10 Good Spiritual Warfare Prayers for Finances

Praying for God’s abundance and blessings will help you recover from financial turmoil. Here are 10 good spiritual warfare prayers for finances.

Prayer for Strength
Precious God, my financial needs are overwhelming, and I do not see a way out. You sent an angel and fed Elijah after he ran for his life through the desert. This story teaches of Your care and provision for Your children. Lord, I pray that You will bring the provision from Heaven and help me in my time of financial distress. Only Your hand can bring the strength I seek, so I am turning to You. Amen.

Prayer for Heavenly Provision
Gracious Father, I come to You because I am in financial distress, and it feels like spiritual warfare. Since I am unable to battle spiritual things on my own, I come to You for help. You say that I should ask You in faith and not to doubt. I fix my eyes on You, Jesus, my Lord and Sustainer. Come to my rescue, Lord, and provide the provision needed to deliver me from this trial. Amen.

Prayer for the Warfare
Powerful Lord, I need Your help. I feel as though I am being beaten up by the enemy through my finances. Every direction I turn, everything I try, every decision I make, all seems to lead to failure. You tell me that my battles on this earth are spiritual. So, Lord, I am asking for Your help and intervention with my struggle. Please deliver me from my financial distress. Amen.

Prayer for God’s Ministering Spirits
Beautiful Lord, your holy Scripture gives me a glimpse into Your beauty and power over all things. Lord, I am praying over my life today as Your battle-weary child. I feel overwhelmed by trying to deal with my financial distress. Lord, I am praying that You would send Your angels to minister to me in this difficult time. Cover me with Your love and grant me deliverance from financial distress. Amen.

Prayer for Guidance
Gracious Heavenly Lord, I have read many times in Scripture where You have given guidance to Your children and delivered them into places of Your choosing. Your holy Word is full of examples. You have stood beside Jacob, Abraham, Isaac, Moses, and many more. I am praying that You will stand beside me as You did with each of these, and grant me the guidance I need for deliverance from my financial distress. Amen.

Prayer for Life
Jesus, my Savior, your holy Scripture is a beautiful testimony of Your love and Your protection over those who belong to You. Lord, in my financial distress right now, I am clinging to these promises. You said that You keep Your children alive in famine. I am in famine, now, Jesus. I am in a financial famine that is draining life from me. Gracious Lord, bring a breakthrough and deliver for me today. Amen.

Prayer for Freedom from Troubles
Lord, Mighty in Power, I stand in Your presence today and pray for the promises given to Your children. Your holy Word gives me the courage to hope and seek Your help. You are always good; therefore, I trust You. You have told us that those who seek after You would not lack any good thing. Lord, I am calling out to You today. I am seeking Your face in this financial trial. Free me from this, Lord. Amen.

Prayer for the Unknown
Righteous Savior, You are God over all creation. You say that if I call to You, You will answer me and show me great and mighty things. Lord, my financial situation is one of the greatest unknowns in my life. I am praying that You would reveal the “mighty things” You desire for my life. Please grant me wisdom, guidance, and anything else needed to lead me out of my financial distress. Show me the mighty things promised in scripture! Amen.

Prayer for Deliverance
Gracious Father, your holy Word says: “I give thanks to the Lord for He is good.” I echo the sentiment. I am also thankful that amid my financial distress, I can call out to You in confidence, knowing You hear me. I give praise to You because just as You delivered Your children, You will deliver me too. Thank You, Lord, for Your faithfulness. Amen.

Prayer for Provision
God of All Provision, your holy Scripture beautifully outlines how we are all dependent upon You for our provision. It tells us that You open Your hands, and fill even the animals with good. O Gracious Heavenly Father, open Your hands for me, Your obedient child. I need deliverance from my financial situation. I am praying that just as You provided food for Your animals, You will provide all I need in this trying time. Amen.

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