. Amen.

Prayer for Promises
God of Jacob, please answer me in my distress. Remember how I try live a Christian life, even though it is not easy. Give me the answers I am seeking, and make my plans succeed. I am joining all who have come before me as I lift up my concerns to You. Teach me, Lord, how to pray more deeply and how to hear Your whispers to me. I need Your guidance, Lord. I fear that I will make choices that will lead me away from Your will for me. Please demonstrate Your faithfulness by granting me Your direction for my life. Amen.

Prayer for Courage
Gracious Father, Your Word provides many testimonies of how You miraculously answered prayers and intervened on behalf of those who believe and trust You. These testimonies of Your faithfulness have given me the courage I need to seek Your help and to trust that You hear me. Make me strong, even though I am afraid. Attack the fear in my heart and open my ears to hear Your guidance. Thank You, Lord, that You care enough to listen. Amen.

Prayer for Wisdom
Loving Father, I have trusted in Your mercy in the past. You have been faithful. Do it again, Lord. I am now at a point in my life where I have more questions than answers. I need Your wisdom, Lord, to make decisions about my future. Please provide the direction I need and the courage to follow You, even if the path is hard. Amen.

Prayer for Ears to Hear
Precious Lord, Your Word reminds us often that when we are in trouble, we should call out to You. The promise You have given is that You hear Your children when we pray. This is such an amazing promise! It is almost too hard to believe. I am placing my confidence in You and Your ability to act on my behalf. Lord, as You answer my prayers, please give me ears to hear the answers. I also ask that You prepare my heart to receive Your instruction. Thank You, gracious God, for hearing my prayers! Amen.

Prayer for His Counsel
Faithful Lord, thank You for all the promises the Bible holds for those who love You. Right now in my life, I am searching for answers. You promised that You hear me when I call. Thank You for this! I am choosing to put my trust in You. I know that You will provide answers to my questions. Only You, God, can give me the counsel I seek, so I humbly ask for Your guidance. Amen.

Prayer for Answers and Open Doors
Heavenly Lord, my heart is uneasy and anxious. I have so many questions. I have no answers. You said that if I seek, I will find. You said that if I knock, it shall be opened to me. Lord, my heart’s desire is peace. Fill me with Your supreme peace. Quiet my mind so I can hear Your answers. Give me the faith in prayer so that I can find Your help in my time of need. Thank You, Lord, for Your attention to my humble request. Amen.

Prayer for Faith
Loving Lord, I come before You with a heavy heart. I am dealing with some issues in my life, and I do not know what to do. All this uncertainty is exhausting. I do not know which way to turn. I need faith to trust You will help me. I need faith to pray in earnest for your guidance. Give me the strength to continue to knock until You give me an answer. Restore my soul, and calm my uneasiness. Hear me, Lord, and direct my steps. Amen.

Prayer for His Will
Heavenly Father, I am seeking answers for decisions I need to make. I have always had it together and known which direction I was going. Now, I find myself staring into the emptiness where once there were once plans. I now understand that my plans have been faulty because they were mortal. They did not come from You. I failed to seek Your guidance and plan according to Your will. Whatever is going on, Lord, I ask for Your help in traversing these unknown waters. I seek Your answers and will for my life. Amen.

Prayer for His Timing
Faithful Lord, in the life of Abraham, You often required him to move without much information as to where He was going. Lord, like Abraham, I do not understand what you have planned for my life. I do not understand why bad things happen to me. Help me trust in You. Help me deliver it all up to You, on Your timing. Help me step out in faith like Abraham. Please give me the peace to wait for Your guidance. Amen.

Prayer for Discernment
Lord and Savior, I make choices and decisions daily, and often I choose poorly. Many times I find myself asking for Your forgiveness because of my poor choices and where they have led me. Lord, help me to come to You and seek Your direction and answers before I make decisions. I know that if I trust in You to guide me, things will work out! Guide me, Lord, in all that I say and do! Amen.

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