15 Uplifting Prayers For My Teenage Daughter

There are many influences that our daughters are exposed to in today’s cultures. These uplifting prayers for my teenage daughter will provide the protection and spiritual armor needed to function in today’s society.

Prayer #1

Dear Lord,

Thank you for the beautiful gift you’ve given me in my girl. May she light up her corner of the universe and radiate far and wide for You.

Shape her heart into the image of Jesus. Help her fall in love with Him. Fill her with a peace so deep and real that she craves the comfort of the Holy Spirit over fame and attention from the world.

Let her see herself through Your loving eyes. Help her recognize negative thoughts as the enemy’s voice and conquer them with truth. May she respect her body as a temple of the Holy Spirit and use it to glorify You.

Surround her with godly friends. When she is weak, let them be strong. Help them build each other up as sisters in faith. Let their joy and laughter be contagious. Keep their eyes and hearts open to those who need a friend.

Protect her with Your angels to safeguard her and help her discern right from wrong, good versus evil. Let her stand on the spiritual shoulders of those before her to bravely serve Your purpose in her generation.

Help her hear and heed your call for her. Fill her with wisdom, truth, and light so her choices honor you.

When she messes up, when she falls, when she feels helpless or discouraged, restore her with grace. Let Jesus’s presence be unmistakable. Help her embrace her weaknesses as opportunities for You to shine and bring redemption.

Protect her heart, Lord, and root her confidence in Jesus. In dating, academics, career, relationships, and other matters, make Your plan apparent. Give her a tender heart and a thick skin. Help her stay resilient to the world’s negativity, criticism, and judgment…yet never lose her love and hope for mankind.

Help me help her, Lord. Guide my steps so I can parent with courage, grace, wisdom, and selfless love. Above all, help me love her well. Help me rejoice in the woman she’s becoming and trust Your vision for her.

I love my daughter with all my heart, mind, and soul. I’d lay down my life for her anytime, anyplace. Please bless our relationship and keep our connection strong. One day, when we’re past the trials of adolescence, I pray that we’ll joyfully call ourselves the best of friends.

In Jesus’s name I pray. Amen.

Prayer #2

Dear Jesus, help my daughter know that we are all born as sinners and separated from God because of our wicked hearts. However, at an early age, help her grasp the life-transforming concept that he does not have to live as a sinner under that condemnation.

Teach my daughter that she has the opportunity to accept a new, beautiful identity that is called “good,” not because of what she has done or what she looks like, but because she is secure in who YOU say she is: treasured, delightful, known and protected. Let her not place her self-worth in accomplishments she may or may not achieve, but let her discover these deeper truths about who You believe she is and build every decision she makes on that sure foundation. In Jesus name, Amen.

Prayer #3

Father God thank you for helping my daughter counteract todays culture, and live the life You want for her. The culture my daughter must face today is often hostile to Your values. Too many girls are simply sucked into the culture, losing their virtue in the process. Prepare her for battle. Because of how You blessed me, help her to recognize the great power I have as her mother to influence her in a Godly way.

God give her the confidence she needs to refrain from seeking attention in the wrong way, by not dressing immodestly to flaunt her body and gain approval from others. We thank You for Your abundant favor and answered prayer, in Your son Jesus name. Amen.

Prayer #4

Heavenly Father, I come to you in the name of Jesus, and I pray over my daughter’s heart. That she would guard her heart out of her love for You by being mindful about what she sees or listen to. Keep her pure before you, and her heart free from anger or malice.

Prayer #5

Lord, I pray Your emotional, physical, and spiritual protection over my daughter. Keep evil far from her, and help her to trust You as her refuge and strength. I pray You will guard her mind from harmful instruction, and grant her discernment to recognize truth. I pray You will make her strong and courageous in the presence of danger, recognizing that You have overcome and will set right all injustice and wrong one day. Help her to find rest in Your shadow, as she lives in the spiritual shelter You provide for her. Let her know that the only safe place is in Jesus, and that her home on earth is only temporary. In Jesus name, Amen.

