15 Powerful Prayers for Business Growth

When starting a new business, statistics show that the majority of companies will fail or close down in the first five years. To be successful, you must also seek the help and will of the Lord to be done. Here are 15 powerful prayers for business growth.

Prayer about Advertising
Mighty God, I come before You today, believing that You have given me my business to provide for me. Gracious Lord, to grow my business, I will need to advertise so that people will know that I am here. I pray, Lord, that You would grant the creativity to promote and bring in customers. Lord, please guide me and help me to use my advertising funds wisely. Amen.

Prayer for Financial Assistance
God of Increase, I have good plans on how to grow my business, but to do this, I need financial assistance. Lord, I pray that You would lead me to godly institutions or people who can help me further my plans. I pray that You grant me success with the financial assistance I receive and protect me from those who would take advantage of me. Lord, I ask that You give me the wisdom on how to most effectively use the funds once I have them. Amen.

Prayer for Covering
Almighty and Everlasting God, I am so grateful for the opportunity that You have given me with my business. I know, Lord, that it is something that You are using for my blessing. Quite possibly, You have entrusted me with an inheritance for those who will come later. Lord, for this reason, I am asking for You to please cover my business with Your protection. Please keep watch over it like a vineyard and keep it safe from predators. Lord, please produce the fruit that is necessary to make it sustainable and for growth. Amen.

Prayer for Discernment
Jesus Christ, my Lord, there are so many business models to grow my business. I have seen so much different advice. I am unsure of which model to use to grow my business. For this reason, I ask that You give me the spiritual discernment needed to know which model of growth You want me to use. I know that You gave me this business for a purpose, Lord. I am praying for You to guide my judgment so that I will act wisely and not fail. Amen.

Prayer for Good Employees
Lord, Mighty in Power, You have given me a fantastic business, and I am seeking to manage it in conformance to Your ways. As I grow, I will need new employees. I need people who are honest, reliable, and dedicated to helping the business succeed. I need people who are going to stick around, so I don’t waste time retraining person after person on the same tasks. Why are these people so hard to find, Lord? Please guide me to those who will be a blessing to the work and ones that I will be able to bless in return. Amen.

Prayer for Wisdom
Precious Holy Spirit, I come before You to seek Your blessing on every aspect of my plans to grow my business. Lord, I pray You give me the discernment needed to run my company the most efficient and effective way I can. A successful approach for growing a business is to do what you’re doing well. For this reason, I ask that You grant me Your wisdom and ability. Amen.

Prayer for Blessing
Sovereign Lord, I come before You on behalf of my business. I need to grow it, Lord. You are the One who blessed me with this business, and any success I have had thus far has come from Your hands. The Bible tells me that You do not withhold any good thing from Your children. Lord, as I plan to grow my business, I am asking for Your blessing on my plans. Amen.

Prayer for Reputation
Jesus, my Savior, thank You so much for blessing my business. Jesus, there are so many things I want to do with my company, but to make those things happen, I need growth. I pray that You bring people into my business that will impact it positively. My hope is that once I serve people through my business, that You would use them to tell others about my work. Lord, I leave how that will look and playout in Your capable hands. Please use my customers as one of the means to grow my business. Amen.

Prayer for Encouragement
God of All Comfort, thank You so much for the blessing of this business. I believe it is a gift from You and that it has a purpose beyond my livelihood. Understanding that my business is part of Your plan for my life, I know too that the enemy will be actively engaged in discouraging and dissuading me. I pray that You protect me from discouragement and lead me to Scriptures that I can hide in my heart. I pray You give me the spirit needed to carry on with the plan You have given me. Amen.

Prayer for Wise Counsel
Wise Father, every day, I have so many decisions to make that will impact my business’ growth. I am praying, Lord, that You bless me with wise counsel to protect the company from my inexperience. I know many have been in business longer than me, so I ask that You lead me to those who can guide me during the path of running and growing my business. Amen.

Prayer Against Obstacles
All-Seeing God, I know that You are watching and waiting for Your children to seek Your counsel. Lord, my small business is not functioning at its best and I know it is capable of so much more. I feel like some obstacles are stopping me from success and growth. I am asking for Your help to see these obstacles, or for You to remove them. Please remove anything that is hindering me from growing this business. Amen.

Prayer to Glorify God
Jehovah, my God, as Your child, my most important responsibility on this earth is to bring glory to You through my life. I fear I fail in many ways with this task. I am asking for Your wisdom on how I can shine a light and bring glory to You through my business. I pray that You will bless and grow the work of my hands. Amen.

Prayer for Knowledge
Sovereign Lord, I come before You regarding the business You have given me. I would like to grow the business and make it more successful, but I feel I need more knowledge. I ask You, Father, that You would grant me success in my studies, practice, and discussions with experts in my area of work. Please increase my knowledge so I can be a success in my business. Amen.

Prayer for Ingenuity
God of Victory, I am seeking ways to expand and grow my business. These days, the industry is so fast-paced and highly intuitive. I don’t want to fall behind in this race, so I am coming and asking for Your help. Lord, I am praying that You would give me the ingenuity I need to expand out into new areas in new ways. Amen.

Prayer for Location
God, my Promise-Keeper, as I move forward with my plans to expand and grow my business, I can see that my current location will not support this growth. I will need to find a new home for my business, so I am asking for guidance on what area You will bless. Lord, You know where my expertise can best meet the needs of the community. Please guide me to Your place of blessing. Show me the way, Father. Amen.

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