25 Uplifting Prayers for Healing of the Body

When our bodies are stricken by illness, we turn to our mighty Healer for hope and healing. Here are 25 uplifting prayers for healing of the body, including images you can print to use and share.

Strength in the Face of Pain Prayer
Lord, please give me the strength I need to overcome this physical and mental pain and endure through these difficulties. Just as I know Your strength is infinite, I know that I can withstand any painful occurrence that comes my way. With You on my side, I can heal and become stronger than ever before if You give me your blessing. No chasm for my health and longevity is too great to cross with the Lord as my eternal guide. Amen.


Raise My Spirit for Recovery Prayer
Dear God above, I pray to You so that You might lift my spirit high enough to cope with the path that has been set before my body. Beneath Your eternal, endless wisdom and insight I know that I can find shelter from all that ails me and be at peace with everything around me. My spirit can elevate itself above all the skin-deep problems that challenge it and blissfully overcome them with Your infinite grace. Amen.


Transcending Physical Obstacles Prayer
In the Name of my Lord, I pray that I can rise above any and all physical challenges that await my health and body and come unscathed on the other side. By His grace and love, I can take any pain that comes my way and turn it into joy and health through the endurance of my soul. With the help of the Lord, nothing ever can or will stand in the way of my blissful and peaceful health of mind, body, and spirit. Amen.


Your Light Protects My Body Prayer
You shine Your eternal light on me, Lord, in Heaven, and through this, I am given the inner tranquility needed to thrive in this difficult time. I believe that I have within me the necessary stability to stand tall through all challenges and deter all threats of health that might come my way. You give me this stability with your eternal compassion and belief in my potential to do good on this Earth, and for this, I am ever grateful to You. Amen.


Nothing Separates Me Prayer
I pray to God that He might lead me through this trying moment in my life and guide me safely to a joyous, serene outcome. Though the road ahead may be difficult, there is nothing along the way that is too strong for me to defeat with His help on my side. I am always with Him and He is always with me so long as I keep my faith, and so nothing can ever separate me from His divine presence. Amen.


Anything Can Heal Prayer
Dear Father in Heaven, Your love and perfection run through everything on Earth. Just as You have the power to create it, You have the power to keep it from harming me and with Your eternal love for my soul I know that any harm, no matter how great, can be healed. When everything returns to You, it will be healthy and whole; just as the rivers that run into the sea return to their true home without care, so I can know that I will be with You. Amen.


Finding Serenity Within Prayer
May God please bless me with the insight and knowledge to overlook any causes of suffering or damage to my health and find reserves of comfort inside of myself. As He has allowed His presence to fill every inch of the world with peace, so I pray that this peace can be with me against all of my pain and discomfort, allowing me to enjoy all of His creations as I’m meant to without the distraction of suffering. Amen.


Health Is Forever the Lord’s Work Prayer
Dear Heavenly Father, I pray to You to help me see the nature of mortal bodies and allow me to understand that health can always be granted by unwavering faith in Your blessings. For You have created my body and so You set it free from any and all pain, suffering, or illness that it may encounter. Through Your endless grace, the health of all of us can always be restored. Amen.


Suffering Is Fleeting Prayer
By the grace of our Lord, no amount of suffering can ever come close to equaling the infinite nature of the beauty, bliss, and peace that surrounds our spirits. With every spirit on Earth, the potential for health and happiness vastly exceeds the potential for agony. No amount of illness, injury, or worldly pain will ever withstand the force of His eternal sacrifices as they drown out all suffering and leave us clean and pure. Amen.


Blessings for Health and Perseverance Prayer
I pray to the Lord of Heaven for a piece of His eternal power in protecting me from the dangers of poor health, fatigue, and defeat. May He please bless my body and mind so that I can continue to reach my full potential as one of His children. And though I may face difficulties along the way, I can know deep in my heart that He will shine His Light on my road ahead and let me see my destination clearly. Amen.


Protection from All Physical Ailments Prayer
With the protection of God above, I know that I can face any potential ailment of my physical body and persevere through all the pain and suffering that might await me. Because of this strength that He gives me, I can love Him on this Earth fully and faithfully and know that I’m protected from bodily torment. This strength allows me to know my truth and purpose and hold on to my own inner faith and steady spirit. Amen.


Comfort in Difficult Moments Prayer
Dear Father, with Your presence around me at every waking moment I can always be sure that comfort and relief from stress and displeasure are always available to me. You allow me to unite with Your serene nature and feel a glimpse of Your all-encompassing tranquility. You are my rock in all trying moments, my support when I come head to head with any unforeseen difficulties, and my true sight when my eyes have led me astray. Amen.


