10 Powerful Prayers for Rain

Waiting out a drought can seem hopeless, but just as we have faith that God will nourish us, we must have faith that He will bring the rain in His perfect timing. Here are 10 powerful prayers for rain along with printable images to use or share.

Prayer for Rain
O Mighty God, Your fingerprints are scattered across all of creation. Through each thing You have created, You show Your glory. Your caring and gentle nature are on display for all to see and experience. You open the heavens and bring the waters down from above. Lord, this very day we ask that You open the flood gates. Bring down nourishing rains, that the land may be quenched and bring forth much fruit. Amen.


Prayer for Peace in Waiting for Rain
Jesus, my Savior, You have never failed Your people. You always deliver in Your good timing and according to Your perfect knowledge. Yet I am weak and headstrong. I want everything now, now, now! Lord, give me peace and assurance that You will bring the needed rains. Help me to trust in You and find rest and assurance that You always provide. In Your holy name, I pray. Amen.


Prayer for Patience During a Drought
Lord God, my Fortress, as far as I can see, the Earth has become desolate. Vast areas are parched, and life is willowing away. Rains are desperately needed. However, I know that I can only see as through a dark glass. Your vision is crystal-clear. Thus, give me sanctified patience as I wait for Your hand. You always pull through according to Your word. Amen.


Prayer for Hope for Rain
All-Powerful Lord Jesus, what reason do I have to doubt You? Every promise You have ever made has been fulfilled through the incarnation of Your Son. Send Your wondrous hope into my soul, so that I know that I can trust in Your word and count on Your promises. You know that rain is needed, and I want to place my hope in You. Amen.


Prayer for Faith That You Will Bring Rain
Almighty Father, as the scorched land around me cries out for water, my faith is being tested. I want to believe in Your promise to provide. I do not want to doubt You, so fill my soul with belief. Let faith abound in my being, bringing honor to Your name. Just as You have assured me that You have forgiven my sins, so also give me this same assurance that You will bring water. Amen.


Prayer for Trust in Your Providence
Everlasting God, by any means necessary, You see to it that Your people are taken care of. Just as You used the raven to feed Elijah in the wilderness, use these same means to bring about the rains that are needed to bring about a good harvest. Do whatever is needed to get this done, for You are a God of means and a God of providence. Amen.


Prayer for Gratitude for Your Provisions
God our Great Provider, I approach Your throne with a spirit of thanksgiving. For whatever I have asked for, You have swiftly provided. You have not let Your servant on doubting that You will provide. At this time, there is a drought. It has not rained as it should, and the rivers and lakes are drying up. See this need, Lord, and come quickly to our aide. Amen.


Prayer Against Panic During Drought
God of All Comfort, as the days are getting longer, water is drying up quickly. There is anxiety, panic, and unrest amongst us. Tempers are flaring, and there are tensions and uneasiness in the community. I ask that You send Your conciliatory Spirit during this time. As we wait for Your providing hand, calm the nerves and cool tensions among all and send the rains we so crucially need to survive. Amen.


Prayer for Anxiety
Blessed Lord Jesus, with each passing day, anxiety is growing. The lands need rain to endure the harshness of the weather, but none have come. I do not want to slip into doubt and fear. Assure me, Lord, that You will put an end to these problems. Let rain clouds swirl and move in quickly, bringing Your living water to all things and breathe life back into this Earth. In Your powerful name, Amen.


Prayer Against Fear of Lack of Rain
Father, my Miracle-Worker, You showed Your prophet Ezekiel that even dry, arid bones can once again live and breathe. Therefore, I know that this lack of rain means nothing before You. You open the barren womb and bring the dead back to life. Lord, extinguish all fear and doubt from my heart. Demonstrate Your power before me, and quickly bring the rains down from heaven. Amen.


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