21 Encouraging Prayers for Divine Healing

When sickness and disease have taken hold of you or someone you hold dear, heartache and a sense of helplessness come along with it. As hard as it is for you to be the one going through illness, it can be even harder to watch someone you love suffer from a disease you have no control over. While we may not be able to control sicknesses that arise and deplete our health, we can pray to God to place His healing hands on us and those around us. Here are 21 encouraging prayers for divine healing.

Take Away the Pain Prayer
Glorious Father, I bow before you seeking your intervention in this time of illness. You are the healer of healers and your power has no match. Take away the pain and renew my strength. You have called those who are sick to come to you for healing; I am one of them. Heal me. Cleanse me. Make me whole again. My trust is in your mighty power. Amen.

Take Away My Anguish Prayer
Heavenly Father, I bow down before you; I call out your name in my misery. I am burdened by the cares of this world. Help me, O Lord. Heal my spirit. Heal my soul. Heal my body. Let your compassion overflow in my life. Take away my anguish and fill my heart with your unending love. Let my soul sing praises to you for you are our restorer. I find rest in your promises. Amen.

Heal Me Prayer
Creator of the universe, I seek your healing power during this time of need. I am overwhelmed by sickness. Heal me. I declare that by the stripes of your Son, Jesus, I am healed. He took our infirmities and our diseases. Therefore, we are healed in His name. Let my obedience and my faith abide during these times. My heart glorifies you because you know my suffering and you are with me. Your love comforts me. Amen.

Renew My Strength Prayer
Everlasting King, be magnified. Be exalted. You are the source of our divine healing. I surrender all my pains to you. Emotional, spiritual, financial, and physical pains that I may find relief. Let your power and your compassion enter every weak place of my life and refresh me. Give me the desire to look past my pain and focus on the lessons you’ve put in place for me to learn. Let me see the positive in this situation. Renew my strength. Amen.

Let Your Will be Done Prayer
Father, I kneel before you asking for strength. You know my situation. You can see how broken I am. Heal my soul for the healing power lies solely in your hands. Fix any broken part of my body and let it be to your glory. My heart finds its rest in your love, your peace, and your faithfulness. I know that you have my very best interest at heart and everything happening in my life has a purpose. Let your will be done. Amen.

Mend My Broken Heart Prayer
Mighty God, I humble myself before you asking for your healing. Touch me with your mighty hand. Mend my broken heart. Restore peace within me. Trials come as lessons in our lives; I accept them all as part of your will in my life. Be the strength in my weakness and help me grow in faith and character during these tough times. Let my heart rejoice in your peace and abundant grace. Amen.

Cleanse Any Doubts Prayer
Jesus Christ, you are the same, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. You paid for our sins at the cross that we may be set free from curses. You still forgive us when we repent. You heal our bodies when we are sick. You are an amazing friend. Let your living water run through my soul and cleanse any doubt on your power, despair, and shame coming from my current situation. Heal every troubled area in my life. Let your precious blood wash away worries and give me hope. Amen.

Make Me Whole Prayer
Glorious Lord, I am on my knees with thanksgiving for your grace which is sufficient in my life. My soul makes its boast on your healing power in times of sickness. You promised to forgive our sins and take away our sicknesses. I, therefore, claim that promise upon my life. Let your Son’s healing blood run through my veins and make me whole again. Nothing can separate us from the love you have for us, not even diseases. You are the God of love. Amen.

Give Me Patience Prayer
Healer of healers, I come before you asking for your helping hand in painful times like these. My soul is ailing. I am weary and weak. Heal me. My faith is shaken but I know that with you I will not fall. Renew my faith in you. Give me patience as I wait upon you to answer my prayers. Let my soul glorify you regardless of the outcome of my situation because it will be your perfect will in my life. My healing and restoration come from you. Amen.

