10 Powerful Prayers for Hurricane Victims

Going through a hurricane is scary enough, but dealing with the aftermath can be even worse. Here are 10 powerful prayers for hurricane victims.

Prayer for Those Affected by Hurricane
Everlasting Father, we bring before You all who are victims of this hurricane. May they know that You are their shelter and their stronghold in this time of distress. This storm has been ruthless, and we ask that You restore what has been lost and set them in a place of safety. Provide them with all that they need right now and show us how we can best minister to their needs. Amen.

Prayer for Restoration of Electricity
Faithful and True God, we pray for the many families and individuals throughout our area who have lost power because of the high winds blowing down trees and utility poles. We pray that the utility workers would be able to quickly find the areas where lines are down and restore electricity. We pray that generators will be available for those who need power for medical equipment. We pray for cooling breezes for those suffering in the heat without fans and air-conditioning. Amen.

Prayer for Healing
Father of Mercies, bless all those who have received injuries from falling trees, flying debris, or their house collapsing. We know many roads are blocked with fallen trees and electric poles. We pray they can get to hospitals or that ambulances can get to them. We pray that they will be able to get the medical assistance they need. May they heal from these injuries. Restore their health, we pray. Heal their hearts as well, dear Lord. Amen.

Prayer for Rebuilding
Builder of all things, we ask that You come alongside those whose homes need rebuilding. Some homes need repair to the roofs as well as interior damage from rain coming in. Other homes were destroyed completely and need to be rebuilt from the ground up. Comfort those who have lost many precious possessions and help them through the process of rebuilding or repair their homes. May they be able to access the funding, the materials, and the contractors to do the work. Amen.

Prayer for Hope
Lord of Strength and Power, we ask that You pour out hope on all those who have gone through the trauma of this hurricane. They have many uncertainties to deal with now, and many may be in despair due to all they have lost. You are the ultimate source of hope for those who trust in You. We pray that You will pour out joy and peace on those who are suffering and may they overflow with confident hope. Amen.

Prayer for Peace
God our Rock, many people have had their lives upended from this storm and are dealing with stressful conditions. We pray that You will meet their physical needs, but also their emotional and spiritual needs. Lord, please give them Your peace in every situation. Help them to not worry about anything, but to bring their needs to You in prayer. May they experience Your peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. May Your peace guard their hearts and minds. Amen.

Prayer for Faith
God our Sure Foundation, now that this hurricane has passed through our area, I pray that many will give thanks to You for sparing their lives and that this will be a time when many will place their faith in You as their Savior. I also pray for fellow believers, that they will face all the issues that are confronting them with a confident expectation in Your power to get them through this and make them victorious. Amen.

Prayer for Evacuees
God of Compassion, we pray for all of those in evacuation shelters. Bring comfort to those living in crowded and uncomfortable conditions, sleeping on small cots or mats on the floor. Help them through this rough time, when they have no privacy, and many people must share the few bathrooms. May the electric stay on, so they do not get overheated, and may the toilets keep working. May they get along with all the dozens of people with whom they must share a room. Amen.

Prayer for Enough Food and Clean Water
God of All Grace, we pray for enough food and clean drinking water for the victims of this hurricane. We pray especially for those living in homes where the roads are impassable due to debris or high water. They must hike out to get food and water, so we pray that relief workers will be able to get supplies close enough to them. We also pray for those in crowded shelters – that there will be enough food and water to go around. Amen.

Prayer for Elderly Victims
Lord our Helper, we ask for a special outpouring of Your grace on the elderly victims of this storm. Some are too infirm to get to safety on their own, so we pray that You would undertake on their behalf. Some are in shelters where they must get up and down from low cots or mats on the floor, so we pray You can quickly place them in a more comfortable place. Help them get the medications they need and not to get overheated. Amen.

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