7 Strong Prayers for Alcohol Addiction

Battling with addiction is more than just an emotional battle. Addiction attacks the spiritual state of one’s life, bringing temptation and weakness to the forefront. Here are 7 strong prayers for alcohol addiction that will encourage you to reach out to the Lord for relief and strength.

Prayer for Wisdom in Making Changes
God of Wisdom, please help me! I’ve come to the end of myself, and know that I need to stop drinking. But I don’t know how – it just seems impossible. Help me to find the support that I need, so I can recover from alcohol abuse. Help me make the changes I need, so I can begin walking down the road of recovery. Help me to overcome the obstacle of denial, and be honest with myself and others. Amen.

Prayer Acknowledging Need for Help
Lord, my Stronghold, I’ve hit rock bottom, and I realize I need help with my addiction to alcohol. It is harming my relationships, my job, my mental and physical health, and robbing my time and energy for engaging in activities I enjoy. I feel ashamed that I have allowed things to get out of hand. Help me in this battle, my Savior. Give me the fortitude to beat this addiction and the support system I need.

Prayer for Wise Relationships
Eternal Rock, I need You to strengthen my resolve for who to spend time with now that I’m taking steps to break my alcohol addiction. Help me to distance myself from people who don’t support this journey of freedom and who might tempt me to go off the wagon. Help me be careful in where I go and guide me toward friends and family who will honor and respect my quest to overcome this problem. Amen.

Prayer to Replace Desire for Alcohol
Heavenly Father, I admit my total helplessness and my repeated failures to stop drinking on my own. I need Your strength, O Majesty on High. Replace my desire for alcohol with a hunger and thirst for Your truth. Help me replace socializing that involves alcohol with healthy and fun alternatives. Help me lean in on You when I’m stressed, rather than turning to alcohol. Help me overcome the urges to drink and to get through withdrawal symptoms. Amen.

Prayer for a Loved One Who Drinks Too Much
God, my Refuge, I come to You in intercession for my loved one who is abusing alcohol. I am heartbroken and frustrated to see what this addiction is doing. Lord, please help me to provide the support and love they will need to break this habit. Help me to express my concerns in a caring way and encourage my loved one to get help. Help me avoid enabling behaviors. I turn this situation over to Your loving hands. Amen.

Prayer Regarding Intervention
God of Mercy, I come to You on behalf of my loved one who is in the chains of alcoholism. Lord, please guide me regarding how to intervene. Remind me, Lord, to allow my loved one to take responsibility for their behavior, rather than making excuses or covering things up. Lord, I know that I’m not to blame and there’s nothing that I can do to force change. So I depend on the convicting power of Your Holy Spirit to draw my loved one to Yourself. Amen.

Prayer Against Stronghold of Alcoholism
Lord of Grace, I often engage in self-blame regarding my loved one’s drinking problem. Help me remember that I can’t make them change. But Lord, I do ask that You work in their life to bring them to a turning point. I rebuke this stronghold of alcoholism, in the Name of Jesus, and ask You, dear Father, to deliver my loved one from the bondage of this disease. Instead of being controlled by alcohol, may my loved one be controlled by Your Spirit. Amen.

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