6 Strong Prayers for Assemblies in Secondary Schools

Isaiah 54:17
Dear Lord, I thank You today for every child and teacher and I pray for Your continued blessings upon them. I pray that You will cover each individual from the crown of the head to sole of their feet and that no weapon formed against them shall ever prosper in the Name of Jesus. Lord may You always lead their feet in all they do and may You prosper them in all they put their hands to, Amen.

John 10:10
Heavenly Father, I thank You for the opportunity to pray for all of the young people that are in this assembly. I pray that You draw each individual closer to You that they may know You in an intimate way and know You as their Lord and personal savior. I come against the plans of the enemy to steal these young people from You and I pray that they will always dwell in the house of the Lord forever, Amen.

1 Peter 5:7
Dear God, I thank You that You are a strong tower and a safe refuge for each individual here today. I pray that in the Name of Jesus that You will protect every child and staff here today and may they always know that You are there for them. I pray that they will never be anxious, but they will know that they can share all of their problems with You as you are a loving Father, Amen.

Philippians 4:8
Oh God, I bless Your Name as You are a mighty God. I commit every individual here today into Your hands and I pray for Your protection from all ungodly influences. As they progress through school, I pray that You will shield them from all ungodly influences and show them right from wrong. I pray that You will always allow them to mediate on things that are true, honorable, right, pure, lovely and admirable, Amen.

John 16:33, Philippians 4:13
Almighty God, I thank You for every child in this assembly today. I pray for Your peace for Your children and as they study may they not be anxious of the exams or tests before them. May they trust You God and know that You have already overcome this world. I pray that they will not doubt their ability and may they always be confident in You, as they can do all things through Christ who strengthens them, Amen.

Daniel 4:3
Lord, I bless Your Holy Name today and thank You for each child here today. I pray God that You will allow our children to have high aspirations in life and that their dreams will become reality as they serve a mighty God. I come against those who may look down on them in life because they are young. But help them to always remember that they serve a mighty God whose dominion is from generation to generation, Amen.

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