8 Encouraging Prayers for Lost Things

Lost things, whether trivial or vital, bring a sense of frustration and perhaps even panic as we frantically look to find them. Here are 8 encouraging prayers for lost things.

Prayer for Remembering Where I Placed Something
Lord, You are aware of all my ways, and You know how frustrated I am right now trying to find this thing. You know that precious time is being taken now to retrace my steps and figure out what I did with it. Help me to keep a grip on my emotions and reconstruct the scenario in which I misplaced this thing. May those little details float to the surface of my memory until I remember the precise place that I put it. Thank You God for attending to even the small things. Amen.

Prayer to Find a Lost Love One
O Exalted One, we urgently and desperately seek Your divine help to find our loved one who has gone missing. Please keep her safe from harm, and help us to think of all the places she might have gone. Give law enforcement wisdom as they are heading up the search. If she is able, we ask that she might somehow make a call or reach out to someone for help. O Lord, You know when we sit down and rise up, so lead us to the place we need to go. Amen.

Prayer for an Important Document
O God Enthroned on High, You know how critical it is that I find this important document, and yet I’m not sure where it’s filed, or if it somehow got mixed up with something else, or slipped behind a desk, or what happened to it. But You are all-knowing, so please help me now to calm down and think of all the logical places it might be, and systematically search until I find it. I thank You for Your loving devotion and faithfulness. Amen.

Prayer for a Valuable Item to be Returned
Lord, You are my God, help me now in retrieving this valuable item that I lost when I was away from home today. I pray that an honest and kindly soul will find it and be able to get it back to me. I praise You, Lord, that You defend the cause of the needy, and I ask that You attend to my great need at this moment. In You I place my hope; please hear my prayer and answer quickly. Amen.

Prayer to the All-Seeing God
My God who sees everything, You were right there when I misplaced this item. Please help me remember where it is. Bring to my mind what room I was in, and what I (or someone else) did with this thing I’m looking for. I thank You, My Compassionate One, that Your eyes watch over me every day, and that light dawns in the darkness for those who fear God. Amen.

Prayer for a Cherished Possession
O Lord, I praise Your Name and ask Your assistance to find my cherished possession that I have lost. I am like the woman in Your parable that lost a coin and lit a lamp and swept the floor until she found it, and then rejoiced greatly with her neighbors. May Your Holy Spirit move beside me as I search, and help me find it. I give thanks to You, even now, with all my heart. Amen.

Prayer to Find My Car
O God of Glory, I need Your help right now. I’m standing in this huge parking garage and forgot to take note when I parked of what level and aisle I was in. I feel so silly Lord, but You know how long it will take have to search level by level, aisle by aisle, and I’m tired and have all these things to carry. I pray that Your Spirit will lead me directly to where I need to go. I thank You that when I call, You answer me. Amen.

Prayer to Find Lost Phone Numbers
O God, blessed be Your Name. I need Your help right now. My phone has broken, and now I need to retrieve all the phone numbers that were on it of friends and family and work contacts and more. Please help me to relax and guide my mind into strategies of finding these numbers, so I’m able to stay in touch with people that are important in my life. May Your loving hand guide me in my search. Amen.

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