7 Prayers for Community Meetings

Hebrews 10:25
Dear Father, I thank You for this community meetings, in which we come to share one with another. We pray that as we gather together, let this meeting be filled with Your wisdom, guidance, knowledge, understanding, as well as meaningful discussions that we all will benefit from. So Father, we shall not give up meeting together, but in this community meeting, we will encourage one another, in Jesus Name, Amen.

1 Corinthians 1;10
Dear Lord, I pray that in this community meeting, You will help us to agree with one another even though we come with varied ideas. I pray that our plans will be accomplished to achieve the common goal. Therefore Lord, I pray that there will be no division among us, but that we will be perfectly united in mind and thought; this is the prayer of our heart, Amen.

Matthew 18:20, 1 Peter 4:11
Oh Lord, I know that where two or three gather in Your Name, there You are with them. Thank You Father, that there is more than two or three gathered for this community meeting. Lord, let Your presence and shekinah Glory beam throughout this meeting we pray, and that we will be an oracle of You as we share one with another, Amen.

Romans 12:4
Heavenly Father, thank You for this community meeting which is made up of many members. I pray Lord for each member that despite the fact that we do not all have the same function, in Christ we who are many are one body. So as we share in this community meeting, help us to function as members of one body; this we ask, Amen.

Psalm 133:1, Ephesians 4:3
Dear Lord, Your Word says “how good and pleasant it is when God’s people dwell together in unity”. So Lord, as we come together for this community meeting, let our coming together be of one purpose, as we dwell in unity. Let this meeting be filled with the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace, this we pray, Amen.

Romans 16:17
Heavenly Father, I thank You for Your Word that says, we must watch out for those who cause divisions and puts obstacles in our way that is contrary to the teaching we have learned. So right now Father, we pray for this community meeting, that every obstacle that aims to stop your work been completed, be cast into hell in Jesus Name. I pray that every contrary spirit be exposed in this community meeting, Amen.

Matthew 5:13, 16
Oh God, I pray that every person in this community meeting will be united in heart and that our very presence will be recognized and impactful on those who may not know You as Lord. So Father, as we gather together, help us to remember that we are the salt and light of the earth, Teach us to be the salt and light in this community meeting; this we ask, Amen.

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