15 Strong Prayers for Breast Cancer Surgery

Breast and cancer strung together are two of the scariest words a person can hear, and while surgery to remove the cancer is a huge step, the journey that awaits afterward can be daunting. Here are 15 strong prayers for breast cancer surgery.

Prayer for My Upcoming Double Mastectomy Surgery
All-Powerful Father, please be with me during my upcoming surgery. I will be undergoing a double mastectomy and simultaneous reconstruction. Many fears and doubtful thoughts course through my mind. I am worried about how my body will react to the surgery, that the removal will not go well, that something will go wrong. Please cleanse me of those. You teach me that instead of praying about everything, tell You everything. I know You will take away these fears and be with me. Thank You for Your presence. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer for My Single Mastectomy
Jesus, my Savior, in the coming days my mind and body will go through many challenges. As I undergo my single mastectomy and reconstruction surgery, please give me Your strength and presence. I know Your power to heal, Jesus. Please reveal that to my own eyes. Please take away the fears that control my thoughts. May I feel beautiful, natural, and healthy after this surgery. In every moment of fear or worry, please be there, Jesus. I know You love me as Your child. I ask this in Your loving name, Amen.

Self-Image Prayer
Compassionate Father, I know that You made me in Your beautiful image. I am wonderfully and fearfully designed on the inside and out. But despite these reminders, I feel insecure and unable to love myself. I am fearful that my breast cancer treatments will further destroy my self-image. Please, Lord, grow my confidence. Please open my eyes to my beautiful body, heart, and mind. I am strong and unwavering, and for that I am beautiful. Please shine Your love on me so I can love myself. In Jesus’ beautiful name, Amen.

Patience Prayer
O God, my Strength, my breast cancer treatments are challenging my patience. I am putting off my reconstructive surgery and my soul feels restless. I want to feel normal and myself again. I want to feel beautiful and healthy. As I wait for reconstruction, remind me of my internal beauty, for I was made in Your perfect image. Remind me of Your almighty plan and love for me. I know that You will walk with me through this. Please deliver patience to my heart. In Jesus’ compassionate name, Amen.

Prayer of Anticipation
O Jehovah, my God, with my upcoming breast cancer operations approaching, my soul is heavy with anticipation. May I mold that nervous energy into a fixation on Your unwavering love. As I focus on Your love, may my anticipation become faith and peaceful surrender to Your plan. I believe in Your strength, Lord. I believe that You will keep me safe from evil. Please remind my soul of this with every anxious or anticipatory moment. I know we will get through this together. In Your Son’s glorious name, Amen.

Marriage Prayer
Lord Jesus, my Rock and Salvation, I need Your guidance and truth. As I undergo my breast cancer treatments, I pray that my marriage stays strong. May I come home to a healthy and unchanging love. May I be there for him just as he is there for me during this hardship. Please keep our love alive. When my self-image struggles after treatment, may I still feel beautiful in my marriage. Carry us through the highs and lows of this chapter and fix our attention on You. In Your loving name, Amen.

Isolation in Community Prayer
God of All Comfort, please surround me in a community of supporters. Help me see Your love in a sea of people. I feel isolated from my breast cancer treatments as if no one understands. Please bring me to women who have walked the same path. May we share our testimonies and pain. May we lift each other up and bring light back to our spirits. I know community is good. Please lead me to this place. In Jesus’ gracious name, Amen.

Recovery from Single Mastectomy Prayer
Jehovah Rapha, my Healer, please be with me after my Single Mastectomy surgery. Bring strength and renewal back to my body. May my side effects be minimal and manageable. I know Your plan is to keep me safe and away from pain. Please walk with me through this recovery time. With every new moment, may I feel Your loving and healing touch. Thank You for being here, Lord. In Jesus’ precious name, Amen.

Recovery from Double Mastectomy Prayer
Oh, Jesus, my Great Healer, as I recover from my Double Mastectomy surgery, please be near me. I pray that my side effects are minimal. Please walk me through this time and give me the patience to heal and grow strong again. I strongly believe in Your plan and goodness. May I rest on this belief during the good days and hard days of recovery. I have faith in my recovery and in You. I love You, Jesus. In Your healing and almighty name, Amen.

Reconstruction Prayer
Jesus, the Great Physician, please be with me during my reconstruction surgery. Please be with the doctors so they can perform well. Please be with my soul so that my body remains strong. Please be with my loved ones who wait and worry. Please be near me through every conscious and unconscious breath. I pray that You not only heal my body but also my self-image, Jesus. Please help me see myself as beautiful and strong. Thank You for being close to me in this hard time, Jesus. I love and have faith You. In Your name, Amen.

Prayer for a Friend Going Through Lumpectomy
God of Victory, I pray so passionately for my friend and their breast cancer battle. Please be with them as they undergo their lumpectomy surgery. Bring them strength and determination. Please also be with the doctors and surgeons. May they act with precision and confidence. I pray that my friend recovers entirely. Please take away their pain, insecurities, and fear during this journey. Hold their hand during every moment. I ask this in Jesus’ almighty name, Amen.

Confidence for My Friend Prayer
My Righteous God, please bring confidence to my friend as they undergo breast cancer treatment and recovery. Bring light and fulfillment to their struggling self-image. Remind them that they are wonderfully made. Teach them that beauty is not just appearance, but strength and willpower. Open their eyes to their own beauty. May the people around them shower them in kind and loving words that lift their confidence. I ask this in Jesus’ all-knowing name, Amen.

Loved One’s Double Mastectomy Prayer
Almighty and Everlasting God, my loved one is approaching their double mastectomy surgery. Please be with them during this hard time, Lord. Please cleanse their soul of worry and fear. Please strip away negative thoughts of their body image. Remind them that they were made perfectly in Your image. Your plan is good, Lord. Please protect them while they are treated by the doctors. I pray that they know how loved they are. In Jesus’ glorious name, Amen.

Healing Prayer
O Lord Jesus, my Healer, You are so good. Show Your goodness to my loved one in their battle with breast cancer. Bring Your overwhelming healing power to them during this time. Bring peace to their body and mind. Bring joy to their heart again. May their coming days be brimming with Your blessings, gifts, and touch. Through You, we heal. Show us the ability of Your miracles. In Your almighty name, Amen.

Fear to Faith Prayer
Lord of enduring Faithfulness, I know my friend is battling so much fear in their breast cancer journey. They are worried about their upcoming procedures, their recovery, and their dwindling self-confidence. Please take away all of these fears, Lord. Lift their soul in Your righteousness. Remind them of the power of faith. Through faith, we know You are near, we know You are capable, and we know Your plan is beautiful. May You transform their thoughts from fear to faith, Lord. In Jesus’ everlasting name, Amen.

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