The Economics Behind Climate Change

As the economy improves, climate changes seem to increase. Why is this? Tim Jackson talks all about this in this great Ted Talk video. Jackson is currently the economics commissioner of the United Kingdom government’s Sustainable Development Commission. With his role in this environmental commission, he has extensive first hand knowledge on just how closesly the economy and climate change truly do go hand in hand together. Along with his work for the UK’s government, Tim Jackson is also the director of RESOLVE, which is a Research group on Lifestyles, Values and the Environment. He has viewpoints that most do not consider and intertwines complex things in our world in a way that just about anyone can understand easily.

Author Bio
Natalie Regoli is a child of God, devoted wife, and mother of two boys. She has a Master's Degree in Law from The University of Texas. Natalie has been published in several national journals and has been practicing law for 18 years.