20 Powerful Prayers for Someone Dying of Cancer

Knowing that you are dying from a disease that you have no control over can leave you feeling frightened and defeated. Here are 20 powerful prayers for someone dying of cancer.

Prayer of Peace
Jesus, my Prince of Peace, I pray urgently for Your peaceful touch on my soul. My mind has been anxious and my body tired from my terminal cancer. Please replace these ungodly feelings and bring me unwavering peace. May I wake with comfort streaming through my body and mind. May I feel peaceful as I tackle the challenges and fears of today. As I approach the day where I meet You, please center my entire heart in a peaceful place. I ask this so confidently, knowing Your goodness. In Your compassionate and holy name, Amen.

Prayer of Gentle Presence
Gracious God, my days are clouded with heavy worry and fear. I need You close to me in this scary time. I know that Your plan is good and You will protect me. I pray that I am reminded of this with every breath or doubtful feeling. Please surround me in Your almighty and loving presence. I pray that as I walk through my final chapter of life that Your presence is so overwhelming. Please provide me with Your gentle and magnificent touch. I love You, Lord. In Jesus’ glorious name, Amen.

Prayer of Protection
All-Powerful Father, I need Your mighty protection during this time. Remind me of Your everlasting love for me. Enclose me in Your presence and safety. Please take away any bodily pain I am feeling. Please take away any worry and protect my mind from evil thoughts. Remind me that I know Your truth and plan. Repeat with me that I am loved, protected, and cared for. I know that You will hold me close. I love You so dearly, Lord. In Jesus’ heavenly name, Amen.

Prayer of Final Moments
Compassionate and Merciful God, my time on this earth is coming to an end. My body is tired and my soul is eager to meet You. I thank You for the opportunity to say goodbye to this life and the people that I have loved here. I pray that my final moments here are of love, companionship, and peace. Please be near me and my loved ones in these final moments. Remind us that You are near and that we will meet again. Thank You for Your presence, Lord. In Jesus’ heavenly name, Amen.

Eternal Kingdom Prayer
Lord Jesus, our Merciful and Faithful High Priest, I ask that You keep this very apparent in my heart and soul: Your heavenly kingdom is forever and our time on this earth is temporary. May my eyes be set on Your eternal kingdom. I know I will greet You there and You will hold me as Your loving child. Please remind my friends and family of this too. The place I am going is safe and better than any place on this earth. You will be there. And we will all meet again someday. I sing praises that I will soon see You. In Your glorious name, Amen.

Prayer for Loved Ones
God of my Salvation, I will soon be with You in Your eternal paradise. But as I leave this life, I pray that You will keep my family and loved ones safe and loved. Please guide them in their journey through grief. Reassure them that I am with You and in a better place. And that someday we will greet each other again. Help them through their hardships and sorrow. Bring them joy and peace. Thank You for being with them, Lord. In Jesus’ righteous name, Amen.

Gratitude Prayer
Lord of Unfailing Love, I meet You today with a heart of gratitude. Thank You for the life You have given me on earth. Thank You for the plentiful opportunities I’ve had to love, learn, and act with You. Thank You for knowing me and loving me. I am so excited to meet You in Your eternal kingdom. Please shower my heart in gratitude so my thoughts are in a good place. Thank You for Your endless gifts, Lord. In Jesus’ merciful name, Amen.

Darkness to Light Prayer
Jesus, my Light in the Darkness, there are many fears and worries occupying my thoughts. I need Your light to bring me to a place of peace and hope. Remind that Your goodness overcomes any kind of darkness. Clothe my soul in this good news. I know that soon I will meet You in Your glorious kingdom and light will consume me. Thank You for this gift, Lord. I love You. In Your heavenly name, Amen.

Acceptance Prayer
Almighty and Everlasting God, my mind and body are fighting the recent news. My cancer is terminal and my time here is limited. I want to believe in Your miracle to save me, but I know Your plan for me sees a different end. Please open my heart to Your word and destiny for me. May I surrender to Your wishes. Remind me that accepting this truth is not bad news but wonderful news, for soon I will meet You in a glorious paradise. I accept this news with a grateful and faithful heart. In Your Son’s beautiful name, Amen.

