9 Inspirational Prayers for PTSD

Finding peace where war exists in the mind can leave an individual living in a constant whirlwind. These inspirational prayers for PTSD will encourage recovery and restoration for the individuals’ spiritual struggle and state of mind.

Prayer #1

Lord God, we give you thanks for the opportunity we have had to meet together as fellow veterans who have served our beloved nation. We thank you for the times of fun and companionship we have enjoyed. Now, as we are about to leave one another we would remember those who are not with us today. Be with those who are in despair and those who are lonely. Comfort and strengthen them with your presence. Inspire us, O Lord, to continue to seek peace in our world, peace with compassion and justice. And may we be ever ready to serve others and to serve you, even as we have served our nation. Amen

Prayer #2

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;
Courage to change the things I can; and
Wisdom to know the difference.
Grant me patience with the things that take time;
Tolerance of the struggles of others that may be different from my own;
Appreciation for all I have; and the
Willingness to get up and try again
One day at a time.

Prayer #3


You have the power to transform my mind, and I receive Your healing power today. I take Your Word as the absolute Truth. You are counseling me now and looking directly into my eyes. My eyes of faith see and receive the love that your eyes are communicating.

I hear you whisper, “You, my dearest child, are the apple of my eye. You put that sparkle there, and you are my delight. You have wandered off in fear, but my gaze has found you. Return to me, let me comfort and console you. Let me part the waters of the impossible path that you tread. Let me take you to a new place of joy once again. I am increasing your capacity to receive my absolute Truth and my never-failing love for you.”

Thank you, Father. I will follow where you lead. I will let your Word transform me to the person you created me to be. Give me others who have walked this path of freedom and godliness. Open up Your Word to me, and provide friends who will love me as I seek wholeness.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Prayer #4

Dear God, in this time of war and conflict, not only with other countries, but within our own. Help restore peace in our day.

Those who personally experience the violence and ever lasting imprint of life lost as a result, may they find peace in their mind and life. Help them coupe with the images and personal experiences they have endured.

May each and everyone have the love and support they need, to help them physically and mentally survive. May they trust their fellow man and learn to try to separate their experiences and the love of mankind.

God bless them and those that love them. For their future will be trying. With God, all is possible. I pray this, in the name of God.

Prayer #5

O Lord, many of us have tears deep inside of our lives, because we’ve been hurt in ways that go to the very core of our being, and some of the hurts we carry around have been there for a long, long time – even for years. We experienced a loss from which even today we have not really recovered. We took a beating that ripped into our heart and soul and tore us apart at the deepest place in our life. We went through the betrayal of a trust, the betrayal of a friendship, and still today we find ourselves dealing with its aftereffects and its residue. We suffered the unforgivable at the hands of a parent or the hands of someone we loved, and there’s a scar there that breaks open over and over again.

O God, you are the one who looks way down deep inside of all of us. You see and know what no one knows, no one at all except we ourselves. And, not only do you see us and know us, but you also feel things along with us, even the very painful stuff, the deep stuff along with us, and we feel a strange kind of healing taking place. For it’s like you care and you understand…and we’re no longer left alone with our burdens.

Today, those of us who are struggling inside – who’ve been broken and hurt and still feel the tears within – we thank you for being there and sharing with us what we cannot bear alone.

Prayer #6

Lord God, Your Word says that NO weapon formed against me will prosper. You said that every knee will bow to the name of Jesus. You said that By Your scourgings, I am healed! So in the name of Jesus, I take authority over ALL the causes of PTSD in my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual brain cells – I cover them ALL with the Blood of Jesus and all the Word of God. In the name of Jesus, I command ALL of you injuries and traumas and horrors, you all let go of me RIGHT NOW! Let go, be released from all my nerve cells and muscle cells RIGHT NOW! Lord Jesus, I receive Your healing touch into every area that is suffering from PTSD. I release ALL to You and thank You for healing me. Amen

Prayer #7

I ask you Holy Spirit to restore to life the broken, dead and dormant places, the places that have been wounded and given up on, that have been set aside, ignored, rejected, shut down and abandoned. I call for a restoration and a redemptive work within him/her at the deepest levels. And Father would you give them a tangible sense that they are not alone, a concrete knowing that you are with them all the way through this. In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen.

Prayer #8

Dearest Jesus,

You are so beautiful and loving, kind and forgiving. You are our strength, our rock, our shelter and our life.

I come to you in prayer for Diem. Please help Diem during this dfficult time. Embrace this dear child of yours and may this friend of mine know a peace beyond all human comprehension. In the Power of the Holy Spirit; I ask in the name above all names the Precious, Holy Name of Jesus. Amen.

Dearest Holy Mother of God please place our prayers for Diem at the throne of your loving and precious Son. Amen.

Prayer #9

Hail Holy Queen, Mother of Mercy,
our life, our sweetness and our hope.
To Thee do we cry, poor banished children of Eve,
to Thee do we send up our sighs, mournings and weepings, in this valley of tears.
Turn then, O Most Gracious Advocate, Thine eyes of mercy toward us.
And after this, our exile, show unto us the blessed fruit of Thy womb, Jesus.
O clement! O loving! O sweet Virgin Mary!
Pray for us, O Holy Mother of God, that we made be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

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