19 Inspirational Prayers for Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is a time to gather with the ones you love and share in thankful fellowship for all you have been blessed with in your lives. Here are 19 inspirational prayers for Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving for Abundance
Almighty God, receive our praise and thanksgiving for the abundance You have poured out over us. We are amazed and give thanksgiving for the exquisite beauty of the creation You have given us to enjoy. We give You thanks for the wondrous miracle of life, represented by each loved one around this table. We thank You for the love shared among us as family and friends. We thank You for Your love that is beyond our comprehension. Amen.

Thanksgiving for Provision
All-sufficient Lord, we thank You for blessing us with our family and friends gathered here today. We thank You that You provide for our every need, by giving us fulfilling work in which we can honor You. We thank You for Your Son, Jesus, who taught and lived Your Word, who died and was resurrected for our sins, and who sits at Your right hand, ever interceding for us. And now, receive our thanksgiving for this feast set before us. Amen.

Prayer of Thanksgiving to Bread of Life
O God, our Bread of Life, we give thanksgiving to You for providing for our every need, both physical and spiritual. In You alone, we live and move and have our being. We thank You for blessing us with each precious person seated around this table. We thank You that we always have more than enough food and drink, and a comfortable home. We thank You for giving us the intellect to understand You and Your creation. Amen.

Prayer of Thanksgiving for Love and Service
Most high God, we give You thanksgiving for giving us hearts to love You and one another. We thank You for giving us hands to serve You and others, and to do the work You have set before us. We thank You for giving us energy and power to accomplish what You have given us to achieve. And now we celebrate our thanksgiving with this magnificent dinner, for which we are grateful. Amen.

Prayer of Thanksgiving for Rest and Refreshment
Everlasting Father, as we enjoy our holiday, we thank You for setting aside a day each week to rest, to reflect on You, and to be refreshed for the next week. We thank You for providing festivals where we can gather to praise You and to relax and enjoy family and friends. We thank You for the loving hands who have worked diligently to prepare this beautiful meal we are about to receive. Amen.

Thanksgiving for Freedom
Faithful and true God, we thank You for the freedoms that our forefathers sought and which we enjoy today. We thank You for those who came to our shores centuries ago seeking freedom to worship as they wished. We thank You for those who gave their lives for the freedoms we often take for granted. We thank You for those who today valiantly seek justice and equality for all in our great nation. May we all strive to demonstrate Your standards of fairness and peace. Amen.

Thanksgiving for Spiritual Family
God of glory, we give thanks to You for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are sharing this Thanksgiving meal. We thank You that no matter where we go in this world, we have this holy communion with our fellow saints. We thank You that as individual parts of the body of Christ, we can encourage and support and lift each other up. We thank You for blessing us with Your spiritual gifts so we can minister to each other. Amen.

Thanksgiving for God’s Promises
O God, who gives generously to all, we give thanksgiving today for Your promises for us. We are grateful for this treasure trove that we can claim. How wonderful to claim eternal life, healing, answered prayer, the Holy Spirit’s power, the weapons of our warfare, and so much more. Thank You for all who circle this table for the Thanksgiving feast, for You promised that where two or more are gathered in Your name, You are here in our midst. Amen.

Thanksgiving for the Church
O God, our Sure Foundation, as we prepare to celebrate the Thanksgiving holy day, we are especially grateful for Your church. We thank You that we are Your body, and through Your Holy Spirit working in us, we touch the world on Your behalf. We thank You for empowering us and gifting us to do the work You have called us to do. As we prepare for the feast, we are thankful for Your body and Your blood that You gave for us. Amen.

Thanksgiving for Resources
Lord, our Provider, we are grateful on this day of thanksgiving for all the resources You have blessed us with. We thank You for the power of the wind and water, which produce energy. We thank You for oil, and coal, and wood, and stone and all the other natural resources that provide fuel and building materials. Forgive us for sometimes exploiting or misusing these natural resources. Help us to be careful stewards of the blessings You have given. Amen.

Thanksgiving for Our Nation’s Leaders
Father of lights, we thank You for the men and women who have been beacons of light and strength for our nation. We thank You for our leaders who You have ordained and established at the highest level, as well as our local leadership. Help them in the difficult decisions they must make every day and give them wisdom. Help us to remember to pray for them regularly. Amen.

Thanksgiving for Family
God and Father of all, as we sit down to this splendid meal, we are ever grateful for our family. As we look around at each face, we thank You for how You created us to be our own special person. We thank You that though we are the same in many ways, we are also different. We thank You for the unique contributions each person here brings to our family. Thank You for blessing us with each other. Amen.

Prayer of Thanksgiving for Strength
Lord of mercies, we lift up our gratitude for how You strengthen us daily. We thank You for Your Holy Spirit that indwells in us, gifting and empowering us to do amazing things. We thank You for giving us physical strength to accomplish the tasks of the day. We thank You for the emotional and mental strength to deal with challenges that come our way. We thank You for the strength that we draw from each one around this table. Amen.

Thanksgiving to the Rock of Our Salvation
Lord, our Maker, as our family surrounds this table, our hearts and voices rise to You in praise and thanksgiving. We sing for joy to You, the Rock of our salvation! Our hearts overflow with thanksgiving and psalms of praise to You, for You are our great God. The sea and earth belong to You, the mountains, and the valleys. We worship You, our loving Maker, for You watch over us – we are Your flock under Your care. Amen.

Thanksgiving for God’s Glorious Deeds
God of all grace, as we sit down to our Thanksgiving feast, we praise Your name. We are thankful for the good news that You have saved us from our sins and have delivered us from evil. We think of the glorious deeds You have accomplished around the world and the amazing things You do in our own family. Great are You Lord, and most worthy of our thanksgiving and praise. Amen.

Thanksgiving for God’s Justice
God of our fathers, we are eternally grateful to You as we celebrate this Thanksgiving Day. Surely honor and majesty surround You. We give You the glory You deserve. We worship You in Your holy splendor. We thank You for Your justice, how You judge all people fairly, and how You rule with justice and truth. We recognize that You are glorious and strong. Receive our offering of thanksgiving today. Amen.

Thanksgiving for the Harvest
Gracious and merciful God, we thank You for the harvest time that we are celebrating today. We thank You that this feast we will soon eat represents the successful harvests of farmers. We thank You for providing sun and rain and fertile soil so that crops and animals can grow quickly. We thank You for the hard labor spent harvesting Your bounty. Bless the farmers and all the hands involved in bringing this wonderful meal to our table. Amen.

Thanksgiving to Our King
King of heaven and earth, at this feast of Thanksgiving, we are forever grateful that You reign over us. We thank You that righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne. We thank You that You protect the lives of those who love You. We thank You for rescuing us from the power of the wicked. We thank You for shining Your light on us and pouring Your joy into our hearts. Amen.

Thanksgiving for Victory
Lord of wonder, our family around this table unite in declaring our thanksgiving to You. We thank You for the mighty victories You have won for Your people, especially victory over sin and death. We thank You for our individual victories as members of our family. We thank You for helping our careers, helping us with academics, and helping us in our relationships. Great are You Lord, and greatly to be praised. Amen.

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