10 Powerful Prayers for Brothers and Sisters

Having siblings is one of the most precious gifts from God because you know that through thick and thin, they have your back for life. Here are 10 powerful prayers for brothers and sisters.

Prayer for His Will in Their Life
O Gracious God, thank you for the gift of brothers and sisters. We may fight with each other, but above it all, we are siblings. The world became a better place the day my sibling was born. Regardless of their faults or mistakes, they have been a blessing in my life. I ask for Your covering to be upon them their whole life. Please guard their every step and use them to accomplish Your sovereign will upon this planet. Amen.

Prayer for God’s Covering over Their health
Sovereign Lord, every time I turn on the TV or read an article, there are more health threats. Everything is killing us, the food, the air, the water, invisible viruses, and more. Lord, I pray that all will go well with my sibling and that they remain in good health. May it go well with them so they can walk in the good works You have prepared for them. Help them make healthy choices and take good care of the temple You have given them. Amen.

Prayer for the Peace of a Restored Relationship
God of Heaven’s Armies, You are accustomed to dealing with fighting, but I am afraid I do not handle it well. My mind goes over the scripture about a friend who loves like a brother. Right now, we do not love each other as friends or siblings. I pray for Your intervention in both our lives. Please help us to move beyond our current conflict and return to being loving siblings. I ask for a peaceful restoration of our relationship to better than new. Help us to set our foolish pride aside and love each other as brothers and sisters should, Amen,

Prayer for Forgiving Hearts
Precious Holy Spirit, I come seeking Your help with the words to pray for the damaged relationship with my sibling. Two people could not be any different than we are, which often leads to harsh words, misunderstandings, and impatience. Holy Spirit, Jesus said You would be our Helper, so I am asking for Your help. Touch my sibling’s heart and make it open to forgiveness. I know that I have overstepped and hurt them. However, I, too, have hurt feelings and need Your help to forgive. Help us both with our prayers and give us the healing words to speak to one another. Move in our lives and help us to breathe in the peace of God so we can forgive and receive His blessings. Amen.

Prayer to Pay it Forward
God of Blessing, I come before You to thank you for my sibling. I cannot imagine my life without them. They are a helping hand when I need one and a shoulder to cry upon when I can’t go on. When You brought them into our family, I had no idea of how big an act of kindness it was towards me. Everything that we have together is invaluable. Holy Spirit, please help always remember to express my gratitude to the Lord for bringing my sibling into my life. Help me to live out my gratitude as I pay the kindness shown me forward by loving my sibling in a way that honors the Lord God. Amen.

Prayer to Close the Gap
Jesus, my Savior, I am so thankful for my sibling and all that they mean to me. These days, however, I feel like our connection is off, and there is a distancing between us now. I come before You asking for You to examine our hearts and show us what has happened. I pray that nothing will come between our sibling and familial bond. I pray that the distance will stop growing and ask for You to take back the ground we have lost in our relationship. Amen.

Prayer for the Holy Spirit’s Leading
All-Powerful Father, thank you for Your constant love and protection for Your children. I come before You on behalf of my sibling, who often is in dangerous situations. This world is a treacherous place, with dangers from the enemy and our own mistakes. I pray that You would protect my sibling from both. When Your Spirit leads us, we can find protection from foolish mistakes. Lord Jesus, please guide my sibling to a place where they will have a willing heart to be led by the Spirit in all they do. Please send Your angels to stand guard over them and destroy the enemy’s plans of attack against them. Thank you for the peace that Your loving protection brings into our lives. Amen.

Prayer for His Guarding Presence
O Lord, Mighty in Power, I look back upon my life and see how You have sustained and protected me. I know there are times when You protected me, and I was unaware of the danger. When I sleep through the night and wake rested in the morning, it is because You protected. Thank you! Because of the love and protection shown me, I come to You now for my sibling. I ask for You to increase Your loving covering over them. As this world becomes more and more treacherous, my concerns for my sibling increases, so I pray You would send Your angels to encamp around them like a wall of fire. May Your presence go with them everywhere they go. Thank you, Lord, for Your constant protection and love for Your children.

Payer for a Blessed Life
O Father of all Blessings, Your abundant blessings in the lives of Your children are like springs in the desert. This world can be a harsh place, and Your blessings give us the strength to go on.
Lord, my sibling, could use an extra measure of Your grace right now. I pray that You would give them a fully surrendered heart in every aspect of their life. For in surrender, Your children find blessings. May Your blessings flow out from this prayer and pour over their life, their relationships, job, finances, children, spiritual growth, and anything else that would hinder their walk with You. May Your abundant blessings in their life help them to know You more fully. Amen.

Prayer for Trusting His Hand
Jehovah Rapha, our healer, Your healing touch comes upon our lives every day in so many ways. There are things You protect us from, and then there are things You allow to befall us for Your loving purpose. Life-changing illness has befallen my sibling, and overnight our lives have changed. I have a divided heart because I trust Your loving hands, which have allowed this illness, but I also desperately want You to heal them. I don’t want to pray against Your will for their life as I ask for healing. However, You have told me to come to You with my desires, and my hope is for their healing. Holy Spirit, to ensure the Father’s will for this situation, I ask You to go before His throne and pray for me. Grant me the peace I need, even if Your loving response is no. Amen.

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