10 Perfect Prayers for Grandma

Prayer to Be Better Vessels
Holy God, I thank You and pray that as I and every other grandmother grows older, we acknowledge that we still have purpose and value. We still have so much to give our families and this world. Your word says that we can still bear fruit in old age, and we will stay fresh and green. Lord, I adore You because the world around us suggests that the older people get, the less they have to offer. I know this is just wrong! Father, You still use us for Your good work. You help us bear good fruit through You. So, we thank You for entrusting us with Your work, and choosing us to bear Your precious fruit. Guide us to give us more ideas of how we can further be of service to our families and others during the priceless time You have given us on this earth. Motivate us to spring out of bed in the morning and use our talents and energy to make the lives of our families better and improve the lot of humanity. Amen.

Prayer for Grandchildren
Precious Father, thank You for the crowns of my life – my grandchildren. Thank You for blessing me with family that has given me so much joy in life. I love You with all of my heart, soul and mind and pray that You continue to keep the crowns in our life. I pray that You continue to bless each generation in my bloodline like You have blessed me. Amen.

Prayer to Be a Model of Christ
Mighty Savior, I pray that as a grandmother, You help me to be temperate, worthy of respect, self-controlled and sound in faith, in love and in endurance. I pray that I remain reverent in the way that I live, not gossip and not drink too much alcohol. It is so easy to slip into a habit of sleeping late and leisurely letting my days pass. Motive me, oh Lord, to take action! Show me how to best share what I have learned through the years to guide the younger members of my family, and help the younger generations. Burn a fire in my heart for imparting wisdom on others and helping their yoke be easy, until my last breath. Help me be an example to those around me so that they too can be encouraged to live reverently for You in a life of service to others.  Amen.

Prayer to Spread Cheer
Awesome Healer, as I grow older, life does not get easier. My physical body often feels tired and achy. My attitude is often cranky and unhappy. I feel like I am on the sidelines because my children have their own lives now. I worry that I cannot keep up with all the technology and fast moving society, and that I will be scammed. Please help me overcome my negative emotions. Comfort my heart with the confidence that people will be there for me, they will help me, and You are always besides me. Fill my heart with cheer so that I can spread this cheer to others. Fix my crushed spirit that has dried up my bones. Lord, radiate happiness from my every pore so that everyone I meet is happier for it. Amen.

Prayer for Energy
Everlasting God, glory be to Your name! You are the Creator of the ends of the earth, You will not grow tired or weary, and Your understanding no one can fathom. Lord, I adore You because You give strength to the weary. You have increased my power in times of weakness. Lord, I place my hope in You because You will renew my strength, and will help me soar on wings like eagles. Fill me with Your energy, so that I can do Your will in service to others throughout my remaining days. Amen.

Prayer of Gratitude
Faithful Lord, I praise You because even in my old age and gray hairs, You are Lord, the Lord who will sustain me. Father, You made me, and You will carry me. You will help me and rescue me. No one compares to You, and no one counts as Your equal. I thank You for keeping me alive for all these years and allowing me to see so much of Your awesome creation. Thank You for the peaks and the valleys all the same. Thank You for the many blessings that You have given to me. Amen.

Prayer for Steadfast Faith 
Wonderful Counselor, I pray that I and every other grandmother remain steadfast in our faith for You, so that our faith permeates all the generations of our family lines. Let the same faith that we have in You be seen in our children and our children’s children and so on, so that they may walk with You during their lives, and reunite with You in heaven. We pray for divine protection, guidance and understanding for the generations to come. Amen.

Prayer for Protection of the Righteous
Righteous God, I was young, and now I am older. I give You thanks for providing financially, spiritually, emotionally, and physically for me and my family all of our lives! You have remained faithful to us in all our years of living. I have never seen the righteous forsaken nor their children begging for bread. Lord, You have kept my family and I in the difficult times and have given me hope in my hopelessness. You are my strength and my salvation. With You, all things are possible, and with You I know that I am safe. You have never let me down. Amen.

Prayer for Leading by Example
Precious Lord, teach me to number my days so that I may gain a heart of wisdom. I declare that as time passes, I will gain understanding so that my lifestyle reflects You. Father, I thank You for the days that You have given me so far, whether good or bad, because they have molded me into the person that I am today. I pray that I continue to appreciate the time You have given me on this earth, and use it to the fullest. Help guide me to use this precious time to show my children and their children all the love that is in my heart, and show them how to walk in You, Christ Jesus. Amen.

Prayer for Compassion
Heavenly Father, I rejoice for we are Your chosen people, holy and dearly loved! We pray that You will clothe me and every other grandmother with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Let patience be the garment that we put on each day so that we can live in peace. We declare that we will fill our hearts with Godly attributes – especially patience and understanding – so that we live as examples to our families and our children. This we pray. Amen.

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