10 Encouraging Prayers for Missing Children

Here are the 10 most encouraging prayers for missing children.

Protect Them Prayer
Heavenly Father, we thank you for our children. They are gifts that are on loan to us from you. You entrust us to protect, provide, and educate them, but without you, we can’t do anything. We pray for the children who are not with us today, for the children who are missing. Lord, cover them with the blood of your son, Jesus, so that they may not be harmed. Protect them from physical, emotional, sexual and spiritual harm. Deliver them back safely to their loved ones. Amen.

Release the Children Prayer
Mighty God, we humble ourselves before you, asking for the safety of all missing children. Some are too young to understand what’s going on and some are old enough. Lord, protect them all. Block the minds of the kidnappers so that they lose focus and release the children. Create confusion among them to allow the children to escape or to call for help. Work your perfect ways to bring back those precious children to their families. Our trust is in you. Amen.

Angels Surround Them Prayer
Everlasting Father, we come before you, asking for your divine intervention in this painful situation of missing children. Let your angels surround them so that they may not be harmed. Touch the hearts of the kidnappers so that they have mercy on the children and to let them go. Hasten the work of the police and the community in efforts to find the children. Give strength to their families as they wait for their safe return. They are counting on you to deliver their children back to them. Amen.

Rescue Them Prayer
Mighty King, I am on my knees crying out for all children separated from their loved ones by criminals who demand ransom, child traffickers, or malicious people who are out for revenge. Keep those children safe and sound until they reunite with their loved ones. Let the blood of your son, Jesus, create a shield around them to keep the devil from harming them. They are helpless and they need you now more than ever. Be their savior. Rescue them, oh Lord. Amen.

Normal Childhood Prayer
Father, we commit all missing children to your able hands. Protect them. Lead them back to their parents. You are the God who rescues the weak and the needy. Give them the chance to experience the full and abundant lives you have in store for them. Let them come back home and have normal childhoods like other children. Scatter the plans of the devil to cut short their lives. It’s only you who knows their future and you have good plans for them. Amen.

Give Them Strength Prayer
King of Kings, I humble myself before you asking for your helping hand on behalf of parents with missing children. Give them the strength to endure these trying moments and let their trust in you be unshaken. Use your supernatural ways to disrupt the devil’s plans for ruining the lives of those children. Let them find their way home to their loved ones. Lead them back home in good shape, and with sound minds. Amen.

Comfort Them Prayer
Jesus Christ, I pray for all missing children to be found safe and sound. You were once lost in a crowd when you were young and you were found in your father’s house. Guard those children wherever they are. Take them back to their parents. Comfort them in these moments of terror. Be their friend. Wipe their tears. Provide them food and comfort as they wait to be reunited with their families. Nothing is impossible to you. Amen.

Find Them Prayer
Lord, I ask for your help in the safe return of all missing children. No matter how slim the chances are of finding them, with you, they will be found. You are the God of the impossible. Let the kidnappers be careless and leave traces of their evil works. Lead the police in the right direction during their search. Open the eyes of the police so they can see and follow your leads to rescue the helpless children. Keep the children safe until they return home. Amen.

Shield Their Eyes Prayer
Father, we come before you in this hour of need. We claim your promise of being our strength and our refuge on behalf of all missing children. Protect them wherever they are. Keep them under the shadow of your wings. Shield their eyes so they do not see unpleasant and traumatizing scenes, for they are little children. Let them know that they are not alone, you are with them, watching and comforting them. Set them free, Lord. Bring them back to their parents. Amen.

Give Them Freedom Prayer
Powerful God, hear our cries regarding missing children. Rescue them from the hands of their kidnappers. Give them freedom. They are just innocent children with no faults. They are victims of this evil world full of predators. Keep them safe. Be their light on the way back home. Strengthen the faith of their loved ones as they count on you, Lord. Amen.

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