Refresh My Thoughts Prayer
Sovereign God, as my compassionate father, let your warm embrace clear the despair in these times of spiritual illness. My spirit is not well. Heal me. Refresh my thoughts that I may not lose my trust in you. The devil uses sickness to rob us of our peace and our trust in you but I declare that he lost the battle at the cross and now we are free from him and his evil plans. We are more than conquerors in your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Your Timing is Perfect Prayer
Mighty Savior, I trust you with my medical challenge that you may work your supernatural ways and restore my health. You are my true hope. Let your healing power run over my body and repair any fraction of my body that needs your mighty touch. Let my healing bring glory to you. Be my tower of strength as I wait upon your healing. I know your timing is perfect and when the right times comes, you, the Lord, will make it happen. Amen.

You Are My Hope Prayer
Heavenly Lord, you have my ultimate best interest in mind and whatever comes my way is part of your divine will in my life. Let my heart build its trust in you and never to be shaken by diseases or other challenges. I welcome your healing in the troubled areas of my life that I may experience your wholeness. I surrender all my worries to you. I find rest in your love and your peace. You are my hope that never fails. Amen.

Let Your Healing Prevail Prayer
Lord Almighty, I ask for your healing regarding my emotions, finances, and family. I am confident that you will answer my prayer because you said that the prayer of the righteous one is powerful and effective. I declare that I am your righteousness in Jesus Christ. Restore to me all the years that the locust has eaten and let me see your faithfulness in every part of my life. Let your healing prevail in my life and bring glory to you because there’s no other healer besides you. Amen.

Let Your Healing Manifest Prayer
Loving God, your word says that we should not be anxious about anything but trust you in all situations. I, therefore, put all my trust in you during this time when I am unwell. Let your healing manifest in my life. Leave no stone unturned in my body. You see past my sickness. You have good plans for me, plans to give me a future and hope. You are the only one who knows my future. Amen.

Lead Me to You Prayer
God All-powerful, I seek your guidance and wisdom during my search for healing and recovery. Lead me to you as my source of healing. There’s no other healing power apart from yours. Let your love penetrate every aching need in my life and fulfill it according to your will. Search through my heart and mend the broken pieces. Fix me, my Lord. Have your way in me. Amen.

Teach Me Your Obedience Prayer
Messiah, you demonstrated obedience to your father when you laid down your life on the cross to die for our inequities. I ask you to teach me your obedience; that I may be honorable to my father in heaven even in times of spiritual sickness. Let my faith be unshaken. My spirit is weak. Give me your grace to handle all that is going on in my life. Let your anointment flow over my life, refresh my soul, and strengthen my spirit to continue trusting you. Heal my soul. Amen.

Set Me Free
Father, I bow down before you asking for healing from my past wounds. Free my soul from dwelling in my past mistakes, fears, and worries. Let my heart rejoice in your gift of forgiveness. Set me free from the guilt and shame from my sinful days. I’m a new creation in you. Let my soul meditate on your love and kindness. Restore me to wholeness. Amen.

Fix Every Cell Prayer
Mighty King, draw me close to you now; my spirit is weak. I am burdened by physical and emotional pain. Let your mighty hand touch my soul and heal me. Fix every hurting cell in my body. Cleanse my mind off the fears, doubts, and anxieties occupying it. Let my heart rest in the certainty that you are with me always and you have good plans for me. Be my source of peace and strength. Amen.

Hold My Hand Prayer
Lamb of God, lend me a shoulder to lean on during these times of trials and temptations. Hold my hand and be my guide to the end. Let your gift of healing flow in my life. In your name, the sick are healed, the lame walk and demons are cast out. Let me experience your divine body and mind restoration. My soul glorifies you in all situations. Amen.

Let Me Find Support Prayer
God, I depend on you as my savior, my healer, and my friend. My faith is in your mighty works. Nothing is impossible to you. Deliver me from diseases that break my body. Let the blood of Jesus remove all baits of the devil in my body and restore me to health. Let me find support from the people in my life that I may be strong and not give up. Give me peace. Amen.

Send Your Healing Power Prayer
Faithful God, you are mighty. With you, all is possible. I seek to desire what you desire for my life. Let my difficult situations yield more faith and full dependency on you. The cares of this world have overwhelmed my soul. I feel sick. Every part of me is aching. Send down your healing power to consume my pains and give me back my health and peace. My trust is in you. Amen.

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