16 Inspirational Prayers for Graduates

Graduation is a celebration in honor of the fruits of your labors, and a huge milestone in starting your career and the rest of your life. Here are 16 inspirational prayers for graduates.

Prayer to Keep Me
Lord my Keeper, I thank You for keeping me close to You through my studies. And now, as I am graduating, I give You thanks that You have good plans for me. Thank You for prospering me and giving me a hope and a future. Make me always attentive to Your leading, dear Father. Keep me on Your path of righteousness. Keep me in sweet fellowship with You. Keep me focused on Your agenda and not my own. Amen.

Prayer for Wise Counsel
Lord my Shepherd, I know I can have many plans in my heart, but it is Your purposes and Your counsel that will stand. As I graduate and begin a new chapter of my life, may I always seek Your desires and direction. I know You will provide when I follow You as my Shepherd. Bless my future endeavors. May Your goodness and mercy follow me all the days of my life. Amen.

Prayer to Succeed in Life
Lord of exceeding joy, I thank You for bringing me this far. I thank You for helping me to achieve this milestone in my education. And now, as I graduate, I commit all my dreams and hopes to You. Establish me, I pray, and help me succeed in life. Help me to maintain pure motives as I set goals, and to accomplish them through Your strength. Give me success in my career, in my future marriage, and in serving You. Amen.

Prayer for God to Lead
God of light, I thank You for leading me this far, and now I look forward to marching in graduation. Thank You for Your grace that has made me strong through these days of preparation. And now, help me to conquer the future. Lead on, and I will follow fearlessly, for I journey in Your light. May I please You all through my life and continue under Your blessing as I follow You. Amen.

Prayer to Commit Future
Heavenly Father, thank You for blessing me so that I have completed my degree. You have always been my rock and my stronghold. Guide me now, for the sake of Your Name. I commit my future into Your hands. Help me to do all my work diligently, as unto You and not to man. Help me to live authentically and lovingly. Guide me to the best career that will use my knowledge and skills and make me successful. Amen.

Prayer for God to Walk with Me
Lord of wisdom, I am so excited to be receiving my degree. Thank You for walking with me on this journey. Continue to walk with me, I pray. I thank You for Your unfailing love and devotion that have been my strength. Now lead me in the right path and make Your way plain for me to follow. Spread Your protection over me and shield me from evil. Help me to be honest, diligent, resourceful, and prosperous in my career. Amen.

Prayer for Insight and Discipline
God of insight, please bless me as I graduate. Help me to live a disciplined and successful life. Give me wisdom and insight beyond my years. Help me to do what is right, just, and fair. Give me the knowledge I need to succeed and the discernment to avoid pitfalls. Help me to listen to Your correction and not neglect Your instruction. Help me be a person of honor and protect me from greed. Amen.

Prayer for Wisdom
God of truth, I thank You that You have helped me acquire knowledge during my years of study. And now that I am graduating, I pray that You will give me the wisdom to apply this knowledge appropriately. Let me listen to Your counsel. Share Your heart with me and make me wise. Help me to pay attention to Your advice and to the counsel of wise men and women. Keep me from complacency in chasing down wisdom. Amen.

Prayer for Good Character
God who sanctifies me, I pray that You will purge anything worthless from me. I pray that You will fill me up with all that I need to accomplish what You have me to do in life. Now that I am graduating, help me as I step into my new position. Grant me a treasure of common-sense, help me walk with integrity, assist me in understanding what is just, and guide me in wise choices. Amen.

Prayer for Direction in Career
Maker of all things, I thank You for placing within me a unique blend of gifts and abilities, along with the knowledge I have acquired as a student. As I graduate, please give me direction for my future career. Guide me to the position that would suit me well, with people I enjoy working with, and with promise for the future. Pave the way for me, so that all the pieces fall into place. Amen.

Prayer for High School Graduate
God our Morning Star, we thank You that You have led the way as our daughter has completed her high school education. We thank You for helping her to do well academically, and for the extracurricular and faith-based activities that have enriched her life. And now, as she looks forward to college, we pray that You will bless her, keep her safe, and anoint her with maturity, discretion, diligence, and faithfulness in all she does. Amen.

Prayer for Vocational School Graduate
God of hope, thank You for coming alongside this fine young man as he has been pursuing his training. Now that he is graduating, we pray that You would pave the way for a job in his field that is a perfect fit for his personality, gifts, and abilities. Lead him to a place where he will shine! May others recognize the promise that is within him, and may he make his family and You proud. Amen.

Prayer for College Graduate
God our Fortress, thank You for pouring out Your grace and guidance over our daughter through her college years. We thank You for all she’s learned and for the friends that have been encouraging and uplifting. We thank You for the experience she has been able to attain in her field of study. As she walks in graduation and then into her new career, we pray that You will continue to bless her. May she always walk in Your paths. Amen.

Prayer for Seminary Graduate
God our Friend, we pray that You will continue to walk alongside our son as he graduates from seminary. Bless him as he enters the ministry and make him fruitful. We thank You that You are the rewarder of those who diligently seek You. We ask that You lead him to a church that will be a great fit for his temperament and calling. Give him compassion for the people he serves, and a cooperative spirit in working with the leadership. Amen.

Prayer for Nursing School Graduate
Lord our Helper, we praise You for our daughter’s accomplishment in graduating from nursing school. We pray that she will bless people with Your love as she ministers to their health needs. Give her the energy and tenacity and cheerfulness she will need in this demanding work. May Your healing touch be on the patients she nurses. May she have compassion for her patients and tenderness. Bless her with grace in working with the medical team. Amen.

Prayer for Parents of a Graduate
Lord our Dwelling Place, we thank You for blessing us with our son and for all his many achievements. We thank You for giving us discernment to guide him as he has grown into an accomplished young man. Now that he’s graduating, our roles will change somewhat. Help us to graciously pass through this transition as he spreads his wings. Help our son to know we are always there to support and counsel him through his adult years. Amen.

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