10 Powerful Prayers for a Sick Child

It is difficult receiving the news that someone is sick, but hearing that your own child is sick is even more heartwrenching. Here are 10 powerful prayers for a sick child along with printable images to use or share.

Prayer to Relieve Child’s Distress
Jehovah Rapha, my Healer, answer me when I call. Please relieve the distress of my child. Show me grace and hear my prayer. Shine the light of Your face upon us, and heal my child. May my child lie down and sleep in peace, for You alone, O Lord, make us to dwell in safety. We take refuge in You, our Savior, and we believe for greater things. Cause us to rejoice and shout for joy as healing comes. Amen.


Prayer to God Who Contends for Me
My God who contends for me, give ear to my words. Consider my groaning for my child who is very sick. Attend to my cry, my King, for to You I pray. At daybreak, I lay my plea before You and wait in expectation. Through the abundance of Your loving devotion, I approach Your throne and plea for my child’s recovery. In reverence I bow before You; contend for me I pray. Amen.


Prayer for Sickness to Turn Around
God my Guard, bless my child who is ill. Surround my child with the shield of Your favor. Be merciful to my child, who is frail and in agony. Turn, O Lord, and deliver my child. Save my child because of Your loving devotion. My eyes fail from grief, but I know, O Lord, that You have heard my weeping. This sickness will turn around, for You accept my prayer. Amen.


Prayer to Smash the Chains of Disease
Lord, Chain-Breaker, smash the chains of disease that are holding my child captive. I take refuge in You; save from this disease that is ravaging my child’s body. Arise, O Lord, rise up against the fury of this disease, and vindicate me, I pray. Put an end to this evil. You are a righteous God, who feels indignation at the suffering of the innocent. I sing praises to Your Name, for there is no power like the power of Jesus. Amen.


Prayer for Disease to Flee
Lord Enthroned in Heaven, how majestic is Your Name in all the earth. Lord of Glory, silence this adversary that has come against my child. May this disease flee before Your presence. You sit on Your throne, judging righteously, and I ask that You uphold my just cause. Surely Your Son Jesus purchased our healing through His stripes. May this healing that Jesus paid for through His great agony be manifested now. Amen.


Prayer for Sickness to Retreat
God my Shield, may this sickness that is afflicting my child retreat, for You are the destroyer of evil. Your Son Jesus came to undo the work of the devil, and I ask You to undo his work today. Uproot this sickness and banish it forever. Lord, You are the refuge for the oppressed and a stronghold in times of trouble. I trust in You. Amen.


Prayer to Push Back the Darkness
Lord, You are the lifter of my head, and I thank You that You fight for us, pushing back the darkness. In the Name of Jesus, this enemy of illness that is threatening the life of my child is defeated. My child is free. I will declare and lift You high. O Lord, You do not forsake those who seek You. You do not ignore the cry of the afflicted. Praise You, our Healer! Amen.


Prayer to Break the Stronghold of Sickness
God my Sustainer, Your Name is power, healing, and light. Break this stronghold of sickness that is harming my child. I speak the Name of Jesus over all fear and anxiety. Shine through the shadows, now, my God, and burn like a fire. We shout Your name, we praise Your greatness. You are greater than any darkness that comes against us. We pray in Your holy Name to protect our family. Amen.


Prayer to Lift Our Child Up
God of Light, be merciful to us and see how our child is afflicted. Lift our child up, we pray; we rejoice in the salvation You are bringing. Rise up, O God, and do not let this sickness prevail. Do not forget the helplessness of this child. You regard trouble and grief and come to the aid of the victim. Break the power of this illness now. Amen.


Prayer to My Strong and Mighty Tower
Lord of Joy, You answer the cry of the broken. Your Name is a strong and mighty tower. Consider me, and respond, O Lord my God, as I intercede for my sick child. With just one word from You, all darkness has to retreat. There’s nothing You can’t do, for You make a way where there is no way. Heal my child, I pray. Amen.


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