18 Strong Prayers for a New Place to Live

Here are 18 prayers for God to help you find a home that is a safe refuge for you and your family, and that meets your needs.

Prayer for a Home that Fits God’s Future Plans
Living God, You continually send out Your angels to do Your will on this earth. As I set out to locate a new home, I ask if You will please provide direction to me. You alone know what my future holds and where I should be living. I know You have a plan, and a purpose for my life, and my future home will play an essential part in fulfilling those things. I ask for You to please guide me to a home that will fit with the plans You have for my life. Amen.

Prayer for a Refuge from Chaos
Lord, my Refuge, I am so grateful that I can call out to You when I need help. I am looking for a new home, and there are so many things to consider. You know all too well that the world is chaotic. I must have a place of refuge where I can rest and recharge. You know the homes I will be viewing and which ones have loud or difficult neighbors, barking dogs, or other bad things. Will You please help me avoid these and direct me to a home that is in a peaceful and safe place? Amen.

Prayer for God’s Quick Provision
God of my Provision, as Your child, I have always been in absolute dependence upon You. Right now, my family is in desperate trouble, and I plead for Your help. We need to vacate our current home quickly but have not been able to find a suitable new home. You have always provided all I need, so I ask for You to please do it again. Please open a place for us to live. Please guide me to a suitable home and move all the mountains blocking us from settling once again in comfort and safety. Thank you, Lord, in advance for Your help. Amen.

Prayer for Eyes to See Hidden Dangers
Lord, my Protector, fear easily overtakes me as I search for a new home. There are so many unknowns about a house where someone else has lived. There may be many things that are broken or about to break, and my finances are limited. Lord, please go before me and guide me to a new home with no hidden dangers or expenses. Please give me the eyes to see anything out of the ordinary that can cause future problems. Amen.

Prayer for Provision of a Home
God, my Provider, we have wanted and searched for so long for a new home for our family. Now that everything is in place and we are ready for the change, we cannot find anything suitable for our needs. Lord, please guide us to a home that will fulfill all our needs. You know everything we desire even before we ask. We call out to You for Your help and provision. Amen.  

Prayer to Thank God in Advance for His Help
God of Blessings, I am preparing to search for my new home, and I need to seek Your wisdom. I believe that a new home is Your will for my life and that You have made a way for it to happen. I want to have faith like Elijah, and thank you for the answer to this prayer before I even see where you have planned for me. I know that You will help me find a new home that is ideal for all my current needs and those to come. Thank you in advance for Your help. Amen.

Prayer for Help to Find a Home Within Budget
Precious Holy Spirit, my Guide, I sought Your help when I fixed a budget to purchase my new home. I believe You governed the budget I have, and for this reason, I now come back to You for help. I have not found any suitable homes available within my budget. The realtors put pressure on me, saying that I can sacrifice something to make a bigger budget work. I am not comfortable moving beyond the budget You have given me. Lord, please lead me to the home that matches the budget that You have provided. Amen.

Prayer for Fortitude Under Pressure
O God, my Strength, within my culture, there is so much pressure to “look” like I have made it. I do not want to look like anything I am not. Please help me, Lord, as I search for a new home. Please help me to find a home that is practical and within my budget. Please grant me the strength to not give into pressure to purchase more home than I need. I do not want to be like the Pharisee who prayed in public so others would hear him. My heart’s desire is to be humble and live as You would have me live. Grant me, Lord, the direction I need. Amen.

Prayer for God’s Timing
Lord of all Creation, in Your perfect timing, seasons come and go. You command Your angels according to Your precisely planned events for Your children’s lives, and You are always right on time. For this reason, I come seeking Your help for a new place for me to live. I do not want to get ahead of You and Your plans for my life. Please grant me the peace I need to wait for Your timing. Also, Lord, please bless me with the discernment to know when Your timing is right. Amen.