Prayer #6

I pray Father God that my daughter would come to know you as her God, not her parent’s God. That she would love you with her whole heart, her mind, and her soul. That she would come to know you, Father God intimately, and personally, so that it affects her behavior and the way she speaks.

Prayer #7

Oh Lord, I thank you for placing a heart of love, reverence and regard for others inside of my daughter. That she would be an extension of your love towards others. I pray Father God that she would be a young woman of compassion, walking in love and pursing peace those around her.

Prayer #8

I’m praying my daughter whose hands are limp and whose tongue is silent. Nudge her to pick up her sword. Help her conceive a strategic plan to take back what the enemy has plundered. Lead her to scriptures for every area of defeat. Give her a voice to speak them out loud. Let the enemy know that You are raising up a standard against him with a resurrected daughter. In Jesus name, Amen.

Prayer #9

Father God I pray for a spirit of boldness and confidence in my daughter. That she would recognize who she is in Christ, knowing that she is a daughter of the most high; created marvelously, and uniquely, for Your glory. And that she would see herself beautiful just the way You made her, after Your image.

Father I pray that she would be kind, and her words would be seasoned with love. That she would speak with a meek and quiet spirit; not being vain glorious. I bind the spirit of comparison with her beauty or talents to others.

I pray Father God that you would protect her; spirit, soul and body; giving her the strength to maintain her purity. That her mind would be focused on you and your word, as she pursues her teenage and young adult years. Surround her Father with good company; equally yoked friends, who will encourage her when she need to be reminded of your love for her.

I ask Father God that you would continue to give me the wisdom to love, encourage, and be an example of the godly woman you desire her to be. I ask all these things in Jesus name, Amen.

Prayer #10

Sometimes I feel bewildered by the world. I don’t understand how there can be such richness beside such poverty. Help me to be generous and thoughtful of others. I feel upset when I hear others cruel words or see hatred or prejudice. Help me to be loving and accepting of all I meet. Sometimes a feel down about the pressure on young people to succeed. Lord, in this confusing world help me to look to you and stay hopeful and happy. Amen.

Prayer #11

We pray that our daughters would treasure their health as a gift from God and that they would have a passion to eat nutritious food and to stay active in order to do their part to take care of this treasure. In Jesus name, Amen.

Prayer #12

Dear God,
Tonight I lay down to sleep and ask that you would hold the fears, worries and disappointments that I feel.
Take my life and help me to sort through these many thoughts.
Help me to sift through all these feelings,
And to keep only the ones which are good and true.

Now as I sleep Lord, I ask that you would walk with me in my dreams, comfort my soul and renew my spirit.
Tonight I lay down to sleep,
Not alone, but with your love to watch over me throughout the night.

Prayer #13

Dear Lord,

Help me to love, when she is angry and upset.
Help me to engage, when she needs a friend and a listening ear.
Help me to provide, to accept her needs and give out when she is needy.
Help me to speak, not to sow harmful words, but encouraging ones.
Help me to say sorry, to apologise when I fail her.
Help me to forgive, each day to provide grace and a new start.
Help me to hope, to pour out love, acceptance and truth.
Help me to carry my daughter through the patchwork of hopes, dreams, hurts, worries, anger and the joy of teenage years.
Help me to remain open and soft
To understand and not to judge
My beautiful daughter.


Prayer #14

Dear God,

I pray for my daughter to see the beauty in this world and the goodness in people. Show her how to raise her head in confidence, yet lower it with humility before You. Help her to be a life long learner. May she always gain knowledge, grow in understanding, and find wisdom. Please God, help her to close her eyes in restful slumber and open them in appreciation of Your glorious morning light. Amen.

Prayer #15


I offer a prayer for my daughter that she will hear the small still voice inside. Your voice, the one that brings calm. Her own voice, the one that encourages good choices. And the voice of spirit, the perfect combination of holy and humanity. I pray for my daughter to speak carefully: To raise her voice in defense of the weak. To speak soothingly to those in need. To use words that are productive and kind. Be inside and beside her, dear Lord. Amen.

Here is a great video from Pastor Rick Warren where he discusses how to bring out the best in your kids and others.

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