15 Powerful Prayers for Cancer Healing

Isaiah 40:31
Gracious Father, I place my hope in You knowing that in doing so, You shall renew my strength. Even though in my current state it seems impossible, I will soar on wings like eagles. I will run and not grow weary. I will walk and not be faint, for You are the ultimate source of my strength. You are the source of my healing. You are the reason that my cancer can be healed, Amen.

Exodus 23:25
Awesome Healer, I will serve You, my God, because it is You who blesses me. You bless my food and my drink, and You will remove sickness from my midst like You did for Your people in the book of Exodus. Eternal God, I praise You because even though my health is in a critical condition, I am at peace knowing that my health is in Your hands. No situation, nor any sickness is too big for You to deal with, Amen.

Deuteronomy 32:39
God, my Fortress, You alone are God, all inferior gods are incomparable to You – Yahweh. It is You who controls events and has power over both death and life. You who can inflict wounds and heal, and from Your hand no one can deliver. My cancer is in Your hands, my healing is in Your hands. I pray that You have Your divine way in my life. I pray for Your divine hand to rest upon my health, Amen.

Psalms 6:2
Jesus, the Great Physician, have pity on me, for I am weak. Heal me, Jesus, for my bones are shuddering. See me in my current state and turn Your face to me. Heal me of my infirmities and cleanse me of my cancer, Jesus. I pray for divine healing to take place in my life right now as doctors have failed me. But, Jesus, You never fail, You can do all things and You rule over all things, Amen.

Psalm 30:2
God of Loving Devotion, I cry out for help right now, and I know that it will be You who heals me from my cancer. You here my cries and You promise to respond because Your word tells me that You are always with Your people. Lord, I am Your child, I know that just as an earthly father does not like to see their child in pain, You too do not enjoy me in my pain. Thank You in advance for my healing, Amen.

Psalm 41:3
My Awesome Keeper, Your word tells me that You sustain Your child on his sickbed. And You have sustained me in my battle with cancer. In my illness, You will restore me to health, because You are my healer. You are a miracle-worker. Blessed be Your holy name! I choose not to fear, because my life is in Your hands and there is no better place to be Lord, Amen.

Psalm 34:1
Lord, my Refuge, I will bless You, the Lord, my soul. I will not forget all Your gifts. You forgive all my iniquities. You heal all my diseases. Lord, I praise You in advance for my healing from cancer. I pray that You touch my body so that I can be cleansed from this disease that is destroying my health. I declare restoration in my life, and I declare in healing over my body, Amen.

Isaiah 40:29
God of Love, Your word tells me that You give power to the faint and abundant strength to the weak. My body is both faint and weak as cancer continues to decrease my strength. But Lord, I pray against my illness, I pray against this disease and I pray for Your power to restore me. Restore my health! Heal me from this horrible disease. Give me strength to face tomorrow, Amen.

Jeremiah 17:14
Holy God of Victory, I will not fear because You are with me. Yes, I have cancer, but I do not need to be anxious, for You are my God. You will strengthen me where my own strength fails. You will help me when the doctors fail. You will uphold me with Your victorious right hand. I have won the battle with cancer, in Jesus’ name. I speak victory over my life. I speak healing over my body, Amen.

Jeremiah 30:17
Father, my Miracle-Worker, heal me. I pray that You hear my heart’s cry to be free from cancer. Save me, that I may be saved, for You are my praise. You are my awesome Healer. I place my hope in You because I know that it is Your hand that can deliver me from this illness. I worship You because You still my God. I continue to praise You, even when it hurts, Amen.

Jeremiah 30:17
Beautiful One, Your word states that You will restore my health. You will heal my injuries. Even when I feel alone, You see me in my state because You have not forsaken me. You have been and are faithful to me. Have Your divine way in me, Lord. Have Your divine way in my heart, mind and soul. I pray that cancer does not destroy me, instead I rest in my faith, knowing that You will be the restorer of my health, Amen.

Proverbs 3:5-6
God of Heaven’s Armies, in spite of my cancer, I proclaim that I shall not die, but live, and declare what You have done. Father, I know that You are working on my behalf, therefore I praise Your holy name. I glorify You because in You I have eternal life and everlasting peace. In You, I am made whole. In You, I have victory. I thank You in advance for my victory in my battle with cancer, Amen.

Isaiah 53:4-5
Perfect Savior, I know that You sent Your Son to bear our griefs (sickness, weaknesses and distresses) and carried our sorrows and pains. You were wounded for my transgressions, You were bruised for my guilt and iniquities. You brought me peace and well-being. By Your stripes, I am healed and made whole. Your power is much greater than my cancer. I believe my healing shall come to pass, Amen.

Mark 11:23-24
O Lord, Mighty in Power, I know that with faith in You, I have the power to command a mountain to be moved into the sea! Whenever I do not doubt at all in my heart, but believe what will take place, it will be done for me. Lord, I pray for my cancer to be healed in Jesus’ name. I declare that whatever I ask for in prayer, I will believe that it is granted to me and I will get it, Amen.

Mark 16:18
Holy God of Enduring Faithfulness, I know that You are faithful to Your people and cover them in all that they do. In the New Testament, Your people could pick up serpents. Even if they drank something deadly, it would not hurt them. Your people could lay hands on the sick and the sick would get well, all through the power of Your Holy Spirit that You have left for me also. I lay hands on my cancer-filled body and declare that I will get well, Amen.

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