9 Uplifting Prayers for Those Struggling with Addiction

Suffering from addiction can give you feelings of surrender and weakness. Trying to overcome your addiction requires seeking the strength of the Lord and casting your burdens on Him. These uplifting prayers for those struggling with addiction will encourage you to seek the help of Jesus Christ.

Power to Stay Clean Prayer
Lord of heaven and earth, in your mercy, come fill my body, my mind, my spirit and my life with your power so that I can stay clean. Drugs are a part of my past. They are not part of my life now. They are not part of my future. Today, I am clean. Today, I am clean and free. With your help, I am becoming strong, one second at a time, one thought at a time and one action at a time. I am learning how to live and to be the best part of me. Amen.

I Am Worthy Prayer
Oh God of my strength, my mistakes don’t define me. You, by your grace, have transformed my being from who I was to who I am now. Help me release my shame. Fill my soul with the confidence that I am good because I am your child. Fill my heart with the conviction that I am worthy of love from you and from others. Empower me to live one day at a time, enjoy one moment at a time, and face my cravings with steadiness and calmness. Amen.

Encouragement Prayer
God of unfailing love, I bless you in the name of your son, Jesus Christ, who ministered to all who come to him. Encourage me to continue to face every minute of every day that I want to use drugs/alcohol to get me through the day. Guide me to stand up against the constant urges to give in. Wrap me in your warm love and free my mind and body from these unhealthy needs. Reassure me that being clean is your will for me. Plant firmly in my mind that I first need to be clean to restore my health and my broken relationships. Strengthen me in the work of recovery. To those who care for me, grant them patient understanding and a love for me that perseveres. Father, I ask this through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Gratitude Prayer 
Compassionate and gracious Father, I rejoice in the beautiful day you have given me today. You have given me life, and all things life. I can see but a fraction of all the amazing varieties of life you have created. The splendor and glory of your achievements are beyond human words. Yesterday is but a dream. Help me start again today in my effort to resist my temptations. Tomorrow is only a vision, but help me get there sober. My hope is in you, oh Lord, to help me continue to enjoy your wondrous creations with a sober mind. Amen.

First Steps Prayer 
Dear Father, please come to me today in my loneliness. Help me to have the confidence to speak with someone about my addiction. I trust that you can lead me out of this prison, that you can heal my mind and body. I long to be free, yet I still feel so trapped by my thoughts and fears. Cover me with your love and grace, until, with your help Lord, I can walk in freedom, break out and fully live again. Amen.

Armor of God Prayer
God of heaven’s armies, I know that you understand me. You have carried me in the hardest times. Only you have seen each despairing moment and only you have walked beside me. Now I ask that you, with your gentle, healing hands would lead me away from my drug/alcohol addiction. Cover my mind and body as I face the withdrawal and the strong cravings. Fill my heart with songs of hope. Help me to see what you can already see: me, cleansed of all brokenness, free to live and love, restored and redeemed. Amen.

Deliver Me Prayer
Righteous Lord, you are my deliverer. I can do anything through you who strengthens me…but, I know I must take the first step. I must admit I have a problem and a need…and I must ask for help. I ask, Lord, that you will give me the courage to face up to my problem and to have a strong desire to change. Please heal the hurt I have caused in my family due to my addiction, and protect everyone from my behavior while I seek help. Pour out your grace, mercy and healing power on me and my family. I praise you and thank you, Lord, for your work in me. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Light My Path Prayer
Lord of light, illuminate my path so that I can walk in the right direction to find a clean and healthy future. Guide me so that I remain steady and do not fall into temptation. Remind me of all you have given me – I have so much to lose! Place in me the strong desire to want to get clean so that I can resist my cravings. Amen.

Refuge Prayer
God, my refuge, rescue me from myself. I want to hide and sleep so as not to face the day. I want to stop using/drinking, but life’s edges are so hard sometimes. Treat me gently, oh Lord, for I am weak and you are strong. Give me your strength to face another day of temptation. Amen.

Here is an inspirational video on how to overcome addiction and finally become free in your spiritual life.

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