10 Encouraging Prayers for New Relationships

God wants us to have sincere, meaningful relationships with the people around us. From friendship and peers, to finding the person who God has placed in your life to be your other half, here are the 10 most encouraging prayers for new relationships.

Prayers for New Friends and Peers

Making New Friends Prayer
Father, You have made us creatures who seek fellowship and interaction. You do not mean for us to live or die by ourselves. I ask for Your guidance as I seek people I can build new friendships with. Lead me to sincere individuals who also genuinely desire to establish good, meaningful, and lasting relationships. Guide me to new friendships that will help me grow as a person and become a better and responsible individual who is respectful of others and concerned for their needs. Amen.

New Opportunity to Positively Influence Others Prayer
Dear God, You have always honored prayers that seek to glorify You in service to others. I thank You for these new connections. May they become lasting and fruitful friendships. I praise You for these new opportunities to become a positive influence on others. Help me to genuinely share my life with them and be a good testimony of Your graciousness so that I can become an encouragement to them. Teach me more ways I can become beneficial to others through friendship. Amen.

Becoming a Good Friend Prayer
Heavenly Father, You have taught us to always treat others fairly, treating them exactly the same way we want to be treated. As I develop these friendships, teach me to be sincere. Do not allow me to treat others lightly and may I never take advantage of them. Help me become the kind of friend that those dear to me need. Teach me to be considerate of their needs, sympathetic to their feelings and supportive of their endeavors. Amen.

Blessing Each Other and Watching Each Other’s Back Prayer
God, You have made friendships to be mutually beneficial, a source of help and support when needs arise. Help us to develop that very kind of friendship. Do not allow any of us to become a bad influence pm the other. Teach us to bless each other with our genuine care and concern. Help us to watch each other’s back against evil, temptations, and personal weaknesses. Help us to safeguard each other and always speak the truth in love, even when it hurts. Amen.

Prayers for A Special Someone

Thanks for Your Significant Other Prayer
Loving Father, You made us in Your image, and just like You, we seek fellowship and intimacy. That’s why You Yourself said that it is not good for us to be alone. I praise you for answering my prayers and finally bringing someone special into my life. Thank You for honoring my request and blessing me with a partner in love and life. I pray for Your continual blessing upon this relationship. May we, as a couple, bear fruit that is pleasing and worthy before You. Amen.

Knowing Each Other More/Transparency Prayer
Caring Father, You desire for us to always speak the truth and live truthfully. As we continue establishing a stronger bond in our relationship, keep us both away from lies and hypocrisy, and convict us when we are tempted by these. Please don’t allow even the smallest lie to develop distrust and vulnerability in our love and trust in one another. Remind us both to be always truthful and transparent with one another. Help us genuinely know each other more and sincerely love each other for who we truly are. Show us the patience and grace to be forgiving when the other falls. Amen.

Nurturing Deeper Relationship Prayer
God of my life, You are the Author and model of true and sacrificial love. From You, we learn to understand and show love. Teach us to hunger for deeper intimacy with each other, just as You desire intimacy in our relationship with You. Help us to nurture a deeper relationship where we can comfortably share our most personal struggles, weaknesses, and problems. May our relationship be a place where we can lovingly understand and accept each other’s personal faults and character flaws, and where we can be lovingly considerate and receptive to each other’s suggestions for change. Amen.

Growing Together and Complementing One Another Prayer
Wise Father, I know that You desire that we grow in mind and spirit. As my partner and I live through our personal and shared journeys, may we help each other forward towards growth and maturity. May our presence in each other’s lives contribute positively. May we complement each other, bringing out the best in one another. Help us find strength, encouragement, and support from each other in times of trials and may we learn to sacrificially put the needs of our partner above our own. Amen.

Conflicts Prayer
Loving and Gentle Father, You desire for us to be kind, compassionate, and forgiving, just as You graciously forgive us when we fall. Teach us to resolve our personal conflicts with grace. As we face personal differences and irritations in this new relationship, help us to learn patience, understanding, and forgiveness from Your example. Allow both of us to realize and take responsibility for our own mistakes and faults. Enable us to show unconditional and unfailing love for one another. Amen.

God’s Glory in This Relationship Prayer
Holy God, You taught us to glorify You in everything, even in our relationships. I pray that each aspect of our relationship honors You and gives You glory. I pray that every decision and endeavor we make as a couple is a reflection of our desire to put You first in our lives. May You always be central in our relationship. May our service and worship of You be our primary focus in our plans for our future. Amen.

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