20 Powerful Prayers for Divorce Healing

Divorce causes anger, pain and loneliness, among other feelings and problems. It breaks relationships and complicates lives. Here are 20 powerful prayers to help you heal during and after your divorce.

Prayer in the Midst of Divorce Proceedings
Lord of peace, I need Your loving guidance and serenity while going through these divorce proceedings. My whole life has been turned upside-down, and there’s so much emotional upheaval to deal with. Grant that I can communicate with my spouse calmly and reasonably and kindly as we sort everything out. Give me wisdom in important decisions I need to make. Help me lean on You in this unhappy time. Amen.

Prayer Following a Divorce
God of wisdom, here I am, single again. Help me rebuild my life, so it’s better than it has ever been. Help me always make You the center of my life – every decision and every activity. Guide me in where to live, in any career moves, and in my financial decisions. Help me learn from the poor choices I’ve made and make wise and healthy choices in my new future. Help me forgive as You forgive me. Amen.

Prayer for Healing After Divorce
O Lord my Healer, I need You to touch my mind, spirit, and soul and bring healing. My heart has been torn in two, and I feel like I can never heal from the betrayal I’ve experienced. And yet, I know all things are possible with You. In Your mercy and compassion, heal these hurts and wounds from this season of bitterness. May I taste joy once again as I rest in You. Amen.

Prayer to Calm Anger, Bitterness, and Confusion
Lord of lights, I need You to help me overcome these unhealthy emotions because of this divorce. Where there is anger, replace it with forgiveness. Where there is bitterness, replace it with a sweet and wholesome spirit. Where there is confusion, replace it with clarity and wisdom. Lord, I don’t want this divorce to turn me into an unhappy person, but to be calmly confident in my relationship with You. Amen.

Prayer for Divorce Settlement
My righteous Judge, I pray that You will oversee each part of this divorce settlement. I pray for a just and equitable settlement. I pray that my spouse and I will be able to negotiate all facets of this settlement in a cordial and fair way. I pray that our emotions would not cloud our judgment and our behavior. Help us to come to an amicable agreement that reflects what both of us have contributed to this marriage. Amen.

Prayer to Trust God Through My Divorce
Loving Lord, I have been bruised and ill-treated, and feel it will be hard to trust someone ever again. But I know that You are always there, supporting me and guiding me and loving me each step of the way. Help me to trust in You – to just rest in You and let You care for the details and heal my heart. May I not feel abandoned but loved by You. May that love give me confidence as I move on with my life. Amen.

Prayer for Divorce Court
God of justice, I pray for Your sovereignty to prevail in divorce court. I pray that this marriage will be dissolved peacefully and justly. May I receive the relief I seek with regard to support, division of property, and custody. As we go through the process, may we both be honest and fair. May each step of this painful process go smoothly, with a minimum of trauma and drama. Amen.

Prayer for Son Going Through a Divorce
Lord of life, I lift my son up to You. He is going through this painful divorce and is dealing with a lot of confusion and hurt. I pray that You will calm his bruised feelings and give him an overwhelming sense of Your peace and Your presence. May he not falter in his faith in You but stay spiritually strong. May he interact with his former wife with dignity and fairness. Amen.

Prayer for Daughter Going Through a Divorce
All-sufficient One, please draw near to my daughter and hold her close through this break-up of her marriage. May she look to You as her provider, her guide, and her comfort. Heal her wounded heart and give her the strength to carry on. Give her prudence as she works out the details of separation from her husband. May her prayer life and reliance on You be deepened through this hurtful season. Amen.

Prayer When God Leads to Divorce
God my Guide and Faithful Friend, I know You hate divorce, but yet You are leading me to end my marriage. My spouse has been continuously unfaithful, with no intention of changing. I know I must leave this abusive, perpetually heart-breaking relationship. Loving Father, guide me through this process. Heal me and help me proceed with dignity, resolve, and unremitting trust in You. Help me establish a new life and be restored. Amen.

Prayer for Comfort in Suffering
O Lover of my soul, this divorce has been so unsettling and wounding and unjust. I have suffered through false accusations, spiteful behavior, and financial loss. I pray that You wrap Your loving arms around me and comfort and soothe my soul. Help me to see the light at the end of this tunnel. Help me know that I will survive this – and not just survive but thrive as You contend for me. Amen.

Prayer for Financial Need Resulting from Divorce
God of abundance, I am suffering a financial disaster because of this divorce. My spouse was the primary breadwinner, and now I am forced to survive on a tiny income. Lord, provide the resources I need. Help me find good-paying employment so I can find a decent place to live and be able to pay my bills. Help me to be astute financially, so I’m not wasting money. Amen.

Prayer for Financial Wisdom
Lord of infinite wisdom, please guide me now as I am having to make many important financial decisions. I feel unequipped and helpless, as my spouse always handled the finances prior to this divorce. Give me wisdom to make intelligent and profitable decisions. Please meet my needs – O Lord, do not forsake Your family. Lead me through this new chapter of my life and help me to not just get by, but to prosper. Amen.

Prayer for Redeeming Peace
Lord, my loving Creator and Redeemer, I pray for Your peace and grace as I pass through this tumultuous end of my marriage. I thank You that You have called me by name, and I am Yours. I thank You for being with me when I pass through the rivers, so they don’t overwhelm me. I thank You that I will not be scorched as I walk through this fire. I thank You that I am precious and honored in Your sight, and that You love me. Amen.

Prayer for Protection from Conflict
Lord my Strong Tower, I pray for Your protection against my spouse and others who are harboring anger in their hearts. As we go through this divorce and after, protect me from attorneys or family and friends of my spouse who might treat me harshly. Protect me from conflict with my ex-spouse and others. Help me to behave with gentleness and dignity and give a soft answer to any provocation. Amen.

Prayer for Hope for the Future
Lord of my destiny, help me to trust You enough to have bright hope for my future. Sometimes I feel as if this divorce is the end of my world, but remind me that Your plans for me are good plans. Remind me that You will never leave me nor forsake me. May all that has been torn away be replaced with something even better. May I rise from these ashes to thrive and prosper. Amen.

Prayer to Feel God’s Love
Lord of endless love, I feel so rejected and unloved as I pass through this divorce. Help me to have a tangible sense of Your love for me. Give me the confident hope that You will never abandon me or reject me. I thank You for loving me with an everlasting love. Shine the light of Your face upon me and fill my heart with the joy and peace that You alone can give. Amen.

Prayer to Find Love Again
Lord my Restorer, I feel lonely after this divorce, and long for someone to love and to love me. Heal my heart so I can love again without fear of rejection or betrayal. Lead me to a godly, faithful person who will be a soul mate. Protect me from repeating my past mistake in marrying unwisely. Help me develop a healthy, enduring relationship with a good person so we can share sweet companionship. Amen.

Prayer for Emotional and Spiritual Maturity
God, my Advocate, as I am coming out of this divorce, please help me grow as a person. Help me to mature in my Christian walk, so I’m not so easily distracted by the wrong things or the wrong people. Help me to mature emotionally and be a better person, so I have enough self-esteem to not fall into another bad relationship. Help me to become healthy and whole, so I can be ready when the right person comes along. Amen.

Prayer to Find God’s Purpose in My Divorce
Father, my Guide and Teacher, I am devastated by this divorce, and yet I know that You are sovereign through it all. Even though to me it seems senseless and the end of my dreams, I know You have a plan. I know that You have a better dream and a higher destiny for me. Help me to find Your purpose in this tragedy and help me to pursue it with confidence. Amen.

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