9 Best Bedtime Prayers for Children

A child’s bedtime prayer is normally short and rhyming to make them memorable and easy to remember. Here is a look at 9 of the best bedtime prayers for children.

I Delight in You Prayer
My Father God how I delight in You.
You are always good and always true.
What joy for all who hold You dear.
When we come to You, You are here!
My Lord, You are a shield around me.
You are my King. You are my glory.
Your unfailing love always amazes me.
You bless me so fully, and so abundantly.
In peace and quiet, I lie down to sleep.
I know Your loving care of me You’ll keep.

Psalm 91 Prayer
I lie down in the shelter of the Most High,
Finding rest in Your shadow, darkness will fly.
My God You’re my refuge, my place of safety.
You are faithful to rescue and protect me.
Covered with Your feathers, under Your wing,
Your loving promises I’ll always sing.
The fears of the night will not make me afraid,
I love You and trust You to come to my aid.
Your angels protect me wherever I go.
No harm will overtake me, this I know.

Be Still and Know Prayer
As I lie in my bed I’ll be still and know
You are God. You are with me wherever I go.
Be still my soul, rest now in sleep.
God’s faithful arms around me He’ll keep.
Almighty God, watching over me,
I’ll rest in Your peace, confidently.
Your songs of love always surround me.
Your angels guard me, unendingly.
I trust You, God, in my nights and my days.
I give You my worship, I give You my praise.

Prayer to the Good Shepherd
When in the dark my heart has fear,
I rest because my God is near.
You’re my Good Shepherd, my solid rock.
I am Your lamb among Your flock.
Wrapping Your strong arms around me,
You renew my strength, this I can see.
I will sing and rejoice in all that You do,
You are ever faithful, You are ever true.
Your goodness pursues me everywhere.
Your unfailing love I will always share.

O God My God
O God, my God, I look for Your face.
I’m thirsty for You in this dry place.
Your power and glory I want to see.
Your unending love amazes me.
I’ll praise and love You as long as I live,
Lifting up my hands, prayers I’ll give.
You are my joy, You’re my delight,
I’ll think of You all through the night.
Now I rest under Your wings
Knowing You are over all things.

Renew My Mind Prayer
Lord, I follow Your Holy Word.
May my love for You be seen and heard.
Take Your truth, plant it deep in me
So Your shining light is what others see.
Holy Spirit, renew my mind.
May I be gentle and peaceful and kind.
Shape me to be more like You.
The old has passed, all things are new.
And now I lie down on my bed.
With Your blessings, I am fed.

Power of My Power
Power of my power; my strong tower.
Faithful One, God’s own Son.
Full of might, radiant Light,
My rock is here, how can I fear?
King above, sacrifice of love,
Waymaker, sin and sorrow taker,
Healing, sealing, Holy Spirit filling,
Just and fair, answering my prayer,
By Your Word, I am fed,
I praise You lying in my bed.

Prayer to Heaven’s Sun
As I lie down to sleep this night,
I thank You, God, my shining light.
My Savior King, my heart’s desire,
I praise Your Name and lift You higher.
You give me strength, You help me grow,
You give me wisdom, this I know.
As each day my race I run,
Go before Me, heaven’s Sun.
My Creator Lord, my brightest star.
Alpha, Omega, Eternal One You are.

Teach Me to Do Your Will Prayer
It’s time to rest, I lay down still,
Father, teach me to do Your will.
Give me spiritual understanding,
So I can do all You’re commanding.
May the way I live honor You.
Give me patience and joy too.
I’m thankful to You in this night hour,
For blessing me with strength and power,
For saving me, my sins forgiving.
Lord, for You alone I’m living.

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