10 Powerful Prayers for Palm Sunday

Here are 10 of the most powerful prayers for Palm Sunday.

Thanksgiving Prayer
Jesus Christ, we come before you with thanksgiving as we celebrate Palm Sunday. It’s the day we commemorate your entry into Jerusalem on a mission to pay for our sins and to give us eternal life. You knew the anguish awaiting you and you still proceeded so that your father’s will would be fulfilled. Your love and obedience saved us, and now we are the children of God. Thank you. Amen.

Prince of Peace Prayer
Lamb of God, we worship you and we proclaim the power in your name. We thank you and we glorify you as we acknowledge your deity on this special day of Palm Sunday. Blessed is he who comes in the name of God. You are the prince of peace. We adore you. Your love has set us free. Let the gospel of your grace settle in our hearts as we look up to you for all our needs. Amen.

Journey of Love Prayer
Son of God, we bow down before you as we gather to mark Palm Sunday – your triumphant entry into Jerusalem. We wave and lay down our palm branches as we declare you the King of kings and Lord of lords. On this day, you set on a journey of love. It was a journey to set us free from curses and make us acceptable before God. It was a journey to make us the children of God. We thank you. Amen.

Humility Prayer
Jesus Christ, we glorify you and we exalt your holy name. You are our redeemer. You are the ransom paid for our freedom. Thank you. As we honor you on Palm Sunday, the day you set out to save us, we ask for humility; the kind of humility you displayed when you rode on a donkey on your way to Jerusalem. Crush the pride in our hearts. Let our hearts be filled with gratitude for all you have done for us, and for who you are, Lord. Amen.

Hear My Cry Prayer
Emmanuel, I bow before you with a heavy heart. I am helpless. Hear my cry and come to my rescue. As we celebrate your entry to Jerusalem, I ask that you take my sorrow and my fear with you. Give me your peace. Let my heart find rest in you. I glorify you for your selflessness. You delivered yourself to your oppressors. You knew that your kingdom was not of this world. Let this Palm Sunday bring me closer to you. Amen.

Hosanna in the Highest Prayer
Lord, we are on our knees with gratitude to you. Your great love made you lay down your life for our redemption. We are forever indebted to you. As we observe Palm Sunday, we declare you our King, our friend, and our savior. You are mighty to save. Hosanna in the Highest. We pray that you guide our every move and let your Holy Spirit comfort us in times of need. Let your love infuse our souls and give us peace as we meditate on your word. Amen.

Selflessness Prayer
Heavenly Father, we kneel before you with thanksgiving. You gave your only son to be crucified to pay our debts and free us from curses. We glorify you. We marvel at your selflessness. As we celebrate your son’s entry into Jerusalem, on this day of Palm Sunday, our hearts rejoice with gratitude. You knew how much He would suffer in the hands of the Roman government, but you asked him to go anyway. What an unselfish act! We glorify you, for through him, we are acceptable before you. Amen.

Your Sacrifice Prayer
Jesus Christ, we thank you for your love. You loved us when we were sinners, hopeless and condemned. You entered Jerusalem with a cheerful heart knowing what was ahead of you, for our sake. On this Palm Sunday, we celebrate your love, your humility, and your selflessness. We magnify your name. Let our hearts meditate on your sacrifice on the cross to set us free, and the promise of your second coming to take us to your Father. Amen.

Son of God Prayer
Son of God, on this day, Palm Sunday, you fulfilled Zechariah’s prophecy about the coming of a king, righteous and having salvation, humble and riding on a donkey. You are indeed the son of God. You came in peace to offer us peace, despite our sinfulness. You desired to glorify God. Your immense love for us was your motivation. We sing praises to you. You are our savior. Amen.

Triumph and Victory Prayer
Jesus Christ, you came to fulfill the law and not to abolish it. That’s why you offered yourself as the sacrificial Passover lamb. You rode on a donkey as a symbol of triumph and victory as you delivered yourself to your enemies. Help us appreciate your sacrifice to set us free. Help us live in a way that pleases you. Let our hearts meditate on your finished work on the cross. Amen.

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