25 Powerful Prayers for a Financial Miracle

Sometimes it might seem that you are not going to make it where finances are concerned, but God will always provide if we just look to Him. Here are 25 of the most powerful prayers for a financial miracle.

Prayer for an Astounding Financial Miracle
God, my soul’s defense, I pray that You will rescue me out of this situation with an astounding financial miracle. Help me not to descend into panic and anxiety, but to take heart in You, my Deliverer, and to praise and magnify You as I expectantly await the work of Your mighty hand. You are worthy of all my praise, for You will save me out of all my troubles. Amen.

Prayer for Financial Breakthrough
O God my Provider, I pray that Your limitless blessings would flow over this situation and bring a financial breakthrough. I pray that You will demonstrate Your power and overcome these seemingly impossible odds. I lay this before You Lord, knowing there is nothing that is out of Your power and knowing that You contend for me and You desire what is best for me. My eyes are fixed on You now, knowing that You will bless me. Amen.

Prayer for a Miracle for My Business
Creator and Sustainer, Your Word teaches me that I do not have what I want or need because I do not ask for it. Even when I do ask, I may be asking from wrong motives. Renew my mind in this area, so that my motives are pure, and I remember to come to You in prayer for my business. And now, my God, I ask for a miracle wave of financial blessing to sweep over my business to the glory of Your Name and so that I can honor You with my tithes and offerings. Amen.

Prayer for a Raise
God of Increase, I am asking for a raise in my salary so I can provide for the needs of my family and bless the church. I know it will take a miracle for this to happen, but I wait on You with confident expectation. I thank You that I don’t need to fret or worry about money, but that I can bring my needs to You in prayer. I thank You for all the ways You have blessed me throughout my life and how You will continue to bless. Amen.

Prayer to Knock Out All Roadblocks
Lord of the Highest Heavens, as I press in for my financial miracle, I ask for Your power and insight to identify all obstacles to my breakthrough and to knock out all hindrances and roadblocks, including my own lack of faith. I ask in confident expectation for my miracle, believing it has already happened. Not to me, O Lord, but to Your Name be the glory, because of Your loving devotion and Your faithfulness. Amen.

Prayer for Spiritual and Financial Prosperity
My God, You are my Light, and I desire to live out Your purposes for my life. Forgive me of the times that I have placed my own desires before Yours. Lord, I’m seeking a miracle here for my finances, but let this be for Your honor and glory, and not to indulge my fleshly desires. May I live to show Your power. Please reveal to me anything that is holding me back, and help me move forward in spiritual and financial prosperity. Amen.

Prayer to Overcome Doubt
God of Loving Devotion, I confess that I sometimes succumb to doubt with regard to Your provision and miracles. Help me remember that in the same way that You rained down manna from heaven to feed the Israelites, and in the same way You changed water into wine, You can and You will send a miracle of provision to meet the needs of my family. I trust in You, my help and my shield. Amen.

Prayer for Sound Financial Footing
My Lord, You are the Hope of the helpless, and as I’m confronted today with financial anguish and distress, I seek You for a miracle deliverance. In Your grace and compassion, look on me with favor and restore me to a sound financial footing. I find rest in You, for I trust in Your goodness. You deliver my eyes from tears and my feet from stumbling. I believe and I speak my hope in Your promises. Amen.

Prayer to Break the Bonds of Debt
Gracious God, I am greatly afflicted with this overwhelming debt and feel anxious and alarmed about how to get out from under this. I pray that You will teach me wise financial planning, and guide me along the right path to pay off my debt. My greatest debt is Your goodness to me, and how can I hope to pay that? But Lord, as Your servant, I ask for Your miracle-working power to break these bonds of debt to others. Amen.

Prayer for the Windows of Heaven to Open
Lord my Refuge, I flee to You now, asking that the windows of heaven open up and pour out the financial blessing I need over my life. I am confident that You hear and that You will answer my prayers, for You have promised You would. I stand firm in knowing that this miracle will manifest. O God, I thank You and I praise You for what You’ve already done in my life, and I live in eager expectation that what You begin You will complete! Amen.

Prayer of Confession and Supplication
Merciful and Forgiving Lord, I confess and repent of all unrighteousness and foolishness that has landed me in this financial mess. I thank You that when I confess my sins, You are faithful and just to forgive me and cleanse me of all unrighteousness. Help me to seek out Your wisdom so that I spend prudently and avoid foolish decisions. I know I am undeserving of a miracle, but I rely on Your compassion that You will deliver me financially to the glory of Your Name. Amen.

Prayer of Desperation
God of Miracles, I am desperate and helpless in the face of this great financial need. And yet, no matter what, You alone are worthy of my praise. I thank You that Your angels encamp around me and deliver me. I thank You that Your eyes are on the righteous and that Your ears are open to their cries for mercy. I thank You that no one that trusts in You will be desolate. I praise You that Your righteousness and justice will prevail over me. Amen.

