10 Powerful Prayers for a New President

Voting in a new person to lead the country is a monumental moment, and even if it is not the candidate you voted for, it is important to pray to God for good and honest leadership. Here are 10 powerful prayers for a new president.

Prayer for the New President
Lord God, You have appointed governments and rulers according to Your goodwill. You uphold societies through the leaders of nations, and You provide through them. As we welcome a new President, help us to be good citizens. Give him/her wisdom and confidence to govern justly and in a Godly manner. Continue to bless our nation through him/her, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Prayer for Presidential Leadership
All-Powerful Father, being President is no easy task. Many proclaim to want the job, but few are aware of the immense pressure and responsibilities that come along with it. Therefore, I ask that You provide this nation with someone with the right skill set to succeed. Give them great leadership qualities and allow them to behave in an honest and trustworthy manner. For where he/she goes, so do we all. Amen.

Prayer for Diligence on the Part of the President
Everlasting God, a leader must at all times be willing to roll up his/her sleeves and get to work. It can be so tempting for a leader to cut corners and not deliver on his/her promises. Thus, I ask that You make the President prudent and diligent. Give him/her a desire to get things accomplished, but to do so honorably and without scandal. Lord, hear this out and let this prayer rise to You. Amen.

Prayer for Wise Council for the President
Almighty God, there is much wisdom in the council. You teach us that a cord of three strands is not easily broken, so too is a multitude of opinions and input. Lord, You even have a divine council in Your heavenly courts. Therefore, give us wise counsel for the President. Let he/she recruit worthy advisors and allies, so that their plans can be executed to the best of their ability and that You may be glorified through their efforts. Amen.

Prayer for President to Be Wise
Lord Jesus, You teach us that wisdom is justified by her children. The fruits of wisdom testify by themselves. They are their proof. Bring forth the fruit of wisdom through this President. Give him/her stamina to be able to withstand the pressures of the job and the wisdom to make difficult choices. Be always accessible to them through prayer, that they may receive Your wisdom from Your righteous hand. Amen.

Prayer for Our President’s Integrity
O Lord, Mighty in Power, the President’s life is not enviable. He/She is under a microscope at all times. Their every thought, word, and deed are relentlessly scrutinized. Given his/her high profile, keep him/her free from folly and scandal. Let them not step into traps set by wicked people, but exercise integrity and good judgment that flows from a sound and pure mind. Lord, in Your mercy, hear my prayer. Amen.

Prayer for Presidential Courage
My Righteous God, leadership often requires an immense amount of courage. One cannot be a good President if he/she cannot make courageous decisions when the stakes are the highest. I ask that You instill a mighty resolve in this President. Give them the courage to take on established norms and customs that are unjust. Protect him/her from those who want to destroy him/her. Above all, give him/her the armor of faith. Amen.

Prayer for the President to Have Humility
Lord of All Nations, an arrogant President would be a disaster for this great nation. One who is petulant and unable to hear sound advice will surely destroy us and create chaos upon the Earth. I humbly beseech You to give our President true humility. Let him/her not dwell in the shadows of his/her hubris, but give him/her an ability to reflect with a sober mind amid wise advisors. Amen.

Prayer for a Godly President
Name above all Names, You often raise leaders to serve as Your scepter here on Earth. Therefore, I ask that You make this President into a true ambassador for Your Kingdom. Let him/her lead this nation to become a shining beacon for the world which is cast in darkness. Let it be a testament and signpost to Your love and generosity toward all people. Amen.

Prayer for a Unifying Presidency
O Jehovah, my God, it is the duty of the President to bridge differences and bring people together. Yet, this can only be done through the efforts of a strong and Godly leader. O Lord, see to it that our President does not sow division, but brings people of all persuasions together. For a house divided against itself can never stand. But with You, there is healing and harmony between all people. Amen.

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