Faithfulness Prayer
Father of Enduring Faithfulness, as I embark on this new journey towards You, please keep my faith alive and well. I am faithful that You will greet me in Your eternal heaven. I have faith that You will take away the cancer and pain from this lifetime and bless me with peace and fulfillment in Your kingdom. As my body weakens, strengthen my faith in You. Crush my fears and fix my eyes on Your goodness. I ask this in Jesus’ merciful name, Amen.

Prayer for My Friend
Dear Lord Jesus, please be with my good friend who is terminally ill with cancer. Please open their heart to Your love and guidance. May their every breath be one of faith. I pray that their pain is minimal and temporary. Please place many blessings in their life right now and give them the gift of peaceful goodbyes. May they know how loved they are. Guide them into Your eternal life where we will all meet again someday. In Your beautiful name, Amen.

Peaceful Passing Prayer
God of All Comfort, as my loved one passes away from this life, please be with them. May Your overwhelming and gentle presence be known and felt. Please be near them in their worry, fear, and doubt. Remind them of Your eternal kingdom and light. Surround them in the love from this life and the next. Open their heart to You, Lord. May they leave this life with comfort and feeling loved. I ask this in Jesus’ compassionate name, Amen.

Believer Prayer
Father, my Miracle-Worker, I need Your intervention in my loved one’s life. They have lived this life without knowing You, but I truly believe it is in Your divine plan to know them. As they near death from this terminal cancer, open their heart and mind to Your goodness. May they see Your blessings all around them. May they know Your power to bring light from the darkness. Please give them the opportunity to walk into Your kingdom faithfully and confidently. I ask this in Jesus’ glorious name, Amen.

Overcoming of Fear Prayer
Lord, my Refuge, my loved one is in need of Your presence right now. As they reach the end of their cancer battle, I pray that You strip away any fear or doubt that occupies their thoughts. Teach them the goodness of faith. Please bring Your light to them right now. As they take their final breaths, may Your goodness be the center of their soul. Welcome them into Your eternal kingdom and an infinity without fear. I ask this in Jesus’ all-powerful name, Amen.

Prayer of Strength
God of Heaven’s Armies, please give my loved one strength during this hard time. Terminal cancer has limited their time on this earth, but I know Your plan is still good. Please give their soul strength to accept their reality. Please give them the strength to surrender to Your love. With strength, may they live their final days through You. I ask this in Jesus’ glorious name, Amen.

Prayer of Memories
Heavenly Father, I rest on the memories of my loved one. As they near death from their cancer, I pray that these memories can be a crutch to my healing and acceptance. I am so grateful for the times we have shared together. I hope that my loved one can reflect on these memories in their final days and smile. May it give them some peace. Please remind us of Your overflowing blessings and gifts during this lifetime. Thank You, Lord. May these memories live on. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Painless Moments Prayer
All-Powerful Father, my dear friend has been through so much pain in their cancer journey. Their body is tired from pain and hardship. In their final days, remove this pain entirely. May their last moments be comfortable. May their soul feel free. As You take away their pain, fix their eyes on Your goodness. May the place where pain once occupied now be filled with faith and peace. I ask this in Jesus’ almighty name, Amen.

Trust in You Prayer
God, my Fortress, my loved one is nearing death from a growing cancer. They are filled with worry and fear. I ask that You enter this scary time and take away these feelings. Replace those feelings with Your overwhelming presence and love. May they feel You with every breath. As You enter their life, may they completely trust You and Your plan. As they say goodbye to this life, may their entire being have faith in You. Through trust, may they fall into Your arms in heaven. In Jesus’ almighty name, Amen.

Prayer of Grace
Sovereign Lord, I pray that my friend knows they are forgiven. As their final days on this earth approach, remind them of Your good grace. You forgive our sins and welcome us into an eternal kingdom of glory and comfort. Their friends and family forgive them too. May they know that they are leaving this world with no hostility towards them. They lived a life worth celebrating and You will meet them soon with open arms and a graceful love. In Jesus’ glorious name, Amen.

Prayer of New Life
God of Victory, please open the gates of Your eternal kingdom to my loved one. They are nearing the end of this life because of a terminal and growing cancer. As they say goodbye to this life, please magnificently begin their new, eternal life with You. Welcome them with open arms and unwavering love. Show them grace. Remind them that their new life will be without pain, hardship, or trials. Their new life is treasured victory next to You for eternity. Celebrate their new life with them. In Jesus’ all-powerful and beautiful name, Amen.

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