10 Powerful Prayers for Deacons

Deacons hold important positions of service in their churches and shine God’s light through their words and actions. Here are 10 powerful prayers for deacons.

Take Away My Worry Prayer
Dear God of All Comfort, thank You for all that You have given me. I am so blessed to have Your mercy, grace, and love. As I continue the path of being a deacon in my church, I ask that You give me the words I need to help those who come to me. I want to help and be there for our members and friends, but I worry that I won’t say the right thing or have the correct answer. Please take that worry from me and erase the apprehensiveness in my voice as I talk with others. Take my words from my mouth and replace them with Yours completely. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit so that it is not me speaking, but You through me. Make me Your vessel, dear God. I am Yours. Amen.

Keep Me Grounded Prayer
Lord Jehovah, Self-Existent One, I ask that You keep me grounded and on the path You have for my life. I need to be able to reach over and take Your hand at a moment’s notice. Never leave my side. Keep my breathing deep and peaceful, let anxieties roll off my back, and help me to stay focused on supporting the elders in my church. Make me a humble servant, a role model, and a friend to all who call on Your name. Remind me daily that it is an honor to be Your hands and feet. Remind me that though I fall short of the glory of God, I am Your handiwork and I am enough. Thank You for giving me this opportunity to work for You. Amen.

Couple’s Voice Prayer
Jesus, my Master Potter, I pray that every morning when I wake up, You are there, right next to me and in me, to be the energy in my veins, the beat in my heart, and the voice in my throat. Mold me in Your image and guide me in my actions each day. Allow both my wife and me to be encouragers, supporters, and smile-makers, not only at church but everywhere we go. Help us plant seeds of hope and faith in eternal life with You. Help us to share Your word and Your truth with all who enter our presence. Thank You for allowing service to Your Church to be the mission of our lives. We humbly ask that You make us worthy to be Your servants. In Your holy name, I pray. Amen.

Guide My Footsteps Prayer
O God, my Promise-Keeper, be with me as I step out every day into the darkness of this world to bear Your light. I am Your servant and will go wherever You lead me. I will tend to the poor and the hungry, the sick and the discarded. I will cross raging waters and walk through burning flames and not be afraid because You are with me through it all. Help me to persevere in all I do in Your mighty name. I commit everything I have and everything I am to You, Lord God. I trust in You. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Couple’s Mercy and Kindness Prayer
God of Immeasurable Mercies, make us Your instruments to change this world. Let us bring love where there is hatred, healing where there is injury, faith where there is doubt, and hope where there is despair. Focus our eyes on consoling those who hurt and bringing Your light into the darkness. Sculpt us into Your image and make our actions illustrations of Your loving grace. We dedicate our lives to You, our God. We surrender completely to You. Amen.

Giving My Best to God Prayer
Dear Christ in Heaven, please give me the strength, energy, and endurance to be a tireless servant in Your Church who spreads Your love. I want to do my best for You, and I need Your help to do that. Give me patience, dependability, and a continued, trustworthy reputation. Allow others to see You in everything I do and the gratefulness in my heart for the privilege of serving You. Work in and through me, Jesus. I am Your servant and desire to further Your kingdom and guide Your sheep to green pastures and eternal life with You. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Couple’s Prayer for Support
Dear Jesus, as my wife and I strive to live as pure and honorable Christians in this secular world, stay near us and guide us to be Your righteous and faithful servants. We need You. The world is pulling at us from all sides, but as long as You are near, we will be able to stand firm in You. Support us daily as we wear our full suits of armor for You, and when we go into battle, give us the words to say and the tools we need. Let us always overcome. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Couple’s Spiritual Weapon Prayer
Lord of Heaven’s Armies, bless my wife as she works and prays daily to be molded into the image of You. Help me to be a motivator and a spiritual weapon for her. Allow us to work together as a team to confront struggles of every kind, at home, in the church, and in our community. Strengthen our stance so we can defeat the schemes of the devil through prayer, truth, righteousness, faith, and Your holy word. Focus our work on the good things that can only come from You. Create in us an everlasting determination to grow Your kingdom that produces good fruit. Humble us in our servanthood and use us for Your will. Amen.

Leading Others to God Prayer
Light in the Darkness, keep my heart pure, let me do all that I can to lead others to You. Make me a witness for You, Lord. Give me the courage to overcome my shyness and be more social to further the impact I make in Your holy name. I need to visit more, share stories more, and fellowship more. God, make me brave. Make me step out and take up new adventures. Let me put my fears of public speaking and meeting new people behind me and allow me to be all that I can for You. Let Your light in me shine brightly for all to see. In Jesus’ all-powerful name, I pray. Amen.

Couple’s Guidance Prayer
Righteous Savior, bless my role as a deacon in the church and bless my wife in her support of the work I do in Your name. Give her the ability to be who You called her to be and lead me in my guidance of her. Make us both blameless in our thoughts, our words, and our actions. Inspire me with Your wisdom so that my wife and I can work together as a team so I can faithfully fulfill my duties to the church. Help me to devote my life to best supporting the elders of the church and the congregation. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

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