Prayer in a Financial Storm
O God, You rule the wind and the waves, and I ask You now to rebuke and calm this financial storm that has overtaken me. I praise You for all that You’ve already blessed me with, and I praise You that I have much more than many people on this earth have. I praise You right now for what You’re going to do. I stand confident that the doors of heaven will explode with the miracle that You are going to do in this storm. Amen.

Ask, Seek and Knock Prayer
Sovereign Lord, when You walked on earth You taught us to ask and keep on asking, to seek and keep on seeking, and to knock and keep on knocking. And so, Precious Lord, I persist in asking and seeking Your miracle over my financial need, and I will keep knocking on heaven’s doors until You answer, for You have promised that You will attend to those who cry out to You night and day. Amen.

Prayer for Surpassing Greatness
God of Glory, I take hold of the surpassing greatness of Your power for us who believe and ask for a mighty miracle to take place with regard to my financial need. I pray for the working of Your mighty strength to turn this situation around. I thank You that You have put all things under the feet of Jesus, and I ask for You to take dominion over my financial circumstances. Amen.

Prayer for More than I Can Ask or Imagine
God in Heaven, I thank You for the riches of Your glory which You lavish on us who believe in Your Son Jesus. I put my hope in You and pray for an astonishing work to be done in this need for funding. I give You all the glory for You are able to do so much more than I ask or imagine, according to Your power that is at work within me. May You be glorified throughout all generations. Amen.

Prayer to the One Who Owns the Cattle on a Thousand Hills
Maker of heaven and earth, I am so blessed to have You by my side as my closest friend, my guide, and my miracle-worker. I thank You that You lead me and advise me in the way I should go. You always provide what I need when I need it. And now, I lean into You, asking You to provide this large sum of money. Humanly speaking, this is impossible, but You own the cattle on a thousand hills, and to You, this is a small thing. Thank You for providing. Amen.

Prayer to be the Lender and Not the Borrower
God my Help, Your Word teaches me that when I lack wisdom and don’t know what I’m doing, that I can pray to You, for You love to help. I thank You that I’ll get Your help for You are gracious and kind. Please guide me with Your infinite wisdom in miraculously reversing this financial distress that I am in, so that I become the head and not the tail, and the lender instead of the borrower. Amen.

Prayer to Scale a Wall
O Lord, You are my Lamp, and You enlighten my darkness. In Your power, Mighty God, I can scale any wall. And now, Powerful One, I need Your strength to climb over this wall that is standing in the way of my financial miracle. Your way is perfect, and Your Word is flawless, so show me the way to move over this and remind me to stand on the promises of Your unfailing Word. Amen.

Prayer for a Miracle Harvest
Faithful God, I pray that in this time of hardship, as I go out to plant seed, that I will return with shouts of joy, bearing the sheaves of Your miracle harvest. I know that unless You build up my business, that I labor in vain. I entrust my investment to You, so that You may be glorified. I praise You for You are mindful of me and You will bless me. Give me abundant harvest from the work I’m doing now, I pray. Amen.

Prayer to Make a Way
God of Blessing, help me to root my expectations in Your Word and not in the circumstances around me. My financial woes seem insurmountable, but I know that when my prayers and expectations line up with Your Word that I can expect miracle manifestation in my life. I ask for You to make a way, just as You made a road through the sea. I will stay strong and hope in You, and I will call on Your Name and offer a sacrifice of thanksgiving until these financial troubles melt away. Amen.

Prayer for Transformation of Finances
Living God, I thank You that as I open my heart to Your wisdom and favor, everything in my life is impacted. I pray right now for a transformation of my finances, from poverty to prosperity. I praise You that those who trust in You lack no good thing. Surely Your goodness and mercy follow me all the days of my life. May I find favor in Your eyes as I worship and live for You. Amen.

Prayer for Escape from Financial Entanglement
Lord my Preserver, I appeal to You for mercy. These financial entanglements are pulling me into a dark pit from which I have no hope of escaping save through Your miracle power and provision. Show me how to get out, dear Lord, and protect me from future enslavement to debt. I will call on You as long as I live, and I ask that You incline Your ear to me now. Deliver me from this trouble and sorrow. Amen.

Prayer for Generosity
Lord, You are full of compassion, and I pray that I can likewise be compassionate and generous to the needs of others. As I bless others with the little that I have, I pray that You will bless me with a dramatic and miraculous outpouring of financial provision. Your Word tells me that if I give, it will be given to me, pressed down, shaken together and running over, and with the measure I use, it will be given to me. Help me to bless others with the pure motive of shining Your love on them. Amen.

Prayer to Look in Triumph on Finances
Loving Lord, Your faithfulness endures forever. In my distress, I call to You to answer me and set me free from this massive financial burden I have inherited. With You on my side, I will not be afraid, and I declare that I will look in triumph on my finances as this burden dissipates through Your awesome power. These collectors are swarming around like bees, but You will help me come out of this in victory, and I will proclaim what You have done. Amen.

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