6 Uplifting Prayers to St Joseph for Family

The best way to secure the future of your family is by lifting them up to the Lord in prayer. These uplifting prayers to St. Joseph for family will offer you the encouragement needed to grow.

Prayer for Protection of the Family 
Saint Joseph, please protect our families from the seductive attractions of the world and the subtle attacks from the evil one. Bless our fathers with the strength, courage, foresight, and self-sacrifice that you possessed in leading and protecting the Holy Family from the many evils of the day. Bless all the members of our family with a single-mindedness to respect each other; to be obedient to our father’s headship; to always strive to do the will of God; to trust in Jesus; and to be worthy dwellings for the Holy Spirit. We especially ask for these favors for our family now [requests]. Saint Joseph, we are so grateful, help us spread our devotion to other families. Amen.

Prayer for Graces for Fathers in Leading Families 
Father God, thank you for giving us, Saint Joseph, the greatest patron to lead our fathers — the heads of our families. Please inspire and obtain special graces for these our fathers, great Saint, so that they may image, in some way, your greatness and virtues just as you so unselfishly lead, protected and loved the Holy Family of our Lord and God. We especially ask for these favors for our fathers now [lay your requests before him]. Thank you for blessing our families. Amen.

Prayer to Bear Our Crosses with Joy
Dear Saint Joseph, foster father of our Savior, you who for many years carried the weight of the world on your shoulders; you whose humility and obedience to God knew of no limits to sacrifice; you who would not hesitate to give all, do all, be all for your Savior and His Holy Mother; and you whose life is so hidden, yet profoundly prominent in God’s plan for salvation. Intercede for us and grant every member of our family the graces necessary to bear our crosses with joy, to be obedient to the Savior’s Holy Catholic Church, and to treat each other and our neighbors in need as images of the Crucified Christ. Amen.

Prayer for Family Needs
Dearest Saint Joseph, Saint Teresa of Avila said, “I cannot remember having asked Saint Joseph for anything which he did not obtain.” With this confidence and trust, Saint Joseph, I implore your kindness and mercy in obtaining for my family these humble needs [requests] that I place before you now. I will spread my devotion to others so that they may too come to know and love you as I do. Thank you, oh great Saint and friend! Amen.

Prayer to Ease Suffering in Daily Basics
Most compassionate and protective Saint Joseph, please come to the aid of all those in great suffering and in need of even the basics of life. We believe and know, beyond any doubt, that you, oh Great Patron of the Afflicted, will come to the aid of our family and those that we now pray for [lay your requests before him] on this very day. Thank you, great Saint and constant friend for already aiding us in this time of need. Amen.

Prayer for Counsel and Provision
Saint Joseph, foster father of Jesus, protector of the Queen of Heaven, and shadow of the Father in heaven, your life was hidden while on earth. But your eyes were always on heaven, seeking only to do the will of the Father. We implore you, Great Saint, be our counselor, be our provider, be our father in all of our necessities both materially and especially spiritually during our journey through this valley of tears. We especially ask for your powerful intercession before God these our needs [lay your requests before him]. We are grateful for your help, now, and at the moment of our death. Amen.

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