Healing Happens with Time Prayer
God in Heaven, I know that even when my day and life seem dark and all around me might seem bleak or troublesome, there is no wound that will not heal with enough time. Even the most challenging and seemingly impossible obstacles will fade with the passage of day and night, for in the end, all You have created will reveal itself of the divinity that exists within. I will see this truth for myself sooner or later and will be forever blessed with this knowledge. Amen.


Praying Through Struggle
By the grace of my Lord, I can always feel that I have the power to triumph over any struggle or adversity. The difficulties might try to crush me under their weight, but with His light ever shining on me the struggles will dissipate and I will be free from all burdens. This is the eternal power of His love and my faith as they connect, and for this, I will never be anything other than grateful and joyous. Amen.


A Trade of Pain for Joy Is Always Possible Prayer
With the help of our Father, trade is always available to us, no matter how perilous the situation. If we choose to give Him our heartfelt faith and love He will bless us by taking away our pain, doubt, and anguish and replacing it with nothing but joy and gratefulness for all of His many creations. This is His eternal power over all of us and this trade is our secret weapon against any enemy of the body or the mind. Amen.


Personal Growth Is on the Horizon Prayer
To my Lord, I pray that You, with Your eternal compassion, always let me keep in mind that healing is about much more than just fixing faults and covering up hurt. Healing is about strengthening our resolve in the shadow of struggle and, through this bitter battle, growing and becoming better children to You. I pray to You in Your infinite wisdom that no struggle I ever face will be too great for me to develop and grow through it to become a healthier person at the end. Amen.


An Epiphany for Well-Being Prayer
Dear God, please grant me the wisdom to carry on through any roadblocks and plateaus we might reach on our journey of healing. We stall on our path to health and well-being only when we refuse to see Your light at the end of the tunnel. When we keep this light in mind, no barrier, no matter how great, can stop us from reaching it and You. That is the epiphany we can all have that will allow us to keep our faith in any situation. Amen.


Mending the Broken Prayer
I pray to my Heavenly Father for reassurance during all dark moments in my life that the broken body, mind, and even spirit can be mended with His love. In keeping this knowledge deep in my heart, I never have any reason to fear, doubt, or worry about the things in my life that have gone wrong or where they might lead me. They will, in the end, be perfectly healed with His gracefulness and compassion. Amen.


Relieve Me of the Hurt Prayer
Lord, I pray to You in this time of crisis and pain to humbly ask if You could relieve me of this burden and let me feel the weightless comfort of a body and mind without hurt. I know that I am strong, but You are without a doubt stronger and can let me live the life I’m meant to with Your assistance. If You’d relieve me of this hurt, I would be so profoundly grateful for Your help. Amen.


Forgiving to Heal Myself Prayer
Because my Father would not ever want me to hold on to past resentments or grudges, I know that in forgiving those who have wronged me I will be closer to Him and heal in the process with the weight of anger now lifted from my shoulders. From today on, I forgive people in my past who I have held vendettas against. Let this feeling of forgiveness inspire me to grow and renew my health. Amen.


I Surrender Myself to You Prayer
Dear Lord above, in my moments of weakness I pray that I will always hold steady to my faith and surrender myself to Your divine nature so that you can heal me, regrow my body and mind, and renew my spirit. This process of surrender will break down all hindrances to my healing and leave me more fulfilled than ever before so that I can properly connect to everything You’ve created on Earth for all of us. Amen.


Personal Miracles Prayer
Through the power of God, any miracle for our personal health can occur. He has the immense power in His disposal to save us from all suffering and discomfort and give us boundless joy, comfort, and appreciation for the world around us. I pray that He might bless not only me but everyone I know with these miracles so we can revel in the joy of His light and serve the purposes that He’s given all of us. Amen.


Nothing Stands in the Way Prayer
Between the eternal glory of God and I, nothing stands between us except what I put there. No pain in my brain or hurt in my body can stop me from connecting with His infinite love and compassion for my soul. Health, happiness, and self-renewal are all within my grasp at any minute of the day so long as I hold on to my faith for the Lord and His eternal majesty. Amen.


Putting Myself Back Together Prayer
Lord, I pray to You seeking the will to put any broken pieces of myself back together so that I can be regenerated as the person I’m meant to be and live a healthy and content life. I’ll look to the different pieces and carefully reassemble them with Your guiding hand helping me every step of the way. By the end, every part of me will be reunited and I will feel the ecstasy that comes from knowing that I am the way You always meant for me to be. Amen.


Immeasurable Pleasure Is Always Right Next to Me Prayer
I pray to the God of Heaven to always shine His light on the fact that I never have to look anywhere else to find shelter from pain, torment, or discomfort. With His presence on the Earth always all around me, I will never be without the ability to experience bliss and peace with existence in every second of my life. This is the power of healing that He has blessed me with all my life and for the rest of it too. Amen.


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