6 Uplifting Prayers for Chemotherapy Patients

Matthew 10:30-31
Awesome Creator, You know Your creation so intimately that even the very hairs on our head are all numbered! I pray for those who are going through chemotherapy, I pray that they remember that You know them and care for them. Lord, I ask that You help them to be fearless in this difficult time because in Your eyes they are worth so much. They are worth more than the sparrows, they are worth more than they could imagine, Amen.

Isaiah 41:10
God of peace, I pray for those who are sick in body right now. Lord I pray that they will not fear because You are with them. I pray that You uplift them, let them not be dismayed because You are their God. Lord please strengthen them and please help them. Uphold them with Your righteous right hand. Father let Your Spirit give them a peace that surpasses the chaos they see and feel in their lives, Amen.

Proverbs 17:22
Dear God, I pray that You uplift the souls of those who are crushed in spirit because this only leads to dry bones. Father, I cannot even imagine the pain and fear that they must be feeling right now, but I pray that You create in them a cheerful heart because this is good medicine. Doctors can make mistakes and doctors may not have the answers, but You do. Lord You are the eternal Healer, be with them I pray, Amen.

Psalm 62:6-8
Oh Lord, the Solid Rock, I give You thanks for You who are. I pray that You truly become the rock and salvation of those who are undergoing chemotherapy. Father, I declare that You are their fortress so that they will not be shaken! Let their salvation and honour depend on You because You are the mighty rock and refuge. I pray that they always trust in You and pour out their hearts to You in this difficult time, Amen.

Exodus 14:14
Mighty Warrior, blessed be Your Name! I pray for chemotherapy patients, keep their hearts, minds and souls as they go through this battle. Your word states that You will fight for them and they need only to be still, so I declare that they be still and know that You are God. You have the victory over death, so what more can You do? Thank You for their victory, thank You for the strength that You give them that chemotherapy cannot take away, Amen.

Proverbs 18:21
Prince of Peace, thank You for Your righteousness. I thank You also for Your word that provides light in any dark situation. Lord I pray for the minds of those who are having chemotherapy and pray that they speak positivity over themselves. Father, the tongue has the power of life and death, and those who live it will eat its fruit. I pray that life-giving words will be declared over their lives, Amen.

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