Prayer for a Home Near the Best Schools
Lord, my Shield, thank you for always guiding me in the ways I should go. Now more than ever, I need Your guidance. I have started the search for a new home and need Your wisdom to choose the correct one. My biggest concern is finding a home within a school district where my children can be happy and flourish. School is a tough place for children these days, so I want to get it right. Lord, please guide me to areas with schools with the best learning environment for my children. Amen.

Prayer for the Perfect-Sized Home
O Exalted One, You are my God, and I love and trust You. Thank you for Your constant guidance and support. It is only natural that I should turn to You for assistance at this point in my life. As I search for a new home for my family, I want to seek Your direction about the size of the house. Lord, You know my future and what we will need to be comfortable. I want us to have the most space possible but still within our budget. Please grant me the discernment to choose the home that is the perfect size and within my budget. Please guard me against choosing more space than we need and overextending our finances. Amen.

Prayer for Direction
God of my Provision, You know everything there is to know about me and my life. It is no secret to You that I am having difficulty finding a home within my budget and suited to my lifestyle. Father, You have already done miraculous things to get me to this point, but now I need one more blessing. Please guide me to a home that is suited to my needs, without repairs, and within my price range. Lord, help me to find the house that will place me in the midst of Your will for this time in my life. Amen.  

Prayer for the Perfect Realtor
God of Miracles, thank you for all Your direction and intercession in my life. As I set out on my adventure of looking for a new home, I am concerned about finding a realtor I can trust. I have heard many stories about realtors who are just in it to get wealthy and are not concerned about the home buyer. Lord, these realtors have a lot of information about the houses and neighborhoods. Please help me find a person who will be honest with me and tell me all the bad things about each home so I can carefully consider my choices with the right information. I need someone who will be patient with me and do their due diligence to protect me from buying the wrong home. I want to be able to find a peaceful, safe place to live where the house is in good shape and I can use my energy to be a blessing to others instead of making endless repairs. So please grant me the discernment I need to make the correct choice for my realtor. I thank you in advance for your provision. Amen.

Prayer for Patience to Wait
Loving God, having a home of my own has been a dream for many years. I have worked hard to get to the place where I can step out and start the search. Lord, help me to patiently search for the home that You desire for me. Please do not let my excitement push me to choose one that is second best. I want Your best, Lord. I want the house that You have chosen for me. I know that Your home choice will place me in the right location to serve You best. Please calm my excitement and help me to wait for Your choice for me. Amen.

Prayer for Unity of Heart
Jesus, my Savior, as we start this journey as a family to find a new home, I am concerned that there is disunity in our hearts. We are all excited about finding a new home, but we also want different things. Lord, please lead us to Your choice, so that our new home will be in the center of Your will. I also pray for every family member to be satisfied with the choice. Thank Lord for Your help! Amen.

Prayer for a Home for Ministry
God of Light, You have called Your children to shine as bright lights in the world’s darkness. Because of this, I come before You and ask for Your guidance on my new home purchase. I desire to be in the neighborhood where I can be of most use to You as I go about my life. Lead me to a home that can be a lighthouse, directing the lost and hurting away from this world’s dangers. Thank you for helping, and thank you for using me to show others Your love. Amen. 

Prayer for His Dwelling Place
My Great Way-Maker, thank you for Your help with my home search. As I enter the final steps of buying my new home, I praise you for Your provision enabling me to make a purchase. Father, would You please remove all the obstacles that would delay or hinder the closing? It is essential to me, Lord, that my home be Your dwelling place. You know what is and has been in the house, so, Holy Spirit, I ask You to guide my prayers to prepare the home to be a suitable dwelling place for You. Amen.

Prayer for Peaceful Location
Lord, our Peace-Bringer, as I search for my new home, I have been struck by how big a gamble the whole process is. After all, there is no real way to know the neighbors and how many friends they have or parties they throw. Since I have no desire to gamble on my peace of mind, I come seeking Your guidance. Please lead me to a home in a peaceful area and grant me the discernment to recognize the right place. Amen.

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