8 Good Prayers for Expectant Mothers

Whether you are trying to conceive or struggling with complications, praying for your pregnancy will help you pass your worries into God’s hand. Here are 8 good prayers for expectant mothers.

Prayer for Development
Mighty Life-giver, I come before You for the baby You are knitting together in my womb. My heart’s desire is for a perfect, beautiful baby who will serve You all the days of their life. You already have a purpose laid out for their life, so I surrender them to that plan. I pray for a blessing over their development as You protect and perfect them for the future You have planned. Amen.

Prayer for Health
Precious Lord, as I prepare for the birth of the child You have given me, sleep does not come easy. My restlessness and stress are the reason for seeking Your help. Please give me good health, rest, cravings for nutritious foods, and peace that can only come from You. Please take control of my health, so my baby can be healthy and delivered safely. I entrust this precious gift You have placed inside of me into Your care. Amen.

Prayer to be Set Apart
Creator and Sustainer, in the book of Jeremiah, You said before You formed him in his mother’s womb, You knew him and set him apart. I pray as my child grows inside me that You would prepare their heart and mind to be set apart for You. I pray as You form them, that You would create in them a steadfast spirit to follow You in all their ways. Strengthen them so they can walk with You until the end of their life. Amen.

Prayer for Preparation
God of Blessing, the Bible tells how Timothy’s mother and grandmother taught him the Scriptures. I am afraid that I lack the preparation for the task of training up a child in Your ways. Help me to trust that You have and will equip me to care for this child. I pray You would continue to train me in Your ways, preparing me for the work that is the great honor and responsibility of being a mother. Amen.

Prayer for Choices
Loving God, today’s society has many new rules about what are appropriate lifestyles. People in the highest level of public life are living in ways that are not in agreement with Your Word. I pray for my unborn child and ask that You would give them a spirit to follow Your ways and not the ways of the world. Help them not be swayed by the world’s standards. Guard them against making mistakes like my own. Amen.

Prayer for Delivery
Jesus, the Great Physician, my delivery date is fast approaching, and many things can go wrong. For this reason, I am coming before You seeking Your protection and covering over the delivery. I pray You would send me godly technicians, nurses, and anyone else who will be a part of the birth process. I ask for You to go before me and prepare for an incident-free delivery and bring my child safely into this world. Amen.

Prayer for Life Verse
Living God, through the years as I have journeyed with You, there have been many verses I held dear to my heart. They have been a lifeline in my darkest moments, so it is only natural for me to ask for You to give me my child’s first life verse. A verse that I can hang on their wall, pray over them every day, and then they can take with them as they leave to start their own life. Amen.

Prayer for Protection
All-powerful Father, I pray for Your protection over my unborn child. I pray that You would withhold any evil from them that would plan to destroy them. I pray that You would guard their arrival into this world and that Your hand would be upon them throughout their whole life. Create within them a victorious, overcoming spirit that will help traverse the difficulties of life. Amen.

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